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Swimming is nice buuuut...

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I can't jump directly into cold water. Seriously. I always curse every single wave before getting all into it.
Edit: probably "bathing" isn't the right term, but I'm italian, please be patient XD

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I suggest jumping right into the water as soon as you're about knee-deep. Once you're in the water, the temperature doesn't bother you anymore. At least, until you start freezing, that's when you should be getting out.
Jumping in when the water is less than knee-deep is dangerous (might hit the bottom).
Running into the water also works if you're not good enough at swimming to dive.
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KOLiddyfinnMomentoHobbyist Traditional Artist
I can jimp right in .w. But I get you.
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I cant swim
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AleuTheSilverWolfStudent General Artist
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Metaknightfan202Hobbyist Writer
lol I can't swim
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PanaceaTheAnti-VenomStudent Traditional Artist
I am with you!
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cocotettHobbyist Digital Artist
This is me. Every time. XD
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AndyofIndianaHobbyist Traditional Artist
I feel a lot better in the water when I submerge my whole body.
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crazyrockstar123Hobbyist Traditional Artist
me in the summer, but I love the ocean
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SnowdropPaxHobbyist Digital Artist
This was so me. I had a group beach retreat and I was so happy to be in the ocean....But I cant swim well and I am really small, so I couldn't go past knee deep without being knocked over, I got the hang of it 30 minutes before we had to leave to go home.....
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LittlemisspanpanHobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG i hate the beach not the ocean i hate the sand and when you get in the water its so cold :| (Blank Stare) 
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artyminerStudent General Artist
When going in the water:to stay in the water I must adult up and face the fury
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Oddball-DragonflyStudent General Artist
I can't even get past the shoreline. I always chicken out *hides in corner*
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Dark-AnmutProfessional Digital Artist
Actually, a guy had some trouble when he played a scratchy card that gave you a word and, if you scratch a picture of that word on the card, then, you win! The word was bathing and the picture was of a guy in the sea...the people said that it wasn't correct, but, he argued that it was!
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SharkbrushStudent Digital Artist
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ComicsBrazeProfessional Digital Artist
If it is very hot day like Mexico, it is best to go water FAST I can because the sand burn my feet like crazy! (it was hotter than I thought) annnnd...Water is COLD as hell when you get in! Dx ...Also got smacked by the wave and accidentally shallow the saltwater, AGH! Blurrh! 

But I understand how you feel, blame the expectations ¬n¬ I can relate to my life xD
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silverwindcafeHobbyist Traditional Artist
omg lawwl! that is so me! XD
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DODsteveCatnipRay666Student Filmographer
oh my god so true! :D (Big Grin) 
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AmbientDaysHobbyist General Artist
I remember those days when I could barely go 10 minutes without being knocked over and nearly drowned by a wave, yet I never wanted to leave and couldn't wait till I got back. Water baby 4life! <3
Funny thing is, I live in the Caribbean, when I go to the beach its always warm, so why is the sea cold?!
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Crysa91Hobbyist General Artist
Most places experience a ten to fifteen degree decrease in temperature near water. Due to such things as cloud cover, ozone density, weather systems, barometric pressure, etc. some areas have a different perception. It can feel colder to some that it does to others. Ex. When a person from the north hears someone from the south complain about the cold.
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AmbientDaysHobbyist General Artist
O_O Knowledgeable, thank you for the information.
I have experienced that example though. I feel as if I'm freezing after a night of rain yet my sister who has been overseas says that its nothing compared to England.
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Yeh you get into the water, can't feel your feet and just when you wanna kneel water touches your butt and you go all like ,,AYEYEYYYAYYAAA A ahahahaaaa nooooooo ughuuuuuh  T_T"
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RyanSilbermanHobbyist General Artist
Me. Every time.
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ArjayEffProfessional Digital Artist
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