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My god, the detail.
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How difficult is it to draw Cyborg Raiden?
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Вся сложность в детализации костюма Райдена(шурупы, крепления, провода), в моем исполнении костюм более менее упрощен (детализация минимальная). Рисовать было не сложно, тем более рефов полно.
Поэтапная работа, но здесь больше по цвету.…
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poor guy, he endured alot! :(
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Согласна. Райдена очень жаль. Создатели поиздевались над персонажем как смогли, ненавижу их за это. =(
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yeah..its hard giving your characters the worst backstory ever & expect them to get by naturally!!..I wouldn't torture my characters if i have one!!
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This piece has been featured here: . :heart:
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Thank you very much)
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You're most welcome~:heart:  (Sorry I'm so late. ^^;)
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mega... AWESOME :la: really love it
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*supermajornosebleed* LOVE THIS!
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:icononionxdplz: *supermajornosebleed* then it dawned on me ))))))
I understand you):iconnosebleedingplz:*nosebleed*
thanks for your review)
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lol your welcome. :D
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OMG!!! you drew him as he is in the game!!! OMG!!! x3 :heart: Its just amazing!!! I loooove the colours and the detail. :heart: hsjf,kjassgdagfa!!! XDDD
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the last sentence is not quite understandable ... but I hope that something good)) Thank you very much for your review, I see you're a fan of MGR, it's great)
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Heehee sorry was having a fangirl moment. xD
( It was good though~ )
You're very welcome~ :hug: Yuuuup! I love MGR! x3
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