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EquestriaDaily 100th Wallpaper Compilation

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© 2013 - 2020 iReever
Hey EquestriaDaily!!! ^.^

I decided (as I recently started using photoshop) to attempt to create a wallpaper in celebration of EquestriaDaily's 100th Wallpaper Compilation!
Thanks to the people that allowed me to use these amazing Vectors, without them this would've been a piece o' crap :P

Hope you guys enjoy!

Edit: 500 Views!? :O
Edit: 1500 Views!?!? x.X You guys made me cry :')
Edit: 2000 Views!?!?!? :party: I think this is where it stops though ;) Thanks again to all the people that made this possible :')

Vectors used: - Rainbow Dash - Rarity - Fluttershy and Angel - Applejack - Pinkie #1 - Pinkie #2 - Pinkie #3 - Princess Twilight Sparkle - Princess Luna - Princess Celestia - Princess Mi Amore Cadenza - Shining Armour - Octavia - Vinyl Scratch and DJ Booth - The Great and Powerful Trixie! - Bon Bon - Lyra - Derpy - Zecora - Discord - Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon - Background - Cloud 1 - Cloud 2

Thanks again, everyone! ^.^

My Little Pony and Fluttershy are © HASBRO and :iconfyre-flye:
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1920x1080px 1.22 MB
Adobe Photoshop CC (Macintosh)
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sweetannabeeHobbyist Digital Artist
now ceiling derp is watching.
Darkagumon2000's avatar

Derpy broke the sky! Silly Filly.

Here's to thousands more!!!:D (Big Grin) 

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I enjoyed adding derpy xD Glad you like it! :)
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Quit breaking the 4th wall, Derpy! That's Pinkie's job!
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CMC--ScootalooHobbyist General Artist
Very nice wallpaper!
But, this contains a significant lack of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
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I know, I noticed just as I saw this featured on EqD :'( I'm really sorry! I couldn't help but facehoof :P I had an image, I just forgot to add it :/

I hope you can enjoy if even though I didn't add them!
CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
CMC--ScootalooHobbyist General Artist
Well, then go and add them! They are already sad because they aren't in it:………

You don't want to make them cry, right?
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weirdnwild91Student Digital Artist
Nice~! :D
iReever's avatar
Thanks a lot ^.^
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weirdnwild91Student Digital Artist
You're welcome ^^
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Can we have a version without the 'Equestria Daily 100th Wallpaper Compilation' in the middle?  Title it 'Just Another Day in Ponyville'.  =)
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Wait, do you mean without text entirely? :P Because then there'd be an empty space in the middle :P
iReever's avatar
I'll see what I can do ^.^ Same style though? :P
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CMC--ScootalooHobbyist General Artist
Don't forget the Crusaders!
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Is there a way I can bring the resolution of this down to 1366 x 768? That's my laptop's resolution, and I want to get the whole image as my wallpaper without losing any of the quality...
iReever's avatar
Well technically yes, but there'd be black stripes at the top and bottom :/ I'm glad you like it, though! :')
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link1021lHobbyist Artist
Wait, 3 pinkie pies? =O
iReever's avatar
Glad you noticed! ^.^ Yeah, decided to make a reference to the "Too Many Pinkies" episode xD
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:P Like I've already told you, I absolutely LOVE it!!!! :D
iReever's avatar
Like I've already said, THANKS SOOO MUCH!!! ^.^
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