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O me! O Life! by iRendAsunder O me! O Life! :iconirendasunder:iRendAsunder 1 0
Diego's Tale
Diego woke up very excited one Friday morning. It was the day his mother promised to take him to the market to buy new clothes and to drop off a letter to his dad who was then working in Japan.
He made his bed, ate breakfast, brushed his teeth, helped his mother with her chores, and then took a bath. He did them all very quickly. He could not contain his excitement so much that he kept running around the house singing while he waited.
They stepped off the bus an hour later. Diego was amazed by all the sights, smells, and sounds. Everywhere he looked, people were milling about--it was so busy, so full of life.
After they finished dropping off their letters, Diego's mother took him to the mall and bought clothes, books and toys Diego liked. As they exited the mall, Diego dropped some of the stuff they bought. He bent down to pick them up. When he got up, his mother was gone! He could not see her anywhere.
He tried to calm down even though he was very worried. He remembered what his mothe
:iconirendasunder:iRendAsunder 1 0
There was that dream again.
She always had it when she was young, visiting her almost every night. Then they stopped, when she had other things to worry about.
The day her grandfather died they came back. And now, on the very first night she slept in her old room, in the manor she inherited from her grandfather, there it was again.
She woke up, gasping for breath, like she was so tired from running.
But that was what her dream is about. Running around the big house, through the corridors she knew most, past the portraits of bored-looking ancestors, into the large door to his grandfather's study. At that point in the dream she would only be walking, slowly to the far right corner, where the last bookshelf is. She would pull at a large book and a secret door opens and inside would be a large sitting room.
In her dream the room would be bathed in an unusual glow of light that would render every color brighter and more vivid and alien, but pretty still. As she enters she would hear a voice
:iconirendasunder:iRendAsunder 1 0
Dear girl I slept with last week
Dear girl I slept with last week,
I'm sorry I called you that. In my defense it was the most remarkable thing I remember about you. It's funny how the alcohol fucked my brain up that night, and the first time by the way. I want you to know I'm not at all proud of it. I kind of want to talk to you. Well I'm talking now, am I not? But I want to talk to you in person and apparently the problem is that I do not remember fully who you are, which leaves me in the unfortunate position to label us as 'not talking anymore'. And always, that's sad.
I keep on hating how lopsided and disheveled my thoughts were when the alcohol was losing effect. The morning I woke up I kept wondering who you were and because I don't remember the hangover was wore. I can't remember your face, which, a few days ago I supposed is beautiful because, I just know. I can't remember your name but I remember you told me it was a 'stupid, stinking city but it's beautiful' and so I told you after that it was like you.
I'm s
:iconirendasunder:iRendAsunder 1 1
At First Sight
I wasn't aware of anything for a long moment but that loud, deafening sound. It was as if a thousand cannons fired just a foot away from me, second, by second, by second, and all at the same time. For me, it was the sound of death. It was my heart, pounding so hard I feared it could have burst.
I think I know her--probably in one of my classes or clubs. I only vaguely notice her. I think it was her hair or her neck that gives me that of recognition when I see her somewhere else but that was the first time I really looked at her, took all of her in. I looked at her features, one by one. Her hair. It reminds me of the great sea--dark, rippling, and full of fierce life. Her neck, oh, her neck, was an absolute contrast--long, slender, and delicate. That was when the loud sounds started.
She was sitting there, in a far corner of a covered walkway. People were walking past her, streaming, but she was motionless as if frozen in that moment in time, alone. I didn't know how long I was standing
:iconirendasunder:iRendAsunder 1 3
Beauty is grotesque and irregular by iRendAsunder Beauty is grotesque and irregular :iconirendasunder:iRendAsunder 0 0 bloofin raw by iRendAsunder bloofin raw :iconirendasunder:iRendAsunder 1 0 humor me murder me by iRendAsunder humor me murder me :iconirendasunder:iRendAsunder 1 0 blue lemon sprite by iRendAsunder blue lemon sprite :iconirendasunder:iRendAsunder 0 0 Just do something by iRendAsunder Just do something :iconirendasunder:iRendAsunder 0 0 sleepwalk by iRendAsunder sleepwalk :iconirendasunder:iRendAsunder 3 0 dolls macabre by iRendAsunder dolls macabre :iconirendasunder:iRendAsunder 0 0 ID by iRendAsunder ID :iconirendasunder:iRendAsunder 0 0 blob by iRendAsunder blob :iconirendasunder:iRendAsunder 0 0 click by iRendAsunder click :iconirendasunder:iRendAsunder 2 0 Fille'd by iRendAsunder Fille'd :iconirendasunder:iRendAsunder 1 0


Wallpaper: Dead Poets Society by hannarb Wallpaper: Dead Poets Society :iconhannarb:hannarb 66 14 love bird typography by Turqoose love bird typography :iconturqoose:Turqoose 38 2
I thought I knew my death.
I thought I knew my death. He grabbed my heart one day and squeezed tightly, banded fear wrapping its way around my body and terrorizing the air from my lungs. "Not..Like..This.." I would gasp, thinking that there must be some better way out. I would start to beg but it would soon be over. He'd release me and my body would give up. There would be nothing left to say.
I thought I knew my death. She would slip into the shadows some months before I thought my time was up. She would slowly take my memories for my own, replacing them with child's talk and nonsensical things. "Oh please, won't somebody help me." It would be a rhetoric, although I wouldn't know that then.
I thought I knew my death. He would seep into my skin and beneath my bones. Disease would spread through my veins, shutting me down. My very soul would ache, because cancerous ways could do cancerous things. He would wrap himself around my very voice, my heart, my tissue and my being. "Take me home." I w
:iconkaz-d:Kaz-D 35 26
Save The Whales
"You know what?"
"No, what?"
"We should never fall in love."
"Huh? Why?"
"Well, it's simple, really."
"Explain it to me, then."
"We're opposites, you and me. You're the sun, I'm the moon. You are day, I am night. You're warm and you beat with the vitality of life. I'm pretty chilly and I beat my fists against the mirror for showing me reality instead of dreams."
"I still don't quite understand."
"I am a dreamer, and you are a dream."
"Thanks, I guess."
"No, listen--you're like the people who say 'save the whales'. You want to save the world, you want to do some good. You want to make a change, make a difference. And me... well, I'm the whale. I can't do anything except wait for you to finally save me."
"I'll save you. I don't mind."
"I'll never thank you. I'm a whale; I can't talk."
"I don't care. I'll save you anyway. And you're wrong, you know."
"About what?"
"I'm not quite what you make me out to be. I laugh so I won't cry, yet that doesn't save me when I'm alone. I try to save the
:icongir-gir:Gir-Gir 1,878 423
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Casthena Reux
Artist | Student | Varied
Current Residence: Philippines
Favourite genre of music: Classical :), Opera Metal, Rock, A little bit of Indie
Favourite style of art: Digital Art, Impressionism, Abstract, Literary, Musical
Operating System: Win7 Ultimate
MP3 player of choice: PC
Shell of choice: Indifference
Wallpaper of choice: Any of those that make my brain hyped up
Skin of choice: NONE
Favourite cartoon character: Chowder
Personal Quote: "Carpe diem!"
Getting Past the Insecurities

You can never be anyone else, you can only be yourself. And though it's part of the bitter reality that some people are way beyond your measure, you should never ever copy them for exactly how they are or even do things just because they do it. Be yourself. Make others as an inspiration but never be a copy cat of one person just to be accepted by another. You are also one unique individual. You yourself should never take that away from you. Others who want to be a part of your life should damn well accept the best and the worst you can give. If you try to be another person, you'll end up getting really tired and worse, you'll never know who you are anymore. If you are insecure, accept the damn fact that there are some people who fit certain domains and conditions of existence—find yours if you don't like where you are. Only, don't try to fit in someplace that doesn't embody who you are. Don't pick a fancy world that makes you paint fake colors on your face. Avoid masks. What naturally comes out of you is what you should show to the world. Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's painful, but once you have endured the process of accepting that there are some things in you that you cannot change, you'll end up feeling better than ever before. And just as magically, you'll find that the person you are has already made room for improvements. And maybe, just as I have, you'll understand that finding yourself takes one step at a time. :)
  • Listening to: Carry It- Travis Barker


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