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My Summer

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I haaaaate summer...I don't like the hot weather, the sweat's smell, the burning sun, I can't sleep, I hate going out, go on a bus, I haaaaateee summer. And that's pretty much how I'll spend it.

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Articuno32Hobbyist General Artist
Me too. I hate summer with a passion. Especially since I live in a country where it gets really hot in summer.
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Man oh man this is EXACTLY how I feel in summer. Why do I live in Africa? Why?
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stoned-ocean-420Student Digital Artist
I don’t live in Africa but I went to Nigeria last summer and that was my mood the entire trip 😂
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crazyrockstar123Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Me in the summer, I be like a vampire 
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in summer i curl up in a ball and sleep in winter i go outside curl in a ball in the snow and sleep APHMAU HONEKONEKO 
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Hahaha at least it isn't like summer all freaking year? Or is that better?
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CrystinaCrystal1987Hobbyist Digital Artist
Here In My Country , The Sun Is Up ; - ;
No Other Seasons . . . .
Rain Sometimes Take Away The Heat For A Frigging Hour Or So..
It Sucks here...
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winglessEnthusiastHobbyist Traditional Artist
SongBirdDoodles's avatar
SongBirdDoodlesHobbyist Traditional Artist
I know how you feel.

I live in Arizona, where it gets up to 119 degrees in summer.

Oh fall, why can't you be my only season?
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This is one of those problems that a grenade launcher and a tatical nuke just cannot solve。
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murdo1Hobbyist Artist
Two reasons why I hate summer: the weather and moskitos. Stupid bloodsuckers.
I like winter much more.
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WisperwyndStudent Filmographer
I live for spring and summer. For once I'm not cold, I'm motivated to actually go outside and take photos, I meet up with friends and go to the cinema and have a hella lot of barbecue. The only marzipan ice cream shop I know opens, I can wear t-shirts and open my windows and smell lilac and cherry blossoms and barbecues and summer night scents and listen to birds and crickets and the days are long and warm and I simply love it.
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SharkbrushStudent Digital Artist
It's not only the heat, I can't look anywhere close to where my eyes are exposed to sunlight. It really hurts to look at a patch of grass with sunlight shining on it... And because of that I can't get tan... And I don't like the heat anyways... Sometimes I wonder if I'm a vampire...
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I like winter. It has winter break, holidays, and it is cold instead of hot. It's also a very dramatic season.
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DesertedDictatorHobbyist Filmographer
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E-guardiasHobbyist Digital Artist
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ChannydrawsHobbyist Digital Artist
Is...  Is that me??? 
(I do that all the time) 
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LaurentiusjeHobbyist Traditional Artist
welcome to the vampire club :dummy:
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DeadHedgehogStudent General Artist
Beeing a gamer saves you from most of those pesky outside activities
RelwarcTheMighty's avatar
This is how I experience summer as well.
Nonsensical-Inks's avatar
My god, you don't know how relevant this is to me..
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my888isawesomeHobbyist General Artist
Yea I'm like that...a vampire. O-o
AmaterasuPrincess's avatar
I'm the same way, I fear the light!
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i´m equal to you, here in Sao Paulo is hot like hell, 37° decrees, Thirteen seven fucking decrees. It´s look like im training to go the hell...i hatee summer tooo
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