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No Rest (Dream)

By Irbisty
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It was a very long dream, so I can't tell you everything at once. This dream was so awesome. Almost like a movie. I was a girl named Lia Edison, daughter of Tom Edison. Have you ever heard of him? Of course, not! He is famous only within that dream world :-D Nothing to do with Thomas Edison. But you see the connection with the real world. That’s a funny one, huh?

In that dream, I was traveling back to people, to a society. I’ve spent the whole life learning how to survive in a post-apocalyptic world with a help oh my father, Tom Edison. He was the one who saved people from a total institution, but a newly built society almost set a new war because of him, killing his wife. So he took me, his baby daughter, and left everyone. Over 20 years we spent alone face to face with all the world horrors: radiation, new hostile biological species, droids, minefields, poisonous plants, fanatics and etc. After his death, I decided to visit people, so I could choose on my own… Should I continue to live by myself or join everyone else?

I had my…horse. Yes, this flying creature is a new horse. Such a beauty, isn’t it? :-D He has no nose, no eyes, but he sees and smells everything pretty well. Also, this creature normally would eat you without any back thought. It was designed to destroy life stock during ‘The Great War’. Now they were breeding and spreading by themselves. I found a little cub and took care of it, so it became my loyal pet. I was flying him over craters left after massive explosions, forests of redwood pines, massively destroyed machines and a droid battlefields.

At some point, we found a spot for a small rest. It was a very foggy place, but it was good for us. We needed to stay hidden. These lands were hostile, full of beasts and droids. And our break wasn’t that long. There was some sound not far from us. My ‘horse’ became very alarmed and agitated. It was time to move and fast.

To be continued….
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Ah! Thank you so much! Pikachu gasp Plz 
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Thank you 03 
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 The My Little Pony characters took a turn due to radiation
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This looks incredible!
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 10th Doctor Dance
(I love dA even more now, so many 10 gifs Happy cry (Tears of joy))

Btw, you have very cool dreams! Did you train to lucid dream or just super lucky? 
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Hehehe :-D

A bit of both... initially somewhat lucky, but now I'm training to have them on purpose. Works, but that's so hard.... 
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That is so cool! I've always been interested in properly lucid dreaming, keeping a dream journal and everything, just haven't gotten round to it. It sounds like the training has worked out super well for you, and using them to further influence your art is very fascinating. 

Keep up the awesome work! :3
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Thanks! I'm still learning. It all takes a lot of time. Eh...

Lucid dreaming is awesome, you shouldn't wait :) Earlier you start more dreams you will have :) And good luck with dreaming. :-D 

Junjie  bow 2 
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No problem. If you're just getting started and you're ideas are already this awesome, imagine how amazing the dreams will get Wow! ! 

You might've just persuaded me to give it a go! Thank you :) happy lucid dreaming! MEMEME - Trippy Hana Moment 
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your very welcome ❤️ .
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