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MerMay - The granny

By IreneMartini
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From the MerMay Challenge! I was thinking that I should be waiting to have more mermaids to put in one picture before posting, because I don't want to spam you everyday with my notifications...but this one derseves the spotlight. Life goals!

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I imagine her having the voice of someone like Edna Mode
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Thats really cool! Its fun and who doesnt love a cool sympathetic granny? :xD:
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I love this! It's so striking and fun! 
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YEEEES She is beautiful! I love her confidence and how unabashedly fabulous she is! Rock on!
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This is captain Picard's lion fish. It is canon now.

(Love it)
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Haha, nice change of pace! Great design! ^^
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What a BEAUTIFUl specimen.  Adore this design, so fresh! x
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Amazing granny <3
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Nooo, spammaci per favore, spammaci! XD Più sirene e tritoni, per favore. ;)
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She's adorable and awesome.
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this may sound weird and too honest. but i love her saggy breasts and saggy fat .
ok. that sounded so wrong. what i mean, its now day we dont see many mermaids like these. there are some fat yes. but ive never seen an senior mermaid.
love her. reminds me of my grandma. i love my grandma.
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Oh my gosh! I love this so much! I realize I've been doing young, mermaids for my MerMay challenge. Thank you for waking me up and realizing this. Definitely going to try older mermaids and even mermen!
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You should totally give it a try! It's so much funnier :) (I appreciate drawing youg mermaid too, but experiemntig it's fun!)
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I love mermaids and I love old ladies, I could marry her.
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Wow, she looks so fabulous and happy!
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Thank you so much for this!! A wonderful choice for fish-type and a wonderful direction to go for a mermaid. She's just so lovely, and the pose is so open and free. 
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This is amazing! I am so glad that you went there really. It's so refreshing to see something else than a teenage-ish regular thin mermaid that usually pops up.

The mer-part design itself is lovely! And I just love how joyful she looks!
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Thank you! I love to explore a bit more with the shapes and the ages of my characters :) This one was soooo fun to do!
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