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Superhero Dream
It will probably not surprise anyone to learn that I often have very vivid dreams, not just in color, but even in stereo.  I remember one occasion as I lay asleep dreaming I was soaring aloft above the metropolitan skyline amongst the billowy clouds with the dazzling sunlight streaming against the azure backdrop of the heavens.  Accompanying me was an epic orchestral score of super-heroic proportions.  The tanned fist of my rippling right arm thrust forward as I swept magnificently along to the clarion call of the brass section while the percussion rolled in a purposeful cadence.  I was bedecked in an immaculate voluminous samite toga, like some Olympian demigod deigning to grace mere mortals with my benevolent glory.  
The heroic music heralded my approach and announced my dauntless purpose.  Let the petty malefactors beware!  Yea, verily today the city streets were guarded by a truly herculean superhero.  With my gimlet eyes narrowed I swept lo
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Your work is beautiful
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Thanks for the llama
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I’ve started writing a book. It’s a deep-dive in my dream world. Connected dreams that make a lifelong story. Non fiction. HEAVILY ILLUSTRATED. Are you interested? 

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom

General info:

I am a cheerful, self-taught artist with a passion to create various things. I draw my dreams as a hobby.
My main interests are digital and traditional art, and papier mâché masks. There are many things that make me curious in the World, so feel free to write or ask about anything, I like to talk :) Also, I love to cook and collect local recipes, so if you have some nice dishes on your mind, then share it please! I’ll share mine.

I’m opened for commissions. Send me a note if you would like me to draw for you, I don’t bite!

Oneiric world:

I’m an oneironaut. For those who don’t know what that means, I can see lucid dreams. Lucid dreams are those where you are fully aware of being asleep at the moment. They allow you to see and do literally anything you want and it would be as good as real. Actually, lucid dreams feel more real than the reality itself. Think of it as a virtual reality, a matrix, made by your own brain, if you wish. Cool, right?

My dreams have always fascinated me. From my childhood they’ve been something mysterious and elusive. It feels like different realities that I dive into from night to night. I don’t know where I would find myself or what could happen, but it’s just like a series with many episodes. They are all linked, there are creatures, places and names that reappear from time to time, there are rules, and there is (a) whole enormous world(s) to discover. You can have a glimpse of it in my works.

In that dream space I’m known as a Recorder (according to my dreams characters’ words). Also, there are two creatures that I see repeatedly and have a chance to communicate with, lucid dreams or not. One claims to be Death and has for name Valkary and, the other one, is Kai, a dark shape-shifting creature, whose origin is still unknown to me. Those two make me question dreams and reality itself. They give a full impression of real beings with their own will and thoughts. There has not been even a single dream with them where I could distinguish my imagination. Are they a perfectly constructed product of my subconscious or the real deal? I don’t know and, either way, I find it amazing and worth sharing. You’re welcome to visit my journals to find more about them.

I hope you have a good day! If you like my works you can also find me on ArtStation and Twitter, where I post regularly:…

Some random moments from my life:


An interesting moment from a recent dream. Unfortunately, it was short and unclear, except for a few moments. This was one of them:

It was just after a big fight in a building. Many dead people were around on the ground. They killed each other trying to get to a box full of gems. Luckily, I didn’t have to participate in anything. I came there after everything had happened, just to observe. I saw Valkary (The Death) standing near the table with the box.

    -          If you could have anything in the world… – The Death took one of the gems in his hand to look closer at it. He was noticeably bored. – What would it be?EEHHHH?? 

    -          Oh, well…  Just sit and look at clouds or something similar for a looong time… any special place. A nice place… Doesn’t matter as long as it’s beautiful and tranquil… – I answered almost immediately.

    -          Yes. I feel you. THAT we have in common. – He nodded and put the gem on its place. He started slowly walking around the room and checking corpses. – A peaceful place. Alive… promising… Untouched… Huh. We are not so different.

    -           Umm…  I don’t think so. We are completely different.What [Supernatural] – I came to see gems. I had no idea what was so special about them.

    -          You don’t think enough then … But who am I to tell you, right?Another fab PCap icondat cute tilt of his head      – He smiled broadly and gestured at the exit door to follow him.

And I don’t remember much after. -_-

I woke up and realized why a maniac had stopped chasing me... 

So, I had a long dream with many characters. Basically, I and a group of my teammates were getting through an abandoned city to some specific place. Our only challenge on the way was presence of ... I'm not sure... Crazy people? We were constantly chased by some wild looking guys. Sometime we were attacked. Anyway, overall, we were annoyed but mostly keeping the situation under... control. 

And then this happened... I was way behind my friends in a dark corridor. I saw someone at the far end of that corridor trying to follow me. I harshly turned while nervously thinking that I had to inform my teammates as fast as possible... if I could catch up with them in time. And... And I almost bumped into someone standing just behind me. 

- Are you seeing him too, rightScared ? - I asked the guy, assuming that he was one of my friends. It was a bit dark and I was too distracted to pay attention to who he was exactly. I was looking at some creep walking through the corridor.

I just got a glimpse of how this guy, next too me, was like Britney Spears - Smokeney  ... Looking boringly into the darkness of the corridor. He stayed unimpressed. 
- We need to tell others Scared Nick Icon ! - I told the guy. I noted in my mind that he was acting really odd... Chill.  And... Who was he exactly?
 I looked again at the guy, but he slowly walked pass me like that Sedated Kyungsoo Damon eye roll , heading to the scary creep that was getting closer. I had no chance to see properly the face of my 'friend'. 

- Time.  - He just said that somehow ominously without looking back. 

I didn't want to ask what it was about and I didn't want stay anywhere close to that guy. I finally noticed that he was wearing a black coat and not a military uniform like everyone I knew. He wasn't one of my friends. FT NFL - Scared Natsu Emoti I run to join my team.  

The dream continued for a long time afterward and... nobody was following or attacking us anymore. It was... unexpected. The whole time we were cautious, expecting an ambush. No accidents whatsoever.

When I woke up I realized that the guy in the black coat was Valkary ( The Death in my dreams). 

Dreams / July 2018 (Part 2)

Tue Aug 14, 2018, 1:21 AM

4 July 2018 Kai / Eternals 5 am

(1/2) Kai / Eternals (Dream) by Irbisty

I found myself standing with a night lamp in my hands in a room. I felt multiple bruises and cuts all over my body. I was heavily breathing. There was my friend in front of me catching her breath as well.

For a moment I became lost. Why exactly was she trying to kill me? We were friends after all. Wait… Weren’t we? No. Not friends… What, the hell, had happened? The next moment she charged and I used the lamp in my hands to defend myself. We were at this point when random objects around us became as good as a weapon, really. We both were equally exhausted and even in our skills. However, I happened to be just a little bit luckier.

She made a bad step and I had a chance to not only knock her down but pretty much to kill. However, I couldn’t do that. A sudden realization that in some other distant life we’ve always been friends changed my mind. There still was a hope. Was it? Hm. There should be a way to turn all of that mess around without cutting each other heads off.

I crashed the lamp, breaking it into small pieces on her head. With a half of the force, though. Then I punched her a few times to stop the fight. She couldn’t continue and was like waiting for me to finish her. I stood up and headed to the exit door, leaving the place.

    -          Traitor! – She said dryly, trying to stand up. – And a chicken. Are you running away now?! Again? Seriously?

    -           It just doesn’t have to be this way! Come on! I betrayed no one, Anya. – I stopped for a moment, remembering why we were enemies. – Where is my fault?! Did I have a choice?! I was TAKEN away! Think this way.

    -           Oh, listen to yourself! You even speak like one of them now! – She was angry, disgusted. – You’re an abomination. Do you know that?!

    -          And still, we could be friends, you know… I wish, we could be nicer to each other here too… - I was sad. I knew her too well to understand that she wouldn’t change her mind just like that. Too stubborn. – I’m not angry at you, though. I understand what you feel… In your place… Well, do as you think is the best, but I won’t fight you back… only defend myself. I want you to know that. – I was honest.

She seemed to be completely puzzled and lost, but then her face took an angry expression again.

    -          Don’t you try to convince me! I will never accept you as one of us again!

    -           No worries, I wasn’t going to come back anyway… - I said without looking at her.

 It was time to get out of there before she could attack again. I run outside to an empty street. I took a complicated path in order to make it impossible to trace me fast.

There was some time to think on the way. What a place… I had so much information about all the past events and what was going on now. It was… complicated. I was immersed in old memories. A strange feeling. A heavy one. This town… I barely could recognize it now. Even so, I’d spent many and many years there. That was… like an eternity ago. A distant life. That place felt like something I could call ‘home’. Before, at least. A very long time before.

What did happen to me back then? Despite all the information, I felt that this all was only a fraction of my memories available at the moment. Just enough to complete my work here right now. And probably never to come back again. It would be too dangerous to stay anyway.

Anya was a recorder. A proud one. She hated me for… being alive, actually. According to her, I should’ve chosen to die instead of accepting Death’s offer. Of course, she knew about me. Now I was like an ugly unfitting spoon among proper cutlery in her eyes. Still a recorder, but unacceptable by perfect ones like her.

 It was a summer evening in a small town. I strolled for a while in search for a shelter. My wounds were healing slowly, I needed rest. As much as I could get in a limited time. I spotted something like an open café… a kitchen? Was it a market? A food court, most likely. I wasn’t sure. I didn’t care. But something was telling me that it was a good place to be. A safe one.

 I had a target. Some work to be done. And right now I just wanted to stretch the rest of my free time before the event as much as possible. I had concerns. I had too much to proceed in my mind.

 I came closer to the busy food court and sat on one of the benches around, observing people. Some minutes later, one of the waiters took my attention. Something was odd about him. A weak feeling.

The guy was tall, with long black hair tied in a bun on Japanese manner. His arms and neck had complicated tattoos with dragons. Nothing special compared with many other people around. He passed nearby me a few times, minding his own business.

 No, the feeling was still there. It wasn’t going away. It couldn’t be a mistake. Perhaps, that wasn’t an accident to find this place. I had to check. I really needed to talk to someone like him right now.

I waited until he stopped serving people and stood near a counter, putting some items on. I approached him from behind and put my hand on his back. The guy didn’t show any sign of surprise or interest. He just continued to do his job for some more moments, like nothing had happened. As fast as I touched him I knew that my guess was right. That was Kai, indeed.

He discretely looked around, making sure that nobody was paying attention to us.

    -          What’s the matter? – He turned to me slowly, speaking quietly. – Why are you still here?

    -          Because it never gets easier. – I sighed. – Tell me, Kai, am I doing everything right?

    -          Yes. – He shrugged his shoulders. – So far so good. Just don’t waste your time on saying hello to me. – He showed that the conversation was over and that he was going to continue whatever he was doing in this dream, but then he suddenly turned to me again. - Ah, wait! Do you… do you need an encouragement or something, the little one? – He smiled wildly, hugged me, and tapped on my back before I could react. – Aww! There you go.

    -          No, that’s not what I… - I tried to escape but he did make me feel a little bit better. -  Oh...well, thanks. But I really need just an advice, actually. Could you give me one?

    -          Perhaps. Go on. – He replied with curiosity, releasing me.

    -          What should I choose… just the flat ground or those metal bars to the right side? I was going for metal bars, but I’m not sure. What if the impact hurts way too much? I mean… I dunno, I can’t decide.

    -          Ok. – He rolled his eyes. - Look, if you jump on bars, you won’t die fast. It can take up to an hour. And you won’t even hit the ground, just prick yourself on them like a scarecrow. Hm, I would say you have a 64% -ish… chance to get your lungs penetrated, avoiding any other vital organs. Also, from my experience, you won’t lose your conscious. Well, not entirely. So, slow, painful, yes, and quite nasty time for you to spend. Unless you will be lucky enough to pierce your head or heart for an immediate result. Noticed the problem? – He replied easily.

    -          Oh! You could skip on details! But I didn’t know that it could take that long… damn it. That’s not how I imagined it to be. Not at all! – I nervously rubbed my face finally fully realizing what I had to do.

    -          Yes. Good that you’ve asked. Those bars are too thin and too close to each other. You couldn’t know that. But most important, our friends, most likely, will have enough opportunity to get you still alive. Go for the flat surface. And, also… climb higher. More to the left. Got it? That would be the most sufficient way I see. All the other options… Yeah, won’t actually work with those mates around. – He added thoughtfully.

    -          Hm. Thank you. – I sighed, feeling a bit of relieve. - At least I know exactly what to do now.

    -          Sure. – He looked at me with curiosity. – You’re ok, right?

    -          Yes. Oh… but I hate falling so much. Why it has to be falling. Damn… - I felt pretty bad. I knew that there was no way to abort my mission now.

    -          And yet, you love a roller coaster. – He chuckled. – Where is your logic?

    -          But that’s differe…

    -          Whatever. – He interrupted me. - Off you go, dear. Your time is up.

 Kai nodded in the direction of the exit.

    -          Yeah, I should go… Ok. Thanks. See ya. – I nodded and left the place.

It was time.

I walked across the town to an industrial area. There was a hidden club. The gathering place of a very nasty local sect. All of its members were a certain kind of demons. I had to eliminate one of its members for his crimes.

The thing was… According to that dream, I had had a good bright friend, who had been killed with the whole her family altogether by this demon some really long time ago, before I had to leave that place. Her death had triggered the whole bunch of events that had affected me in the worst possible way. I promised to revenge her death somehow. However, local laws, the same as recorder’s order, were preventing me from taking such an action. There was no way to fulfill the promise. Until…

Apparently, that demon had made enough terrible things over time to be executed now. It was Valkary’s job to get rid of him. And he proposed me to do that instead of him. To become a reaper for a day (Well, I could kill only that demon and no one else or instead of him). There was an issue, though. I still wasn’t entitled to that job by any means, so by killing that demon, I’d become a subject to execution myself. But, since, Valkary was both the Death and the Judge in charge of this world, he could arrange a suitable offer.

The worst part about all of that was… I had to kill myself straight after executing the demon, so Valkary could annul any upcoming consequences for me and clam his responsibility, like if I’d never done anything at all. He had said that, technically, I wouldn’t die, but just ‘reset’. It was an important thing to do, so all the other demons, members of the sect, wouldn’t have any right to revenge. I didn’t know more details. It sounded more than just worrying… but I trusted him that it was safe to do.

Apparently, I had agreed to that opportunity before I found myself in the dream. That’s what I had in my memory. My life wasn’t in danger, but there was a different risk. And now… I took a big enough rock from the ground, the first one I saw, put in in my pocket and came closer to the club. I knew that the demon will show up soon. Because… I was instructed by Valkary when and where to be.

A couple of minutes later the entrance door got opened and the demon came out with his girlfriend and a few other men to smoke outside of the club. They noticed me but paid no attention. 

All that time I was carrying a single drop of Valkary’s blood. I couldn’t use my own strength for that execution. That would be illegal. Thanks, god, I had no recollection of how I got that drop in a first place. All I knew was that horrible feeling of an alien dark energy circulating through my veins, waiting for an awakening. This stuff felt to be as good as a deadly virus or potent poison. I couldn’t use that energy or control but just to activate it. I knew that it could eat me alive in no time and that was quite horrible to keep in mind. I wanted to get rid of it as fast as possible.

I concentrated on the rock in my pocket. I took it in my hand and felt how unfamiliar aggressive energy got alive all at once and rushed to my arm and then the rock that became noticeably heavier. I suddenly felt way weaker like if that one second was enough for the dark stuff not only to reach the rock but, also, to feed on my own energy on the way.  Another moment and I threw it at the demon.

 As fast as the rock hit him, it exploded into a small black sand cloud, burning and tearing everything on its way into dust. The demon became a sand pile in a matter of a few moments and then his remains got disintegrated in a black smoke, living nothing behind.

And then I run to the inclined high wall of a local factory nearby as fast as I could without looking back. I could hear other demons behind me. I climbed up, breaking nails and cutting my hands to blood. I didn’t care. It didn’t matter now. If they could catch me, they would torture me and it would be way worse.

I reached to the top of the wall and jumped straight away. Just in time to avoid someone behind me. I heard surprised disappointed voices.

The other side of that wall was way higher due to the cliff it was standing on.  Moments later I reached the ground of the factory’s lower terrace.

Sharp pain and crunch of my broken spine.


I open my eye and gasped for the air still having an echo of the pain in my body and hearing the horrible sound of broken bones in my mind. But I was fine. Even better than before. Fresh. Not a scratch. Ok. A reset, indeed. I felt just great. I was alive and in one piece. I felt no difference. Oh, thank, god!  Valkary had said the truth.

I found myself sitting on my knees. Hm. A strange pose. Well… Ok. I looked around… I felt that I was like a kilometer away from the place I’ve just been to a minute ago. And. WHAT? I was surrounded by a crowd of… creatures. I recognized who those were, even so, I’ve never had a chance to see them that close before. I couldn’t recall their name, unfortunately.

A meter tall… Those strange creatures were an odd mix of human and some rodent. Or were they just large rodents?  They had big black eyes and a creepy no-blinking way of staring into yours no matter what. Their faces didn’t show any emotions. But the most disturbing about them was the way they spoke. There was no specific person to talk to. One or two words at the time, pronounced in different voices by a new creature each time. And sometimes a few creatures were saying similar words simultaneously. It was happening when they were exited or triggered. They were forming sentences altogether if to listen very carefully.  All of it was very confusing and creepy.

    -          You! Are. You. A friend. Of Anya? – They said as fast as I opened my eyes.

Oh, that wasn’t a good start. Why would they ask that?

Those creatures were known for staying independent from anything happening around… just on their own. They had their own truth and they followed their own beliefs. And they were really odd in their actions. Combined with certain features and strength those ‘neutral’ or ‘grey’ type of entities were considered dangerous to everyone. If they were interested in you, it was for the best to be extra careful. Easier was to never meet them (that what I’ve been always doing, apparently), but this time I had no chance to see them coming, there was no way out. I was surrounded by like about 30 of them. Why there were so many of them all at once anyway?

    -          Yes. – I lied.  

They seemed to be satisfied, I guessed. Good for me. But then I realized, they’ve probably meant my occupation and not the relation to Anya. So, it wasn’t a lie then.  But could they detect a lie actually? I wasn’t sure, but, most likely, the answer would be ‘yes’.

    -          Did. You. Came. Here. The black. Follower. Bringer. Light. Star. For. Us? – The seemed to be very agitated by their own words.

    -          Ummm. I don’t understand. What did you mean? I’m just a recorder.

    -          We. Sense. Know. Death. In. Your blood. Veins. He. Speaks. Through. Within. You. Recorder. A light? Are. You. Death’s. Consul?  We. Are. Not. Afraid. Of him. We. Are. Not. Afraid. Of you. Light. We. Are. Immune. ARE. YOU. The one. Walking. Along. With. The. Death. Or. Not?

Their words scared me since I was totally sure that I was free from that dark energy. I couldn’t sense it at all. What did they know/sense exactly? I was so confused. I didn’t know where they were going with it. And a Death’s consul? What? That made no sense at all.

    -          Umm… I’m here just to get rid of… one of the members of Greybones. The sect, you know? The demon named Kvazar? And… - I wasn’t sure to whom to talk to. – And… I was asked to do so by Valkary. That’s all. I do know him. But… I’m not your enemy if that’s what concerns you. And here is nothing else… to do… for me. I was going to leave that place. Immediately… if you wish. Ok?

It was so uncomfortable to see so many unblinking eyes staring at me. And those creatures were tilting and moving their heads like owls when I was talking to one of them for more than a few words. So I had to look at a different creature every so often. Just so they won’t creep me out with those head movements.

    -          No! STAY. We. Are. Grateful. Light. Star. We have. Never. Liked. Kvazar. Never. Evil. Nasty. Annoyed me. Filth. Dirt. Demon.  – They became nervous and started talking all at once for a few moments calling that demon different harsh words. Then they suddenly calmed down all at once again. -  But. No. That’s. Not. Why. We. Seek. For. You. Do. You. Have. Something. Anything. News? For us?

    -          No, sorry. Should I have something for you?

Ummm… News? What the hell was that about?!

    -          We. Are. Tired. Tired. We. Need. Death. We. Can’t. Reach. Him. We. Are. ABANDONED. Forgotten. In void. We. Don’t. Want. This. Deal. Anymore. We. HAVE. An offering. A. Gift. Good. The one. Rare.

    -          Oh, but I can’t do his job for you. The demon was an exception. A deal too.

Ok, I understood what they wanted me to kill them because they couldn’t die. Well, yes, I’ve heard that they had some deal with the Death that made them immortal in some odd way. I didn’t know details, though. But, in any case, there was nothing I could do.

    -          We. Don’t. Ask you. To. You. Can’t. No one. Capable. We. Are. Old. Forever. Here. Alone. Death. Is. Blind. And. Deaf. To. Us. But. You. Are. His. Hand. Favorite. Friend. He. Might. Listen. To you. Tell. Death. About. Us. We. Want. To see. Darkness. The. One. You. Call. Valkary. The. Death. In person. The. Only. Chance. We. Have. In. Eternity. This. Is. To. Meet. Someone. Like. You. We. Beg. You. Please? The. Light. Recorder. To give. A message.

    -          Ah. Ok. Not a problem… then. Of course, I’ll tell him about you and your offering. Umm. What is it, by the way, if not a secret? – I said with relief.

They just wanted to pass a message. Ok, that was fine. No problem. I was afraid that they were going to make a soup out of me or something. Because they could if they would want to.

    -          Give. Me. Your. Hand.

I was puzzled. To whom to give my hand exactly? To which one of the 30? I looked around for any sign, but I had no clue. So, I stretched shyly my right hand to the creature that said “me”. And that being put something metallic in my hand that immediately disappeared, leaving a shiny pentagram imprinted on my palm.

    -          The. One. Offering. Precious. Gift. Bring. It. To. The. Abyss. The. Death.

    -          Umm. Is that it? Your offering?  – I looked at them and the creatures nodded. - But don’t you want to keep it until he comes? I mean… I wouldn’t give it upfront just like that, knowing that he’s been declining all of your calls so far. Is it something… exceptionally precious, right?

    -          He. Can’t. Refuse. He. Will. Come. If. Not. It is. Yours. Farewell. Forever.

They all suddenly disappeared with a brief flash of a light.

I looked at my palm. I had no idea what that thing was. Just looked interesting so far. But something was telling me that this thing should be really powerful. Whatever it was. Also, I was scared now to touch anything with my hand. What if that pentagram was fragile? I wasn’t even sure, could I close my palm now or not. That was just ridiculous. I tried with my other hand’s finger to scratch it off. Oh, right. It was a tattoo after all. I guessed it won’t go off easily.

I started walking away. There was a river nearby. I reached it and then I woke up.



22 July 2018 Recorder / Dark Guardian

 (2/2) Recorder / Dark Guardian (Dream) by Irbisty

It looked like I was in some post-apocalyptic world. I was in some half destroyed building... A school? I wasn't sure what this place was since I could see it only from the inside. Different corridors that were going in all directions like an endless maze; rooms, small and other spacious, filled with all sorts of things. Many rooms. And people. Many people. I saw many kids as well. 


Actually, I was there because of a missing girl. Well, it took me about a few seconds to find out what had happened to her. And no, she was not going home now or ever. Her soul was stolen. Her body was turned into a mush and eaten by some creatures living shoulder to shoulder with local people. A common case. They had a taste for kids. A sad story. 


The case was closed too soon. I had no more reason to stay and I felt free to go, but I was curious. A walked around, discovering the place. It was so odd, I wanted to know more. Somehow, nobody was trying to stop me from roaming around. I received a few curious gases but nobody asked anything or was brave enough to come closer. 


It looked like locals were sleeping and having their ‘homes’ wherever they sit down. Well, that was a sad picture. They were living more like rats than human beings and acted accordingly. I wondered what kind of a disaster could possibly happen in this world. Whatever it was, it passed a very long time ago and what I saw now was just an echo. Things were getting better there. In a way... At least that was something that I could find about the place in general. Those people had a difficult road ahead of them, but they were going forward.


I saw myself in reflections from time to time. I looked like a steampunk character. I had long white dreads and white cloths, some face paint and many unnecessary details on my outfit. But, overall, I looked way cleaner, even pristine with my white dress, compared to others.  It wasn’t my face or body, though. Some local girl, maybe 18-20 years old, small and thin.


And, also, I had some weapon… A slingshot. And many metal balls for it. I wasn’t going to use it in any case, but it was there, attached to my belt.


At some point, while roaming empty corridors at the far end of the building I heard some noise. I noticed a 10 years old kid, who was hiding from one of those child-eating beasts. From my spot, I could see him sitting below a big pile of wooden desks. Then two fat ugly looking creatures passed him. They both were sniffing the air quite intensely. They, most likely, smelled him. Huh, they were too dumb to check inside the pile, though.


Then they saw me and decided to move away. I waited until they were enough far. I leaned over the pile.


    -          Come out, buddy. It’s safe now. They are gone.



    -          I know that you’re there. I can see you right now. – I smiled.

    -          I don’t know you. – The boy sounded scared.

    -          Don’t worry, I’m a friend. Well, you can stay there if you want, but I will go my way then. I just can escort you to a safer place, if you want. Those creatures won’t touch you.

    -          Umm… Ok, lady. – He didn’t sound very convinced, but he moved. I felt his fear to remain in this pile alone. It wasn’t a very safe hideout after all.


He started insecurely climbing out from below the desks. Suddenly, I felt someone approaching me from behind. Someone was in that corridor. Someone dark. Strong. And pretty angry. I turned to face the enemy. I was ready to protect the boy, so I stood in front of him. I was pretty sure that the thing was going to take me by surprise, so it was good for me to sense the enemy before he would jump out.


A strange creature came to the light. Wait. Was it a bat? I wasn’t sure what I was looking at, but it was tall and had thin folded wings. A freaking Batman. Not a comics’ character, though. A literal one.  A dark entity. A demon, most certainly. He was ready to fight.


He was slowly coming closer. We were looking at each other waiting for one of us to charge first and then… Then the boy rushed to the demon with a happy scream.


    -          You finally came! – The boy almost jumped on a puzzled demon and hugged his leg tightly. – They were so close. Where have you been?! It was sooo scary. Take me out of here!  Let’s go. Let’s goooo!


Oh! What a twist. I stood straight and relaxed, showing that I wasn’t going to fight.

    -          Sure, sure… - The demon patted kid’s head and looked at me with anger. – Who are you? What’s your deal?

    -          Umm. I was just helping this kid. I’m a friend, don’t worry.

    -          A friend? There are no friends here. – He hugged the kid. He looked very protective of him.

    -          I’m not from here. – I smiled. – And, seriously, I don’t want any troubles. I’m not here because of you or him, absolutely unrelated. I was just passing by.

    -          Good for you. – He said bitterly, but he seemed to finally realize that I wasn’t going to fight him. – Go your way.

    -          I’m hungry. – The boy pulled the demon’s wing for an attention.

    -          Ok then. Let’s go. We will eat soon. – He took his hand and they slowly started walking away.

    -          Wait! – I walked after them and received a threatening gaze from the demon. – May I ask something? Just out of curiosity. I swear.

    -          What do you want, bright? – He said ‘bright’ as if it was an insult.

    -          Why do you protect this boy exactly? – I was genially surprised. – That’s something… rare to see.


The demon sighed deeply and closed the boy’s ears with his hands.


    -          My punishment. – He said it with pain in his voice. – I have to protect this child with the coast of my own life. I’ve done bad things, recorder. I realized it and I regret my decisions. I’m trying to do a right thing now. This f*cking sh*thole is eating my mind. I just want to be free. Ok? Anything else?

    -          Oh… I see… Ok. But I feel that you actually care about him.

    -          I do. – He looked curiously at me for a moment and then stared somewhere at the wall. –With his success in being constantly in troubles…  I’m happy to be alive so far. But I feel like a dead man already.

    -          Or maybe not. – I added. - I wish you luck. For real. I mean it.

    -          Thanks… - He answered uncertainly and removed his hands form the kid’s ears. He was about to take the boy away. – I have nothing more to tell you. Leave me in peace.

    -          Umm… Just… one more thing. Would you mind if I stalk you for a while? I will help if what. Two is better than one, right?

    -          Umm.

    -          Yeaaa! – The boy was excited. – Let’s take her, Pagoo! She wants to help!

    -          Fine… - The demon sighed with exhaustion. – F*cking recorders. I would strangle you all if I could. I don’t trust you and I don’t get your peace offering, but I accept it, so keep your distance.

    -          No problem.


I stretch my hand for a handshake. Pagoo looked at me in disbelieve.


    -          What’s with you? Did you fall on your head?

    -          I’m just trying to be nice. – I shrugged my shoulders and smiled weakly.

    -          You? To me?! There is something profoundly wrong with you. Did you lose your home? The light is that direction. – He angrily pointed somewhere at the wall.


 I felt that he was ‘scanning’ me.


    -          Yeah… I get it a lot recently. Never mind. – I put my hands in my pockets.


I guessed he wasn’t going to be-friend with me anyway and I didn’t want to talk to him anymore. He was rude and I got tired of ignoring that. He was carefully studying me for a few moments.


    -          Oh, I see it now… Hm. Umm. But you’re not one of us. What the actual f*ck? – He smiled for the first time. – You know, you’re playing a very dangerous game, light. Huh. Wow… Yeah, ok, seems that I missed a lot already. – He mumbled to himself. -  Huh. That’s some crazy sh*t… What’s next? Tea parties with guardians? *Sigh* Ok, ok… fine. Come along.


I followed them for a while.


 The demon seemed to finally relax when we reached some place with many people. It looked way cleaner and more organized around. He wasn’t minding me anymore and I could come close to the kid. I was curious to find more information about him. Well, there was nothing much. A random orphan who was lucky to get a badass demon for a life-long protection.


At some point, this boy said to me that he wanted to come to some room. He wanted me to come with him because he wanted to have someone more human than Pagoo for the company. I guessed that the demon simply wasn’t allowed to be in that place, so I agreed.


The boy brought me to the room full of people. I wasn’t sure what was going on there, but it seemed that they were calculating something. It looked like a spacious classroom with many blackboards on walls. Someone was writing down something on them.


I was walking around the room for like 10 - 15 minutes. Nobody minded my presence. Then the boy came to the blackboard. He was struggling to calculate some numbers. Now I don’t remember what exactly he was counting, but I knew the answer back in the dream. I decided to help him since… why not? Those people just wanted to know some information the boy brought on his journey to the far end of the building.


I picked a chalk and was about to write down numbers when… I suddenly had a bad feeling and an urge to draw a pentagram on that blackboard. There was a message. A warning. The pentagram was designed to settle down, to immobilize aggressive beings in some radios for at least an hour. I had to draw it like if I had no will of my own.

I started drawing lines. Fast. Really fast. Those people soon recognized the pentagram and I heard them taking some actions. I was focused on the board meanwhile. Someone harshly wiped out the board around so I could have the whole space to finish my work. Even so, I had to draw the part on the wall.  I felt how each new line was dragging my energy. I didn’t know this pentagram before. Someone was channeling it to me and it was taking way too much of me. I started feeling weak, exhausted. That was a powerful pentagram. Too powerful for me to be able to deliver it to that world. I tried to draw as much as I could but I got kicked from the dream at some moment.

I woke up still unsure was I able to finish it or not.


30 July 2018 Valkary / Private Party


I’ve lost the most details of that dream for some reason. I just remember that I was in some massive building with a woman. It was a strange place.  Something was really off about it and weird stuff was happening inside. We were trying to make our way out. He had to fight some people and avoid alive furniture. At some point I’ve lost my companion, she just took a different path and I’ve never seen her again. I decided to take a lift to go on a higher floor, however, someone warned me on my way that it was a bad idea to go higher. At that moment I wouldn’t say that my floor was safer. I was chased. I had no choice but to go higher. Also, I was feeling pretty confident about myself since I’ve managed to make that far and successfully fight a few times earlier.


I’ve tried all of the buttons in the lift. They weren’t working, except just one. I’ve learned that I was on -2 level and the place I was going to was the 4th floor, the only floor that lift was willing to deliver me to.


I was expecting to see an empty corridor, the same as I’ve just been to, but the lift doors opened to a small hall. Three men dressed sharply in black suits were standing just in the middle of that hall. Seemed that I’ve interrupted their conversation. They all, simultaneously, turned to look at me. I’ve heard some of them cheerfully saying “Look at that! Snacks go in hands by itself!” I pressed the button to close doors, but the lift got stuck opened. Well, I didn’t expect it to work but it was worth a try, anyway… Because I knew that those weren’t humans as fast as I saw them. Especially the one with those insanely terrifying eyes that were borrowing through me. Valkary.

He was in front of the other two men. Well, not men. They just looked human. I wasn’t sure who those dark entities were for real. Not demons, for sure, but someone way stronger and much more dangerous. None of them moved, waiting for me to come out. I had no place to run, so I slowly entered the hall and moved along the wall to the far corner, away from them all.


I regretted coming there so much. There was a difficult to breathe air with smog. Low lights. Walls were riddled with shots. The ambiance was heavy. Like if someone was having a war there or something. I could hear some screams and gunshots in a distance. What the hell was this place?


I felt how those two weird men were ready to go after me any moment. There was something truly disgusting in that feeling. I could sense that they weren’t just cold-blooded murderers. They had to hunt and torture first. But something was stopping them from doing so at the moment. I felt their anger and thirst for blood. Anticipation. They were exchanging glances and looking at Valkary like waiting for a signal. Oh, right… Most likely they were communicating telepathically with each other. He probably told them something.


I looked at Valkary. He was giving an even worse feeling. It was like looking into the abyss. Darkness. Endless eternal darkness. Now I thought that those other two dark entities were just newborn puppies in comparison to him. And that I was completely screwed up. I felt his hunger too. He was there for the same reason as the other two. They all came to kill and torture and my presence were triggering their instincts. Valkary was staring at my face with emotionless indifferent expression. And I felt the tension, a lot of tension. It felt like he was expecting something from me. But what? Damn it. That was bad. Why did I have to come here? Why? I had been warned to stay away!


I didn’t know what to do, I felt trapped. With my strength there was no way to escape even from just one of them, I was incomparably weak. And I couldn’t just stay in that damned corner. I felt their impatience. I was scared that any of them would attack me at any moment now. I started walking toward Valkary, since, at least…  I don’t know… I didn’t have any reasonable explanation for my actions. I just had to do something, anything… I knew him and I had a slim hope that he wasn’t going to hurt me after all. I decided that it was better to be near him then the other two maniacs, just in case.


The other two exchanged with surprised glances. What were THEY thinking about? That I wasn’t just stupid but, also, blind? Or that I was brave enough to face HIM directly?


I reached Valkary, who was silent the whole time. I was terrified. I didn’t know what he wanted and that darkness, radiating from him was almost unbearable. I was on the rim of losing my mind and running away in screams. I looked at him for any clues or help, or support, but he was just staring at me still emotionlessly. Nothing. There was nothing.  Just two horrific eyes staring like though me. I quickly glimpsed around to notice that, actually, all the three men were silently observing me. Why? What was going on?


Oh. The whole time before coming to this floor I was brave, I was feeling good about myself. I was fighting some creatures and I was feeling strong. At least I believed to be strong. However, at this moment, here, I realized that I was, actually, nothing. I could still try to escape, fight my way out. And I had some strength, some energy I could use. But there was no way to win THIS fight HERE by any means. I wouldn’t be able to even squeak. I wasn’t even a proper food or a target for creatures like him or the other two, just a tiny breadcrumb on a table. I sighed, losing any will to even consider resisting or fighting back. And what possibly could I do when I was facing, literally, the Death itself, in person?


I was looking at him, The Death, while trying to figure out what other options would be. I was close enough to almost feel myself his anger or thirst. It was difficult to say. Darkness. It was darkness. I felt that he started scanning my memories and finding all possible faults, all smallest details, mistakes, and wrong decisions. He was judging me, evaluating, and accounting all his findings. Something that he was designed for. There was nothing hidden from him. I felt the stream of his emotions and some pieces of his thoughts during that time, but I couldn’t understand them. That was inhuman and painful to my comprehension. And then I put my head against Valkary’s shoulder like some obedient dog. I gave up. Surrendered. I thought that if I was going to be hurt then… let it be. I was ready to trust and accept any of his decisions. Consequences.

 What was the point to keep a free will, or resist, or beg for a release, or fight, or demand, or anything at all? That entity in front has seen it all. He won’t change his mind or have a mercy on any soul. There was nothing to convince him. The Death won’t make any difference between an ant and a god when the time comes. However… I was clearly aware that it wasn’t my time yet. He wasn’t there to take my life. He was just there, terrifying as always.

Something in pieces of his thoughts made me finally realized that I’ve misunderstood his old demand to trust him. I’ve been wrong for a long time already. I was wrong to believe that he would never actually hurt me because of the deal we had. What he meant was the opposite. That… I should’ve just embrace whatever was coming next.  Any suffering would be fair even if I fail to find any logic. I had to trust him to be in pain. Oh, wow, that realization was a hard pill to swallow. But, again… there was no other options.


He wasn’t reacting anyhow for a few moments, still roaming my mind. And then he hugged me with one arm, pushing closer to himself, leaning over to smell my hair. Soon, he stopped reading my mind and I lost connection to his thoughts. I had no idea what was his verdict. He neither said something nor showed any clues. Nothing had changed, I still felt all that darkness within him, but now I was way too close to it. It felt cold, very cold. And silent. It was consuming. I suddenly realized that I had an odd clarity in my mind, like if someone switched off all of the sounds. It was so eerily quiet, I could hear my own heartbeat. It lasted just a few seconds and then it rapidly declined into numbness. It really scared me for some reason. Was I still there? I harshly clutched him in my arms.  Oh, I still had arms. Thanks, God! Or… should I say ‘thanks, Death?’

I wasn’t sure what was going on, I just felt that he turned to look at the other two. Then I heard the entities exchanging a few phrases and Valkary was replying back but I was too scared to listen. I was pretty sure that it wasn’t going to end well for me anyhow. I was in a strange condition. I felt shocked and numb. Like, I was in so much stress that my consciousness decided to shut down just in case.

However, the last reminds of my focus were on his hand that was on my back. Because he was brushing it without paying much attention while saying something to one of those entities. And then he suddenly started searching for gaps between my ribs, borrowing his fingers dipper and dipper into clothes and skin trying to grab on my ribs… until it became too painful to bare and I gasped. He immediately returned to just carelessly brushing my back with his hand. It seemed like he was doing it mechanically, without even noticing. Did he just try to pull and break my ribcage? Just like that? Casually while chatting?!

Then I became scared, just for a moment that he was going to feed me to those entities or something. Again, I was way too stressed to think straight. All because he suddenly took my arm and pulled to follow him. But. A false alarm. He passed the other men, heading to the lift.

What? Was I ok after all? Or was I still in trouble? Where was he taking me?

He pressed some button inside the lift. Doors closed and the lift got alive, annoyingly slowly going down. I turned to look at him. He was leaning against the lift’s wall with hands in his pockets. He studied my face for a few moments, thinking.

    -          You know, you gladdened me. – He sounded like he happened to be in a good mood, apparently. He spoke slowly, with intonations. – I regret that I can’t keep you with me now. Huh. But I’m afraid you won’t find our ways pleasing.  Perhaps, some other day I’ll show you some. Looks like you finally decided to pledge you trust. What a pleasant surprise! – He said the last phrase with a strange smile and it sounded somehow ominous.

He definitely was expecting to hear something from me. Was he mocking me or being serious? I wasn’t certain. Well, I barely could concentrate on his words at the moment. I didn’t know where we were going and I still had a bad feeling. And I couldn’t shake off that horrible feeling of his fingers clutching my ribs.

    -          I don’t understand. Did I do something wrong? I was just protecting myself. I haven’t killed anyone. And yes, I was told not to use the lift, but I had no choice. There was this thing… – I was saying in a small voice. Oh, god, I couldn’t recognize my own voice.

    -          That’s fine, relax. – He interrupted me, patted my head and sighed. He sounded careless. – You’re a good spark. I’m taking you out now. That party is about to start. You don’t want to over-welcome your stay, do you?

    -          Did you… know that I would be in this lift? – I suddenly had a thought that he was waiting for me in the hall earlier.

    -          Of course. I had to stop you from wandering around. My kind has a sweet tooth for beings like you. You should’ve noticed. – He crossed hands on his chest. – I keep my promise. Huh. I am, also, not sharing.

The lift stopped and opened its doors.

    -          Go before I change my mind. You have no business here. – He was about to press on the 4th-floor button.

I looked outside. It was a ground floor, for sure. It was empty, quiet.

    -          Am I… free to go?  Yes? What about you? – I still wasn’t sure what was going on.

    -          What about me?! Huh! Shoo - shoo, be gone. – He made a gesture toward the opened door like when scaring pigeons. – Don’t return. I can’t guarantee you any safety back here. Wait! You know what… - He tapped on his pockets in search and then took something from one of them. – I have a better thought. Take it.

He grabbed my hand, put something small on my palm and closed it before I could see what there was. He looked into my eyes and his gaze gave me shivers. Was I safe after all or not? I didn’t feel like I was ok. No, not at all. He looked serious.

    -          Again, for the millionth time, that’s not a toy! Get out first, put it on. Do you understand? – He had both of his hands on mine, pressing it quite painfully. – F*cking don’t forget that you have it before you reach the door! Or you are on your own.

    -          Ok. Yes… Yes. I get it. I will remember. – I wanted to run in a panic now.

    -          Get lost then.

He released my hand and gestured to the exit. I rushed out to the corridor. Lift door got closed behind me. I looked ahead and spotted an entrance door. I finally could leave that horror -building. I harshly came out to the street and looked around. I couldn’t believe that I was fine, unharmed. I had that sharp feeling of a freedom. It looked strange and dangerous around, but at the moment I thought that everything was, god, damn it, beautiful and amazing. I breathed deeply the air. It smelled quite bad… humid, moldy and far not in a good way. The freaking best smell in the world after that hall!!! And then I checked what I had in my hand.

I was looking at a fine silver necklace with some tiny blue stones. Umm, ok. It looked very nice. I didn’t know what was so special about it, though, but, did I actually want to know? I didn’t want to think about it. I was enough in distress already. I just put it on.

Moments later I was out of that hell place in a different dream, a normal one this time. 

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