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Dream time!

Ok, I’m super excited every time I have dreams with this guy. First time I met him was a while ago in a nightmare where he was feeding on people around me (I’ve already put this story in a description for another drawing of mine). But from that moment, from time to time, he appears from nowhere, out of the story line and tends to change the whole dream into another… at its own will.  It is a very strange feeling when the world changes around you like some theatre decorations and you can only observe, and then it’s a new place like nothing happened just few moments ago. Very fast and clean job. Sadly, he disappears as suddenly into nowhere. Sometimes I can catch only a glimpse of him, sometimes he does some stuff and leaves. All this presence of him makes me think that he is not just some imaginary character, not a part of a dream, but a pretty real being who visits random dreams and follows his own logic and needs. But… C’mon! We all know, that dreams are made by our own brains! Still… this guy greatly excites me with his unusual and unpredictable visits.

So far I know that his name is Kai and he normally looks like a horse-size beast or a black cloud/fog, but few times he was in human-like form (you can see him on some of my drawings: the guy with a grey skin and long ears. That’s him. Say Hi).  And his transformation from humanoid form into beast looks like that! Always starting from the head. Something tells me, that he is a cloud after all, because there is always black smoke around him at this moment and when he appears or disappears from a dream, or jumps into some shadow (yep, he does this too when he hunts).

The drawing shows a moment from a dream with a wasteland planet (had a couple of dreams with this place. Really cool place, but I get killed fast there… So, not so fun). Kai was just standing near some rocks on a side and observing a little gun fight, while I was really struggling with my jammed laser gun. Then someone tried to shoot him and here we go! Quick transformation in a leap and the offender is getting devoured.  

Enjoy! I am a dummy! 

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Ohhhh my cute puppy Kai Puppy Bite 

Maybe is something you fear but you don't know what it is... or an image created after a bad day or something.. idk.. but I believe the meanings of our dreams and nightmares are in our common lifes (like actions, fears, hopes, guiltyness, etc)

Finally, awesome drawing
I want a short film about this guy :3
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Hehehehe :)

Most of a time, yes, dreams mirror our feelings into visions, but sometimes there is something new too. No matter how long I analyze Kai, he is always there just 'out of blue' and out of context. Yes, he linked with something dark and scary, but at the same time he is never harmful toward me, so, yeap, I don't know what he suppose to mean and what to think about all of it. He is dream intruder or visitor. And i like to see him too. He is so cool :iconfoxawwplz: 

Thank you so much :) 

Oh, animation is out of my reach, sorry. :iconfoxwhoopsplz:  But I will draw more of him later, that's for sure :) 
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I have another question.. did you put him his name or it was revealed on a dream?
(I make a lot of questions, I know :ashamed: revamp 
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No problem :) 

Yes, names Kai and Valkary are from dreams. I heard it from other people/creatures in multiple dreams, so, I assumed, that these names are belonged to them for sure... Hmmm... At the same time I never pronounced their names in dreams. Maybe I should ask about it next time I catch Valkary for a chat... Good idea. GIF Star vs. the Forces of Evil -  SURPRISE! 
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Very interesting, I have bad quality audio on my dreams xD

I like Valkary (I'm not sure how I must prounounce it, but it looks good)..
Btw, who is he/she? XD
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If it helps, pronunciation is... [valˈkari] Like this :) 

He is a dream guardian. Basically, it means that if you have some creature/character appearing multiple times in your dreams and helps you or just follows you or means a lot to you then it's your dream guardian. I've met a few people here on DA with very interesting dream guardians. So, it's someone very significant in your dream world. 
I have this creepy and scary guy, named Valkary. I tried to explain about him to someone... I just copy it here, if you don't mind:

So, Death granted my wish for eternal protection from any 'scary stuff' An Offer (Nightmare) by Irbisty  
And here we are, Valkary appeared in my dreams. It makes me think that if Death could be a person (not that skeleton in a robe thing), that it would be Valkary. He has this personality... Also he gives this feeling. It's like... I shouldn't be scared, because the scariest thing that can happen stands next to me, so it just can't get worse anymore. 

The good part that I accepted his presence instead of trying to run away or fight him. I learned to admire him. I guess, that was the right thing to do, because in the beginning I was very scared of that deal and I could feel his tension and even rage, but after he became calm. I think... I'm a pet for him. Like a cat or a dog. Too small, and fragile, and far not as smart as him, but he has to take a good care, because it's his pet. And he has some certain attachment. It's probably the best explanations of our relation that I can get. He isn't my friend and he isn't my master, he is a pet owner. Well, I'm fine with this. and I can't imagine it anyhow better, he is not a human after all. Even the fact that I see him in a human form is probably just to make me feel better. 

So, I usually see him in my nightmares or I'm in his body in some clear adventure dreams. Every time I see him, I want to ask him so many questions, but he breaks it. I almost never can reach him. Oh, I so wish to catch him in a lucid dream again. Only there he talks. Last time I saw him in a lucid dream I asked him 'are you real?' and he answered 'Yes. More than you want. Could ask something less obvious.' and then he was scolding that I couldn't hold that dream steady... Heh, talking about reality... Sometimes I feel his presence in the real live. It's so weird! And I know that he sees what I see. Maybe that's what he feels when I'm in his body in dreams. Sometimes I can feel his feelings a bit too. It's a very very weak connection, but anyway... 

I've tried to draw him couple of times  The different one by Irbisty   One of them by Irbisty   
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The more I read about your dreams the more I get impressed with all the chars and situations...

I saw and read the description of your child nightmare you put above, but I didn't make the connection with the handsome char (Valkary, I didn't read his name either, I think)...

Only to confirm I understood fine:
Valkary is the human form of Death, who takes care of you like a owner, because you were so afraid of monsters as a child and you made a kind of protection pact with him.

Talking about he sees what you see is so weird, I don't know if it can be just your imagination or your wish for something more relationed with him.

And finally I like a lot your drawing about him, he looks so misterious, distant, intriguing, disturbing with his forehead skin becoming in feathers instead of hair. He looks handsome too xD
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Well, yes, he is a dream guardian. He has something to do with Death and the deal, but I'm not sure is he this Death or he just has the same origin? Need to find out... 

And me too, I don't know is it a good imagination or this is for real... Maybe I'm just a little bit crazy, ahahah. But the thing that he 'can see through my eyes' is a feeling, doesn't mean that this is real at all. So, I think... it's just a fun feeling, no more than that :)

He is handsome, but his personality is really nasty, ahahaha :) Like a poisonous berry... Looks good, but you don't want to eat it at all costs. He remind me a pirate for some reason. 
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I'm happy that you like it :)
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Way cool... I like your style of art... 
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Thank you Thumbs Up [YT Usachev Show] 
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this looks crazy cool you've must have got up close an personal in that dream of yours with this creature since he's very well detailed all the way around seriously that back looks crazy an those eyes look menacing an that dark like fog around him just looks killer cool
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Ah, thank you so much:)
Yes, that's true, I have personal attachment to this character. I find him fascinating. And I've already had many dreams with this creature. He is like... my dark side or something. Perhaps that's me in some other life, hehehe outlander gif Claire and jamie Or... it could be that I should stop watching scary movies Loki lol smile 
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Masticar debe ser una pesadilla.
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Could be :)  This guy doesn't actually bite or chew, but anything that goes enough close to his mouth will disintegrate. So, yeah, he is a scary dude. 
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Oh, thank you Love 
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I like this demonic design, especially his four eyes !
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