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The Key Master (Dream/ text) by Irbisty, literature






AI art, no longer a place for humans? by Yuuza, journal

Dreams / October 2018 by Irbisty, journal

Don't leave me behind by Saatua, literature

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My Bio

General info:

I am a cheerful, self-taught artist with a passion to create various things. I draw my dreams as a hobby.
My main interests are digital and traditional art, and papier mâché masks. There are many things that make me curious in the World, so feel free to write or ask about anything, I like to talk :) Also, I love to cook and collect local recipes, so if you have some nice dishes on your mind, then share it please! I’ll share mine.

I’m opened for commissions. Send me a note if you would like me to draw for you, I don’t bite!

Oneiric world:

I’m an oneironaut. For those who don’t know what that means, I can see lucid dreams. Lucid dreams are those where you are fully aware of being asleep at the moment. They allow you to see and do literally anything you want and it would be as good as real. Actually, lucid dreams feel more real than the reality itself. Think of it as a virtual reality, a matrix, made by your own brain, if you wish. Cool, right?

My dreams have always fascinated me. From my childhood they’ve been something mysterious and elusive. It feels like different realities that I dive into from night to night. I don’t know where I would find myself or what could happen, but it’s just like a series with many episodes. They are all linked, there are creatures, places and names that reappear from time to time, there are rules, and there is (a) whole enormous world(s) to discover. You can have a glimpse of it in my works.

In that dream space I’m known as a Recorder (according to my dreams characters’ words). Also, there are two creatures that I see repeatedly and have a chance to communicate with, lucid dreams or not. One claims to be Death and has for name Valkary and, the other one, is Kai, a dark shape-shifting creature, whose origin is still unknown to me. Those two make me question dreams and reality itself. They give a full impression of real beings with their own will and thoughts. There has not been even a single dream with them where I could distinguish my imagination. Are they a perfectly constructed product of my subconscious or the real deal? I don’t know and, either way, I find it amazing and worth sharing. You’re welcome to visit my journals to find more about them.

I hope you have a good day! If you like my works you can also find me on ArtStation and Twitter, where I post regularly:…

Some random moments from my life:

Favourite Books
A Song of Ice and Fire
Favourite Games
The Elder Scrolls
Hi! Regarding my long absence... I can finally reassure everyone that I am doing fine and have nothing to do with covid these days. The actual reason of my disappearance is my newborn baby. Yeap, I am a proud mommy of a tiny human now. Oh, boy, this ...
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I'm slowly getting out of my slumber.   Slowly... There are drawing to show.  
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A new dream from yesterday   Enjoy...
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Merry Christmas and happy New Year! :clap::happybounce::meow::D

Thank you! And to you too! :)

Hey, its Jon B. I had somebody hijack my account, use it for abuse and then my account got banned. And trying to ask DeviantArt admin to look into it was a waste of time, so I've had to set up elsewhere. Feel free to drop in - loving your new work BTW.

Hi! I just wanted to say I stumbled across your gallery and-wow! I am a lucid dreamer too, so I related a lot to your opening description. I find it really interesting that you have two characters that frequently reoccur in your dreams, and that seem like they could be entities separate from your imagination. I personally don't have any recurring characters in my dreams, none the less ones which might not be a subject of my imagination, so I find that really amazing! I also find the level of detail to which you can paint your dreams really amazing and inspiring! Keep doing you! :D

Happy Easter Day. Here's a Easter Video. Hope you enjoy it.…
Nice gallery ♥
Hi Irina! Hope you're doing well right now.