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By iremnaz
This is an original work created by =kitsune-lunari. You may not copy, edit, alter, trace, repost, redistribute, print, or perform the artwork, publicly or privately, commercially or non-commercially, without my explicit permission. You may only post hyperlinks to this page, and show it to other users of deviantART using the Thumbnail code.

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© 2009 - 2021 iremnaz
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Are there any plzs of this stamp? It won't work for me.
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thank you for your community engagement
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78 Favs 

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I'm going to use it in my description, is that okay?
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Oops! I almost forgot to comment! I might use this myself, if you don't mind. ;)
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:iconfavewithoutcomment: is that how i use it?
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I faved, but my first comment didn't show 'cause my internet dropped. This stamp is great and just what I needed because it's so nice to the viewer. Thanks for making it!
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OMG, I love this stamp! It asks to comment in such a nice, respectful way. Thanks for making it. Just what I needed.
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I was just about to fave this without commenting... xD lol
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I'm gonna use this.
Awesome stamp ^_^
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i like this! i will use it :D
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Yush! Usefull, but useless for me, xD Not member~
Good made, though ~
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Just loved your stamp! Very useful! I´d love to post the thumbanail code at the end of my posts =) Do I have your permission? Pleeeeease?
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Nice wordpress theme :)

carried in Cruzine: [link]
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This will come in handy, thanks!
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Hello! I hope this message finds you well and good. I am a member of the Comment-Worthy-Army and would like to see if you are interested in joining. The whole point of the group is to have interested deviants sign a petition for DA admins to read. In order to sign you simply join the group! Easy, yes? What is the petition for you ask? It is for the encouragement of meaningful comments on any given deviation before a favorite is allowed. Please, visit here: [link] for the full explanation and to join if you so wish. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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amazing, thanks
güzel çalışma

nice work :)
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