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Sports Bra

Never enough!

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Not me... too flat... ^_^;;; I can jump on a trampoline with no bra v_v
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And thus is the sad truth about having large boobs
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What do you mean by 'not stable enough'?
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Too much jiggling would be my guess
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Ah, that'd make sense.
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Those faces are amazing. XD
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I worked at a bra shop once, and my chef used to say, that the bra is compensating 80% of the bouncynesss. And I must say: If a bra fits really good, some women say, that even a normal bra give them the safeness of a good sports bra they used to have. And then they tried out a really fitting sports bra. I must say, a really good fitting bra, wether it is for every day or for sports is worth every cent! And the good Sportsbras support AND make a good shape.
Btw: You nailed the situation, I think ^^ Nice to see
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Pfff, proprio come me! Io ho qualcosa come due tipi di reggiseni: quelli sportivi, che ti piallano tutto così non ti schizzano in faccia quando ti alleni e quelli super ultra imbottiti e carucci che uso per i cosplay quando devo fare le foto. XD Non ho vie di mezzo: o piatta alla maschiaccio o bitorzoluta da manga!
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Per lo sport puoi scordarti le tette ahahah
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Già, sono sempre in mezzo alle balle, anche quando sono piccole. XDDD
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It's so awkward having to try on different sports bras. There's never a time where you don't jump to see if they work, lol.
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It's so ridiculous ahahahah
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Haha yeah. I really enjoy how you portrayed this piece, it's honestly too real lol. Keep up the good work!
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Thank you very much! :)
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No problem! :D (Big Grin) 
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