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As the World Falls Down


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(Music: David Bowie - As The World Falls Down)

Labyrinth is a magical movie from my childhood and I dreamed of drawing this ballroom scene for ages! 🙌

Jareth the Goblin King by IrenHorrors  The Goblin King by IrenHorrors 
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I love this so much!!! Annoying Headbanging Trash Dove Facebook Emoticon

Sakura1047's avatar

I love that scene!!!

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Ball room scene is AMAZING!!!
MiralukaNaima's avatar

Jared the Goblin King, my first crush :D

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Just watched the movie for the first time! Partially because of your artwork.
Might have been slightly more enjoyable (and terrifying) if I had watched it as a child. But I really liked the whole setting. Glitter everywhere!!! GBC Glitter 
And the ballroom scene was by far my favorite part! So beautiful! Wish it lasted longer. u.u

You captured it beautifully. I really love your style with the detailed flowing line art.
Corartis's avatar

I really love the way you used harder lines over curves. Beautiful art

roleplaygirl005's avatar

I remember when I use to watch this movie over and over again. This is super nostalgic.

Ryuulightningthunder's avatar

god this brings back memories, this is just beautiful.

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You have really done this justice!

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I absolutely love how you've done this. Great work! :heart:

thatbabygirl's avatar

you did this gorgeously!! this is one of my very favourite movies ever and you got this scene's energy down perfectly! I couldn't even keep myself from drawing something for this movie hehehe! I'm so glad you put your talent into it!!

dbgirl's avatar
Love the movie and love this work!
Harumirun's avatar
I love the story. Beautiful illustration :)
PhoenixTheLegend's avatar
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My god yes! I have so much love for this movie and this scene and Bowie <3 and this song <3 I still have it on my phone and listen to it frequently :D 
I remember how much I lover her outfit as a kid hahaha xD 
A most lovely depiction of the scene :D I love it so so so much! And I am so glad you didn't put focus on just Jareth and Sarah. I love all the other creatures at the party and how you did an amazing job at their outfits and masks. they frame Jareth and Sarah perfectly and I love how you made them contrast and stand out from the crowd. such an amazing piece I am really so in love haha xD 
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Oh I love that movie, and we were all there for David Bowie 
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This is absolutely beautiful! Love the sinister/creepy atmosphere!
DreamingMiki's avatar
omigosh I love this
GoddessRhiannon13's avatar
yeees! Labyrinth! love that scene, too! :love:  
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Gorgeous! Really great work! :w00t:

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This ballroom dream sequence = the 7 year old girl equivalent of a sex scene :lmao:
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This was kind of necessary

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