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Going to draw the whole bunch of new illustrations for that matter. They're going to be cool.
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I have to keep some illustrations for the book...
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Have to reply to so many people... Sorry that it takes me forever. I draw most of the time XD
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I’ve started writing a book. It’s a deep-dive in my dream world. Connected dreams that make a lifelong story. Non fiction. HEAVILY ILLUSTRATED. Are you interested? 

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom

General info:

I am a cheerful, self-taught artist with a passion to create various things. I draw my dreams as a hobby.
My main interests are digital and traditional art, and papier mâché masks. There are many things that make me curious in the World, so feel free to write or ask about anything, I like to talk :) Also, I love to cook and collect local recipes, so if you have some nice dishes on your mind, then share it please! I’ll share mine.

I’m opened for commissions. Send me a note if you would like me to draw for you, I don’t bite!

Oneiric world:

I’m an oneironaut. For those who don’t know what that means, I can see lucid dreams. Lucid dreams are those where you are fully aware of being asleep at the moment. They allow you to see and do literally anything you want and it would be as good as real. Actually, lucid dreams feel more real than the reality itself. Think of it as a virtual reality, a matrix, made by your own brain, if you wish. Cool, right?

My dreams have always fascinated me. From my childhood they’ve been something mysterious and elusive. It feels like different realities that I dive into from night to night. I don’t know where I would find myself or what could happen, but it’s just like a series with many episodes. They are all linked, there are creatures, places and names that reappear from time to time, there are rules, and there is (a) whole enormous world(s) to discover. You can have a glimpse of it in my works.

In that dream space I’m known as a Recorder (according to my dreams characters’ words). Also, there are two creatures that I see repeatedly and have a chance to communicate with, lucid dreams or not. One claims to be Death and has for name Valkary and, the other one, is Kai, a dark shape-shifting creature, whose origin is still unknown to me. Those two make me question dreams and reality itself. They give a full impression of real beings with their own will and thoughts. There has not been even a single dream with them where I could distinguish my imagination. Are they a perfectly constructed product of my subconscious or the real deal? I don’t know and, either way, I find it amazing and worth sharing. You’re welcome to visit my journals to find more about them.

I hope you have a good day! If you like my works you can also find me on ArtStation and Twitter, where I post regularly:…

Some random moments from my life:


My, my... Finally completed illustrations for the previous journal. Pff loki 
HI! I'm back! all up in yo face like  

Oh, boy... so much to catch up out here. SO MUCH! Parks and Rec: Happy Tom  Time to start replying infinity duck 

Dreams / November 2018

Mon Dec 3, 2018, 5:12 AM

12 November 2018 Valkary / Transit


Sunny afternoon. I was in the metropolis, heading to the closest metro station. Just a normal day. I was with my headset and some cheerful music, a small backpack with a book in it and a still hot shawarma from the seller nearby. I was in a great mood. I was just heading home. It was a long road ahead, but I was looking forward to my snack and reading in a train.

Well, my plan couldn’t come true. Just before I reached the entrance to the underground, I suddenly had a bad feeling. I stopped, removed the headset, and turned around. It looked like I was alone feeling the change. I thought that it was just me having a panic attack, but no… I was just more sensitive…

There were people around. Imagine a busy afternoon street going quite all at once. Drivers leaving their cars in the middle of the way, people stop and look around and at each other with tensed expression. Now they all felt it too. But there was nothing to look at or hear. Nothing was happening yet… just like… a lot of tension in the air.

The next moment people busted in panic. They rushed in all directions, trying either hide or just run away. Damn it. I knew what was happening now. I had seen it already. I tried to go away from the doors leading to the metro, but people just pushed me in. Too many people… I couldn’t make my way against the alive steam. I had no other choice than to go downstairs and just try to not get suffocated in a crowd. Bad idea. So bad idea.

 I ran downstairs. To my luck, the underground wasn’t crowded yet and I rushed through the tunnels. But… No indications, no names… There was nothing to navigate. I didn’t know where to go. I was trying to find a different way out, but tunnels became an endless puzzle. I felt that I was constantly going deeper below the surface, further and further from any possible exit. Soon I realized that I was lost and that going back wasn’t a solution either. Because the moment I looked back, I saw the wall just behind me, a dead end out of nowhere.

I stopped. The bad feeling was progressing, getting worse. I felt that it didn’t matter where to go now; all those people around, including me, would die. There was no way to survive. I felt angry. Scared too, but mostly angry, because I was sure about what was going on and I knew that I shouldn’t be in the metro right now. I’d been given a chance to avoid going inside and I failed. Now I just hoped to die fast and be somewhere else already.  (I didn’t know that I was dreaming, however, I was certain that it wouldn’t be the actual death)

“Damn it. I screwed it, isn’t it? Valkary! Oh, can you kill me fast at least?”  - I thought that while sitting down near the wall. What was the point to roam those tunnels anyway? I had a chance to avoid going to the metro, but I failed it. I thought that this world was about to go through the Reformation, the apocalypses, and doom. And that Valkary should’ve been somewhere around just like the other time, so I wasn’t scared to die… even if I had too. I just didn’t want to feel pain or horror. And I wasn’t expecting any answer from him since he had warned me before not to interrupt him in such case… but.

Suddenly I felt observed and then there was this disturbing feeling of someone crawling inside my mind. For a moment I felt a lot of confusion and anger from the intruder. Valkary’s strict command echoed in my mind “Run! You’re wrong about everything.” And straight after I knew where to go.

“WHAT THE F*?!” I jumped from my spot like stung and rushed through the tunnels. He wasn’t in my body; however, I could sense pieces of his thoughts, some information about the place that he was proceeding. Now I knew that he had nothing to do with this panic and feeling of doom. It wasn’t even one of his worlds. He wasn’t there. To my surprise, he said, “You are hunted. You’ve got yourself in a trap.”

Soon, I was approaching the place he was leading me too and I started feeling more and more scared. I slowed down. I had a bad feeling about whatever was ahead. That was the place where the bad thing was going to happen, the heart of the trap. ANY MOMENT now. All my instincts were screaming to go away, not to come closer.

“Yes, there. Go forward. That’s the way out. They don’t know you can.” Valkary’s plain voice in my head wasn’t encouraging much, but I had to trust him. I walked around the corner and saw the metro station platform. There were some people, but… What? They all were moving very slow like in a slow-motion. Did time freeze here? Their faces were distorted with fear and panic. It seemed like they were trying to run away from the platform. And… Why was there water everywhere? The water was calm… Just flooded railways. I stopped looking around. It was eerily quiet. Not a sound. I looked back. It felt way safer there.

Valkary cut my loop of thoughts with “Don’t stop here. You must cross before. You MUST move now.” And I pushed myself to go to the platform despite the red alarm in my mind.

I noticed the small tunnel on the opposite side of the platform… just in the wall behind the railways. That was an odd spot for a path…and looked more than odd and unnatural, but there were a few people in that tunnel and I could see the light. The way out was there! But in order to get there, I had to cross the platform and flooded railways.

My body was refusing, it was difficult to move like if the air was getting more and more viscous closer to the path… but I was still going there… I walked across the water. Damn, this place was wrong on so many levels. I mean… I felt wrong to be there. I felt like I wasn’t supposed to see any of that and, yet I was there. My mind was paralyzed with fear by now.

As fast as I stepped in the tunnel, the tension and fear, holding me, were suddenly gone. I almost felt out of surprise. I could breathe and move properly… Also, I was surprisingly dry out of the water… but I started rapidly feeling cold.  Why was it so cold? I wanted to look back… But I heard Valkary’s voice again. I didn’t give much attention that moment, but the voice wasn’t in my head anymore. He actually was standing somewhere not far behind me. “Don’t. You can go only forward from here. You’re in my domain now. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that you find the way out.”

I was still shocked, but I felt a big wave of relieving that I was still alive, unharmed and out of that horrible underground maze. I happy rushed to the surface, without thinking much about the meaning of his words. I passed a few people on my way up. They looked sad. They were going up very slowly. Strange. Why? Well… whatever. I reached the exit and stopped near the tunnel entrance to looked around.

Oh. My. God….

My excitement got vanished. Where was I? First, heavy low clouds, dark depressing ambiance, black trees without leaves. Everything looked grey or black like if there were no other colors. It felt humid and very cold. And yet, the ground was covered in grey… dust? Dirt? And everything around… It felt… wrong. Dead? And… I don’t know how to explain that, but like the time was working in a completely different way there. Stagnation… that the word that was on my mind when I saw the place. This place was stagnated. Second, It looked like I was in a small town. Wait. Was it my hometown? Oh, damn it… I barely could recognize it. But, no, it wasn’t. What? Too strange. Every time I was looking the second time at the same spot, it was something else. Everything was constantly changing. It was a mix of different locations. It was quite disturbing to observe.

I was freezing. And it wasn’t just the low temperature, but something else… I felt like losing my energy rapidly. I felt clear that I shouldn’t be here. It was wrong. Everything was wrong. (yeah, I have to repeat it over and over. It was bad.). It wasn’t a place for anyone… alive?

 Suddenly there was a bunch of people slowly emerging from the tunnel. They all looked depressed. I realized that I was looking at them but couldn’t feel any of their presence. They were not souls or even ghosts, but visions (?) or something.

 Seeing those people made me worried. Why I was there? How could I? Was I dead? No, that was nonsense… Where do I go? I was lost in my thoughts trying to grab on anything helpful. I couldn’t understand what was going on.

Then I felt how Valkary approached and stopped behind me. My blood ran cold now. His presence was heavy as never before. “I let you in. You can walk these lands, but only as a passage. You must leave as fast as possible, dear. And be aware, I’m not alone. Others won’t tolerate you for long. Go. You will know where.” Valkary, Death itself, was just there. I started turning slowly to look at him. “Don’t.” I immediately looked away and closed my eyes. I was scared to move. I was scared to even breath now. And he came closer to say quietly in my ear:” Be silent. Don’t show your fear. Take nothing and don’t even touch. Don’t look at their faces. Don’t stop or turn back. Now you know. Just go. Now.” Then I stopped feeling his presence. He left.

It was time to go and I walked ahead, away from the tunnel, without looking back… hoping that the other way out actually existed.

It was so unnaturally quiet and no wind. Just some echoes in a distance… and sudden whispers out of nowhere: “who?… come here… an intruder… she will get lost… take a break… where?... who is it?... forget, come here… LOOK AT ME… you’ve been fooled… there is no escape… No one leaves… You are lost… TURN AROUND!... ahahaha… Death is here… take a shortcut… who?... where do you think you going?... do you even remember?... forever here… join us… who? We will feast… ” I was trying to ignore those whispers. But what if that was true and I was lost out here. What if Valkary made me come here on purpose?

Further I went, darker it became around and more tired I was. It started raining. I put my hoody on.

And I didn’t want to think much or analyze what I was seeing around. But as long as I was moving my surroundings weren’t changing anymore. I was certain if I stop even for a moment… I would find myself in a different part of that horrible place. However, I was way too scared to stop and check this theory. I knew that I had no time for that. Also, I bet I could see someone following me here and there… And those were far from looking like humans. Were those whispers belonging to them? I tried not to look anywhere further than a few meters away from me.

I saw sad people on the streets. Looked like they had places to go to. And yet, nobody was in a hurry. Everyone was moving painfully slow. I still couldn’t understand what they were. They looked like people, but they were entirely grey. Like covered in ashes or dust. Their clothes were either partly rotten and hang from their bodies. They weren’t bothered to put on place slipped shoulders or remove almost detached sleeves. Clothes looked the same dusted, old. Then I noticed that some people were missing limbs or even big parts of their bodies. I saw someone walking without the head. And I still couldn’t sense anyone. I could see them, but they weren’t… there. I thought that maybe I was right and those were just visions of some sort…

I was trying not to look at their faces when I was close to someone. So far everyone was ignoring me, but there were many of those people on some streets… A few times I had almost squeeze between them. and more I had to pass them, more and more terrified I was. At some point, I noticed that some people started turning to look at me with annoyance when I was close. I got now why Valkary had mentioned not to show fear. And now I was even more scared, so I hid my head as much as I could under my hood and tried to pass people faster or avoid coming close. It looked like my presence started disturbing ‘locals’.

It was the eeriest place. I couldn’t stop thinking that this place was a limbo. I didn’t feel like any world I’ve been to. It didn’t feel like a world at all. Something was telling me that it was a space between words, something abandoned, unwanted… lost and cursed.

Finally, I reached the place I was going to. Thanks, God, it existed!!! Just a spot in the middle of a small street, squashed between buildings. There was a broad shallow puddle. Suddenly I heard Valkary’s voice. It sounded among those whispers, which were following me during the whole time, but his voice was a loud one. “You owe us nothing. You are free.” And all the creepy whispering stopped all at once.


I rushed to the middle of the puddle and…

It was a sunny summer day. It was warm. I stood in my hometown. It looked normal. Straight away I turned to look back, but nothing unusual there. I was, indeed, in my hometown, away from that hell. My legs and shoes were dry after crossing the puddle. Like nothing had ever happened.

And then sounds, smells, and colors came all at once, surprising me like if I’d never known about their existence before. I realized that I barely had any emotions just a moment ago. Now I had a desperate urge to talk to someone, to anyone, to touch grass or to eat something, anything. I was in desperate need of feeling. Emotions started drowning me, I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. And then sharp pain stroke my mind. I sat on the ground, growling, unable to stay straight. I was hurt, but not physically. I couldn’t explain where that pain was coming from. My soul?! I tried to touch and protect something just below my neck, but it was a useless reflex that couldn’t help. Somehow that pain made me think of a frostbite.

 Slowly the pain pasted on its own. After I felt more or less normal, exhausted though. I was happy to be out of that hellish place. I felt how strongly I’d missed being in a normal world even, so I’ve been to that hell limbo for like… 10-15 minutes? At least it felt that long. I was ready to pray to all gods at once to never come back to that place.

I was on my own now in that new location and dream. Valkary hadn’t followed me after the strange dark limbo… or whatever that place was.

The dream continued without anything interesting or unusual.





17 November 2018 Kai /Triple Lucid

(1/2) Kai /Triple Lucid (Dream) by Irbisty

The dream started with me in my childhood flat. I just came to my room and sat at the computer table. It was the closest spot to the entrance and I was just waiting for my parents to be ready to go out. Feeling a little bit bored, I looked at the screen next to me. The computer was on and I was looking at the static wallpaper picture, pretty much purposelessly.

Time was passing. It was a late evening and I was so sleepy. My eyes were closing, and I was fighting with the wish to fall asleep. Meanwhile, I heard my parents talking in the other room, they were obviously far from being ready. At some point, I noticed that the picture on the screen changed. A lazy thought “damn, jokes on them, I’m definitely sleeping now” came through my mind and the next moment everything around me changed.


I found myself seeing an overly colorful psychedelic stream of assorted images, constantly mutating and forming something new. Almost like a kaleidoscope. It was quite disturbing, but I couldn’t look away or close my eyes. I couldn’t move. Soon, images became more logical and I realized that it wasn’t just a chaotic visual stream, but I was fast floating through a spacious tunnel. It was becoming darker around. Also, after every few moments, the place was changing… like I was floating through multiple locations, all united by a tunnel. It was very odd.


I couldn’t control my body. Well, I was just something small and spherical shaped. I saw 360 around myself and, yet, I knew that I was slowly rotating in the air while floating through that tunnel… and that spinning… ugh, spinning! Hated it so much.


My strange experience continued for a while. Sometimes I could spot some odd creatures along the tunnel walls.  Some were scary, others not so much… Later the tunnel started narrowing and I ended up in a small corridor with a door in from of me. It was a dead end. My spherical body stopped in from of the door and the next moment I became myself. Now I had my normal body back and I could move. Finally, no spinning!


I stared at the white wooden door. It looked old, heavy. I was so curious what was behind it. I almost touched the handle… but then… I realized that I was dreaming.


Wow… wait a minute! What the hell I’ve just seen?! I harshly turned back, expecting to see the psychedelic tunnel again, but there was just another door. I looked around. I was in a tiny narrow room with two doors. What? Oh, that’s so awesome! I opened the door where it should’ve been the tunnel because I still was hoping to see it… and…


The next moment I found myself sitting at the table looking at my phone in front of me. What? Umm… Ok. I looked up. Apparently, I was in a small… café? A pub? Just a few tables. A small table with the couple chatting to my left and a bigger table with the company of six laughing loudly. Looked like they were celebrating something. There was just one waitress walking around. She was dressed in traditional German dress. Also, I was at the far end of the room and I could see the whole place. There were a couple of big stained-glass windows across the room. It was very sunny outside. Overall, it was a nice cozy atmosphere inside that pub.


Still exiting with the fact that I was lucid, I stood up and walked across the room. I looked at that big table with celebration. I was interested to see how those people would react if I continue to stare at them or sit with them. And, also, I wanted to hear what they were saying. It was my dream after all, right?


Well, nobody seemed to care, that company was way too preoccupied with some jokes, they looked quite drunk. I studied their faces… well, none of them were familiar to me… Except. One of the guys took my attention. Well, he just reminded me of some actor that I didn’t like. And, he was the only one who glanced briefly at me while I was standing there. Well, whatever.


I looked around and wanted to come closer to the bar, but I woke up.




(Still… While being still half-asleep, I tried one of the techniques for lucid dreaming. It worked!)


I was back at the table staring at my phone. This time the dream was way more stable. I happily looked around for a check. I was back to the same place! And still lucid! Ah, success! I moved to the exit from that pub passing near the big table. But then… I noticed that the guy that had taken my attention earlier wasn’t there anymore. Hm. I caught the waitress who happened to be just nearby.


“Hi! I’m sorry, do you know by any chance where that guy is?” I pointed at the empty sit.

“Oh, sure! He is just there.” The waiter answered easily and showed somewhere behind me.

I turned around and saw the guy laying down on top of the table in the corner. Looked like he was napping. Wtf? I looked at the waitress who already returned to the bar. She didn’t look to be bothered by that guy at all. Nobody cared. That was more than suspicions. I approached the table.


    -          Um... Hello? - I carefully came closer. - I am sorry...

    -          Hm? - The guy slowly turned to look at me. I just woke him up.

    -          Um... Kai? Is that you? - I asked while not being entirely sure.

    -          Hm? - He took a half sitting position while rubbing his face. With un utterly distracted and lost expression he looked around then at me. – Oh, you are really here! You came back.

He still looked like the actor and I couldn't feel that signature Kai's presence. But the body language was unmistakably his. Gotcha!

    -          No way, that’s you! – I smiled widely.

    -          Oh, who else? - He said sleepily while rubbing his face again and then he leaned back. He looked up at the ceiling. - Look at you. How did you recognize me? 

    -          This face... It reminds me of an actor that I don't like. And then... well, I don't know... You are here, sleeping on the table and nobody cares. That's a hint! 

    -          Oh... That's because I wasn't expecting you to return. My bad. - He sighed. - Still, you not supported to feel me… or see.

    -          Um, does it count that… I asked the waitress and she pointed at you? Otherwise, I definitely wouldn’t notice you here.

    -          Pff. That makes sense now. – he rolled his eyes with annoyance. – Well, since no point to mask. What about... this one? - His appearance suddenly changed to the one I've seen in the other lucid dream (… ). - Familiar, isn't it? Let’s make it a thing. - he chuckled.

    -          Wow. Just like that! Damn, this is so cool! – I sat on the top of the table and stared at him. Now it was definitely Kai, no uncertainties.

    -          If you say so. Anyway, here you are. You found me… Congrats. Get your reward, as promised. Ask. - He sighed deeply and looked at me seriously. Looked like he wasn’t going to leave his spot.


My freaking chance to ask questions!!! He hadn’t lied in the other dream! I became excited. What would be the best to ask? Damn it. I thought for a bit choosing between a few questions. Should I ask all of them? But then… I remembered that I’ll have to pay for the information. I looked at Kai who was patiently waiting. I hesitated. I didn’t want to find out what would be the price. And I didn’t like his look. But… He gave me his time and attention. Could I do something else? Suddenly I realized that… I was probably the only bright being that had a chance to see that entity in particular… this close… without any harm. I had that rare opportunity to check that specific bright ability on him. Somehow, this felt way more important and interesting.


    -          No, I’m not going to annoy you. No questions. - I smiled.


He did not expect me to refuse out of blue. He stared at me.


    -          What made you change your mind? It doesn't look like you. - he sounded tensed. 


Now I could feel the darkness radiating from him. I guessed that my reaction stressed him or something.


    -          I just want to say hi. And... How are you? – I tried to sound out of matter. I was about to do something, and I had no idea if he would let me or not.

    -          Um. I'm…  fine. – my question irritated him. - Ugh... No, explain yourself. Why? This is what you wanted! We have a deal. You were f*cking begging me for how long?! Aren't you going to negotiate? You are dropping it just like that? – He became angry. He was still laying on the table, but it felt like any moment he would stand up.


I didn’t answer. I bet he was reading my mind at this point because his expression suddenly changed to curiosity. He tensely looked at me but said nothing. I moved closer and touched his face with both hands then. I started slowly studying his face and head almost like a blind person. He was tolerating these few moments, even so, I felt his confusion now.


I knew that lucid dream or not, I couldn’t control him. That was the whole point, no matter how many times I tried, this entity was going against dream rules. But… I what if, this time, to try this one ability available strictly to bright souls. An in-dream thing, yes. I’ve seen how dark entities were reacting on it in other dreams. Would it work on him? Sounded stupid, but I wanted to try… The worst-case scenario, It would be just awkward that I’ve touched his face.


Since Kai still didn’t seem to mind much, I focused on my energy and let it go through my hands. The light. Just a touch of it and the feeling of euphoria should paralyze any mind for some time. That how it supposed to work. However, I felt that Kai was like a bottomless well, impossible to fill. My energy was just going away into nothing. I wasn’t sure that it was working anyway, so I stopped. I looked at his irises to check if my ability was working even a bit and the next moment, he suddenly leaned forward and grabbed me.

    -          Stop! No! Don't! - I tried to push him back.

He smiled aggressively and growled, pulling me closer to himself. He looked quite mad. Damn it! I put my hands back on his face trying to reach further into his mind with a more energy and he froze, losing all of his strength and ability to move. His expression softened. Phew, I was lucky to have my hands free, otherwise, I would be in a big trouble. I easily pushed him back on the table.


Ok, good news, it WAS working. For the first time, something was working on him! But, bad news, only as long as I kept the direct contact, the effect couldn’t last over that, though. Now I knew that. Also, I felt that he was strong enough to resist my intrusion in his mind, however, he was unable to control his body at the same time. Ok, made sense why he was so mad. But… Damn it. Since I forced him to calm down, I could feel him fighting back. And I wouldn’t be able to hold on for long. How much more energy did I have? For a minute? two? He was way too strong and angry.

    -          Kai. Please, don’t fight me. Just relax. I won’t hurt you. Remember? You’ve told me that many times, now it’s your turn to trust me. – I tried my best to sound calm and confident.

    -          What are you doing to me? – He didn’t sound happy at all. He growled it. - Aren't you scared, recorder? - He said that with very low inhuman, yet sleepy voice while trying to focus his gaze on me and constantly failing. – you can’t sustain. I’ll… get you after... I’ll get you so hard… regret it… you…

    -          No, you won’t. Don’t you curious to know how the light feels like? Hm? – I said softly and waited for his reaction, but nothing changed. - I know that you all crave for it. So? Why would you want to hurt me?

    -          No. Not… then… indeed. Ok. Ok… – He said slowly and closed his eyes. To my relief, he changed his mind and finally relaxed. He wasn’t fighting back anymore.


 A couple of minutes later he started laughing and mumbling something uncertain like a patient under a good dose of an anesthetic. Also, I couldn’t understand his language. Oups… It was probably too much… Well, ok… I wouldn’t be able to protect myself if what, so it was for the best to knock him off. I waited until he got quiet. Then I removed slowly my hands and pocked his chest to check. He wasn’t responding. To be sure, I checked whether he was breathing or not. Looked like he was alive.

With a thought “Nah, he will be fine.” I moved to sit on the corner of the table and looked around for a bit. Kai still wasn’t moving. I glanced briefly at people sitting on the other side of the room.  They’ve never even looked here. They weren’t real. I knew that well, but it was still strange to comprehend. Even more strange was to feel Kai as a real person out there. And yet, the ‘ability’ worked. It was strange. Very strange. I was still lucid, thinking about this light.

    -          Why aren't you with your friends? – I asked loudly when I noticed that Kai moved.

    -          Um? Huh! -He suddenly responded sleepily and opened his eyes to glance at me briefly. – You’re here. Oh, you came back.

 Yes, he was fine. And it looked like he didn’t remember the last minutes. Good for me.


    -          Not fun to hang out with illusions? Are those yours? – I said while thinking that if I continue talking about unrelated things, he would think that the last minutes were some dream of his or something.

    -          you are… not entirely wrong. And yes, it’s my place. – He yawned and stretched. I could see that he was lost and distracted.

    -          So-ooo, why are you just laying down on the table in your place? That’s strange.

    -          I need to be somewhere. -he shrugged his shoulders and rubbed his face. – And it is my break time.

    -          Ha! A break! - I chuckled. - My memories are still fresh. Haha. What twisted stuff you were up to this time? If not a secret. – I looked around thinking that this place was way too quiet and nice for any ‘breaks’ of his kind.

    -          -Ah, I see you are aware of our terms, how nice. - He replied with a big smile. He was still laying down on the table with closed eyes. He continued talking slowly, almost mumbling. - What's it this time...? This time… huh. I had no time to decide… You? It’s you who surprises me with a twisted stuff. I don’t know what to say… Um. Ahaha… um… wait. Please, tell me that I’m not hallucinating all of it right now. – He reached for my arm without looking and exhaled with relief. He still sounded half-asleep. – You are here. Good. – He started turning away from me, obviously falling asleep again…. But then he suddenly stopped mid-movement, harshly got up, and stared at me with wide opened eyes. - You ARE f*cking here!

    -          Um? – I pretended that I had no idea what he was talking about.

    -          Do you even realize what you have just done? –  he wasn’t mad this time, just utterly surprised. 

    -          Cool, right? – I chuckled and looked away. – Light… Well… Look… I’ve seen what it does a few times… but not intentionally. I mean, I just never had an opportunity to try this thing directly… on purpose. On someone. Plus, I noticed a long time ago that… um…. Dark ones either hate it or fall for it. You looked like you would fall for it, so… I thought it was a way better thing to see how you would react instead of asking questions. Um? Sorry if what… And, well… thanks… now I know that it even you can’t fight it.

He touched his head in disbelieve, then looked around. Seemed like he was thinking a lot.

    -          Oh, recorder… I can’t believe you! Should I even tell? You know...

Then something strange happened. I was looking at the window at this moment, then looked back at Kai, because I was expecting him to continue the phrase... I saw his mouth moving, but I heard no words. I could hear all the other sounds and people talking in the pub, though. It was very odd. I became puzzled.

    -          Wait. What? What did you say?

He said something, sat next to me with a serious expression and asked (?) something short.

    -          Um... I don't get it. No, I don’t understand… I don't hear you anymore. - I looked at him worried.

He tried to say something very slowly, so I could guess, but I realized that I can’t read his lips either, it was making no sense. What language was it?

    -          Kai, no, I can’t do it. It’s not my language. – I became upset.

He made a gesture that I didn't understand at all. He repeated it, said something again, rolled his eyes with annoyance when I shrugged my shoulders. Then he pointed at me with his index, demonstratively looked around, and crossed his arms in a gesture. Then he made an apologetic smile and waved his hand in 'goodbye'. The next moment he pushed me from the table with enough force to crash my head like a watermelon against the floor, but I woke up instead.



(Damn it! Could it work again? The same lucid technique and… OMG! IT WORKED AGAIN!)


I see the table and my phone… but… I can’t go further… the image is unclear. I suddenly feel that I don’t have enough strength to stay in that dream. I felt way too weak, like if I run out of my energy. I got that cross gesture of him now… He meant not to come back. Ok, too late… I wasn’t smart…


The next moment I opened my eyes. I was in my bed at home. Ok… two times lucid… Not bad. Aaand straight away I started feeling a sharp pain in my upper jaw. It had to be a muscle cramp, it felt like one, but… What? Why? I couldn’t understand what could hurt so much. And which muscle was that? No, it couldn’t be! Was it something dipper in the skull? Damn it! I sat on the side of the bed growling with pain and that waked my husband. My pain was just getting worse and worse rapidly. I told him that I probably should go to a hospital…

A moment later I saw my cat rushing to the window with excited chattering. And… there was a tiny robin stuck in the flat and trying to escape through the glass. Seriously? Now?! As fast as I noticed the bird, I rushed to it too, caught and put it out through the opened part of the window before my cat could get it. Damn it, the pain was killing me.

What the hell? A robin in the flat? Wait… a plastic window? Since when? I suddenly realized that I was still in a dream. None of it was real! The realization didn’t solve the issue. I couldn’t stop the pain at my will. I immediately woke myself up.


Phew… no pain… everything is fine. I’m fine. No more dreaming for today…



20 November 2018 Valkary / The Path

(2/2) Valkary / The Path (Dream) by Irbisty

Unfortunately, I found it very hard to recover the most part of that dream. Some parts are just missing, but there is still enough to remember. Here we go.

I was standing outside of the small village and reading some message on my phone when I heard “Hey, spark! Get here.” I looked over the shoulder and saw Valkary and some other guy on the road not so far. Valkary pointed at the ground near him in a gesture “come here” like to a dog.  I hesitated for a moment, but then came to him.

    -          Quick, what are you doing? – He asked fast.

    -          Um. I need to figure out where to put boxes. There is…

    -          Whatever!  – He cut me off. – Forget it. You are going with me. I decided to breathe some air, stretch my bones. – He smiled briefly to the other guy, who chuckled at his last phrase. – This is Forneul.

    -          Hi.  – I stared at the guy is disbelieve. He was really beautiful.

    -          I’ve told you, she doesn’t bite. – He nodded to the guy next to him and they started walking across the road.

    -          But…! – I became confused. I didn’t want to go with them. I had the stuff to do.

    -          I wasn’t asking you. – Valkary cut me off, turned to smile somehow evilly and waited for my reaction.

    -          Ok. – I gave up and followed him. I couldn’t expect anything good to come.

    -          Is it necessary? – Forneul glanced at me with disdain, stopped and crossed his arms while looking seriously at Valkary.

    -          What?  – Valkary asked innocently without looking back at him, slowly plucked a long grass, chewed the end of it, spat it, plucked another one. He was doing it like on purpose.

I was staring at him with a thought that Valkary looked way too cheerful. Far not like usual. And why would he eat grass? What the hell was he doing? Strange.

    -          I see you’re don’t give a f*ck, but you maybe keep your toy where it belongs in this sh*thole?!

    -          Problem?

    -          She will slow us down! – Forneul said angrily while staring at him.

    -          Go slower. – Valkary looked easily at the guy. – Anything else?

They stared at each other for a few moments.

    -          Fine… - The guy said angrily and walked ahead.

Valkary turned to me, chuckling.

    -          Wait, let him go ahead. Come. I have a few words. – He put his hand on my shoulders and pushed to walk with him. – It’s been a while. A small challenge for you. I want to see if you can stay by my side till the end of this path.

The next moment I suddenly found all of us walking through a completely different place. What? It looked like some ancient ruins. Deafening hot and so sunny…

    -          What? – I looked around in surprise.

    -          Huh. One of the irregular doors. Not that pronounced as those you know, true. Hard to find, even harder to have them aligned. However, they happen to be close to each other and it leads us to a path we are taking right now. Don’t mind, there will be plenty ahead. – He said easily.

    -          Umm… - I was concerned.

    -          Enjoy the view. And calm down, this path is safe apart from… Yeah. I would rather not bring you to my home again. You did just fine, though. 

I still couldn’t understand why he was so cheerful. He looked more human then usually.

    -          Um. Ok… But you… walk? I thought you can be anywhere you want at any moment… Can’t you just teleport? Isn’t it faster? – I became confused.

    -          Teleport… - He said mockingly. – I could, but my dear, there is no more joy than simply be. You should feel it like no one else right now. – He looked at me carefully.

    -          Oh! – I suddenly realized that I totally understand what he was talking about. – Does it mean…

    -          Yes, I made this body. How about that? – He smiled widely. – I won’t stay long, though.

    -          So, that’s why you’re so alive! – I said in surprise. – Wow, so you’re human now, yes?

    -          Oh, really? Find it exciting? Like to see me like that? – He said it somehow aggressively. – No, that’s not a build, it was never born. Think about it. Do you know what does that mean? Actually, no, ha, keep your sanity. I’ll tell you some other day. – He started laughing.

His aggressive laugh made me uncomfortable. Somehow, being with a body of his own made him talkative and moody. He removed his hand from me and walked ahead, joining the other guy.


Surroundings changed again. Now it was a strange looking forest.  Valkary came and looked at me somehow strangely.

    -          There is another reason you’re here. Tell me, did Kai entice you? – He asked seriously.

    -          What? No!  - I became confused by this question and then scared. – Do you…

    -          Of course, I know, irresponsible child! - He stopped and looked at me judging. -  Ugh. Your innocence is baffling.

    -          But I…

    -          Did it without a coercion? – He lifted his eyebrow. – You do realize that there is a broad range of punishments for actions such as yours, don’t you?

    -          Um. But why? I don’t understand. I just touched him with the light. It was my idea. He seemed to like it. Is it a crime?! – I said while being completely lost.

    -          You confirmed that it WAS your pure intention. And yes.

    -          Oh… - I nervously swallowed and looked away. Since when it was a crime?

    -          I’m glad that you’re eager to share your light with us. That’s not the issue. Ugh. You chose the wrong time for your talents, recorder. Look at me! – He snarled suddenly, grabbed painfully my chin and turned my face to himself. He continued talking quietly. – You two have a deal. You violated it. You rejected the negotiation. You influenced and bribed. Out of childish intentions or not, it doesn’t take away your responsibilities. Do you hear me? The deal must be fulfilled. I entitled Kai to have his retribution. So, you will agree and do everything he wants, unquestioning. And I’m not going to accept any related dissents or complains from you now or later. You haven’t taken it seriously; now it’s time to learn. Do you understand me?

    -          Yes. – I squeaked in horror.

    -          Good. It’s sealed. – he freed me and started walking toward the other guy that was somewhere in a distance. – For your notice, you’re not in sacred lands and we are not saint. Next time you think before you act. And hurry on! Keep up!


Then I was following them for a long time. I lost count of how many different places we came through. Sometimes I had to climb, or run, or jump, or hid and go quietly to avoid being seen. Forneul was leading the way. I didn’t like him. He was mean and… well, he was a dark entity, for sure, but I couldn’t say more precisely who he was. A demon or someone else, I didn’t know. He was constantly chatting with Valkary using language I couldn’t understand. So, I was just strolling behind and keeping my mouth shut trying not to get lost.


At some point, we passed another ‘door’ and we were somewhere high on a destroyed mountain road. Forneul nodded at me and Valkary turned to say something.

    -          Now. Listen carefully. This part is tricky and different from the rest. You follow my steps. I go fast, you go fast; I jump, you jump. I don’t care how far it would look like, you copy me. No wrong steps! Can I trust you this? – Valkary was serious.

    -          Ok. Yes. I’ll try.  – I became tensed.

    -          You see? She will try. – Valkary smiled to the other guy and gestured him. – After you.

    -          Huh. – Forneul rolled his eyes and run fast ahead.

I followed them. And… Ok, I got now what was ‘tricky’ about the road… It was insane! We had to jump over massive cracks in the ground and go on unstable rocks… I was so stressed and scared to fall that… No, I have no idea how I was still following them in one piece… But then, there was a moment when we were running up the road really fast. I knew that that could mean only one thing…  Another crack in the ground to jump over. I saw Forneul jump, then Valkary… and OH SH*T! It wasn’t a crack! It was the end of a vertical cliff! There was a massive opening, the desert in front of me and… no less them 400 meters down.  …And I couldn’t stop now. I jumped too.


My freaking worst nightmare… To fall.  I was terrified… And why would they jump?! But then… I saw Valkary turning into a massive black condor. He started going down slowly in big circles. And what could I do?!  But then I started desperately thinking of wings and… I don’t know what I did, but the next moment I wasn’t falling down like a rock, but gliding above the desert. I had my wings! I could fly! Well… No, actually no, just glide down. I was too heavy for flying.  Then I saw Forneul ahead of me. I don’t know how he had managed to go down or land, but he was far ahead, walking through the desert to another vertical cliff. To a large crack at its bottom, to be precise.

I landed just fine… Still alive. I turned around and waited for Valkary. He was still going in big circles above the desert. He landed near me and turned into “human” straight away.

    -          He didn’t wait. He is there. – I pointed at the crack.

    -          It’s the last door out there. – He looked back at the top of the cliff where we had jumped, then back at me. Then he passed near me, tapping on my shoulder. – Not bad, spark, not bad…  you’re doing better.

He was heading to the ‘door’. He stepped just a few meters toward it, stopped and turned to me.

    -          Well, that’s the end of the road. You made it. You don’t have to go further. Unless. – He thought for a moment. - I have something for you out there if you’re interested. So, decide, I can return you back to your last destination or you can go with me to that world ahead.

    -          I want to know what’s behind the door.

C’mon… I definitely didn’t want to return to that boring place with boxes…

    -          Come then. – He nodded and headed to the crack below the cliff. – Heads up, search for local revolutionaries and their code system. As a recorder, you will find it very interesting.  Um. To find them… follow marks on trees, a meter above the ground. Look for three metal dotes. See marks, pay attention to people around. The North Market is the best to start from. You will figure it out.

    -          Umm…

    -          Have fun. – He chuckled.

    -          Was it a joke?

    -          No.

    -          Well, ok then, thanks.

We reached the crack and the next moment I was in a new place and long dream with revolutionaries and codes, but it’s a completely different story. 

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