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After all this time? Always... Waaaah! 
This is a repaint of an illustration I made in 2014:

Always by IrenHorrors
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Kind and beautiful Severus!🖤🖤🖤
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My favourite character. 
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I'm not crying, you're crying!
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Wow this is nice. What a great artwork, and a great character. Always found him to be oddly mysterious and interesting. Fascinating how the books unravel who he actually is and what the reasons are for him being how he is. Despite that, being capable of such crazy love, which a lot of human beings are nowhere near capable of. Tragic.

Love the comparison as well ^^ I love both those versions, .. though looking back at my own, mine are horrible xD
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Wow, the newer one certain does have improvement! Snape's face looks better and doe patronus looks a lot more ghostly!! Cool!…
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Very nicely drawn.

Still doesn't change the fact that he was an abusive teacher, playing favorites with some students and going out of his way to humiliate others. More unpleasant to be around at least it the books, as well to look out. The major points that brought a shift to how Snape was viewed was how the movies showed him as less prone to abuse and yelling at students, with more attention and perhaps shift of perspective when it came showing his past, with that of a very talented and not so unattractive actor... even if he was ultimately on the side of the good guys, Snape was not a good person. More, he essentially made his own life miserable. 
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An explanation for a behavior, or behavioral tendencies, doesn't always excuse a persons actions; it just tells the reader why the character was so inclined. Snape may be a prime example of that as a character.
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That's the point of Snape's characterization; that he isn't necessarily evil but that he is definitely not a good guy either. The best Snape is is an antihero that closely resembles a petty antagonist. 
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I am surprised, yet glad to see that you agree. Many fans of Snape try to excuse, minimize, or justify the wizard's less then positive traits or go so far as to try and argue he should have gotten with Lily.

I read the books and very much enjoyed them as well watched the movies later. Though admittedly, not getting as invested in the movies as some because of the changes made. Of scenes removed or altered, of characters cut or introduced later then they should, to even giving one character's scenes to another. Like how Ron was made more a joke, Hermione being given some of his best scenes and otherwise made more of a Legolas style... yet then taking away other scenes that had been hers. For example, in the very first movie, cutting her scene of Hermione using her brilliant mind and reasoning to figure out Snape's test in getting to the philosopher's stone.

I'm glad the movies were made, yet I sometime feel they do as much harm as good. Chuckles, I guess this making me more a book loyalist.
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Nah, I get you. I don't mind the movies in general and actually loved them until the Goblet of Fire.....but then the changes were too much for me. Dobby's role being minimized, Ginny's character change, Hermione being over represented, her dress becoming pink instead of blue....etc. Though I did like the idea of Neville developing a crush on Luna and that's a movie only thing. 

About Snape, understanding where a person or a character is coming from and forgiving/excusing/justifying his or her actions are very different things in my book, and I don't believe him bullying Harry, Neville, and other students can be in any ways can be justified. Especially not Harry and Neville. 

I understand where Snape's coming from. I was emotionally bullied from time to time in school for similar reasons as Snape was bullied (honestly, James just picked on Snape because he was jealous of him being close with Lily- Snape being a Slytherin and interested in Dark magic are just as excuses - and I was often bullied/shunned for similar reasons) so I do understand where Snape's scars and frustrations. 

But that and bullying the kid because he LOOKS like the person who's bullied you when at the same time you do realize that's the kid of the woman you loved and still love is simply being petty. Like, I do not mind at all Snape bickering and insulting Sirius or Remus (because they deserve it) but Harry and other Gryffindors? (sigh) To put it brutally Snape's a man-child just as Sirius is one in certain departments.
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Когда смотришь на работы через время так заметно, как идет развитие! Всегда такое нравилось) Ты очень крутая)
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Love your artstyle ! 
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After all this time?
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Its severus snape!
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this is so cool!
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Most striking part of the story... Very well visualised. Thanks!
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Beautiful work!
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For me it feels even nostalgic. I remember that for some time after 7th book came out Snape's story was big deal in HP fandom.
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amazing, well done.  Alan Rickman will be missed.
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The picture of a moving heart.
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and forever...
beautiful picture!!!
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