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Superhero Dream
It will probably not surprise anyone to learn that I often have very vivid dreams, not just in color, but even in stereo.  I remember one occasion as I lay asleep dreaming I was soaring aloft above the metropolitan skyline amongst the billowy clouds with the dazzling sunlight streaming against the azure backdrop of the heavens.  Accompanying me was an epic orchestral score of super-heroic proportions.  The tanned fist of my rippling right arm thrust forward as I swept magnificently along to the clarion call of the brass section while the percussion rolled in a purposeful cadence.  I was bedecked in an immaculate voluminous samite toga, like some Olympian demigod deigning to grace mere mortals with my benevolent glory.  
The heroic music heralded my approach and announced my dauntless purpose.  Let the petty malefactors beware!  Yea, verily today the city streets were guarded by a truly herculean superhero.  With my gimlet eyes narrowed I swept lo
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I’ve started writing a book. It’s a deep-dive in my dream world. Connected dreams that make a lifelong story. Non fiction. HEAVILY ILLUSTRATED. Are you interested? 

270 deviants said Yes! DO IT!
58 deviants said I don't know... maybe I'll like it when I see it
4 deviants said No! Forget it. Get back to drawing!


Irbisty has started a donation pool!
1,349 / 4,000
If you like my art and you want to see more works with a better representation or just want to show your appreciation, then you can donate.

Thank you! :)

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom

General info:

I am a cheerful, self-taught artist with a passion to create various things. I draw my dreams as a hobby.
My main interests are digital and traditional art, and papier mâché masks. There are many things that make me curious in the World, so feel free to write or ask about anything, I like to talk :) Also, I love to cook and collect local recipes, so if you have some nice dishes on your mind, then share it please! I’ll share mine.

I’m opened for commissions. Send me a note if you would like me to draw for you, I don’t bite!

Oneiric world:

I’m an oneironaut. For those who don’t know what that means, I can see lucid dreams. Lucid dreams are those where you are fully aware of being asleep at the moment. They allow you to see and do literally anything you want and it would be as good as real. Actually, lucid dreams feel more real than the reality itself. Think of it as a virtual reality, a matrix, made by your own brain, if you wish. Cool, right?

My dreams have always fascinated me. From my childhood they’ve been something mysterious and elusive. It feels like different realities that I dive into from night to night. I don’t know where I would find myself or what could happen, but it’s just like a series with many episodes. They are all linked, there are creatures, places and names that reappear from time to time, there are rules, and there is (a) whole enormous world(s) to discover. You can have a glimpse of it in my works.

In that dream space I’m known as a Recorder (according to my dreams characters’ words). Also, there are two creatures that I see repeatedly and have a chance to communicate with, lucid dreams or not. One claims to be Death and has for name Valkary and, the other one, is Kai, a dark shape-shifting creature, whose origin is still unknown to me. Those two make me question dreams and reality itself. They give a full impression of real beings with their own will and thoughts. There has not been even a single dream with them where I could distinguish my imagination. Are they a perfectly constructed product of my subconscious or the real deal? I don’t know and, either way, I find it amazing and worth sharing. You’re welcome to visit my journals to find more about them.

I hope you have a good day! If you like my works you can also find me on ArtStation and Twitter, where I post regularly:…

Some random moments from my life:


HI! I'm back! all up in yo face like  

Oh, boy... so much to catch up out here. SO MUCH! Parks and Rec: Happy Tom  Time to start replying infinity duck 
Ok... My friends, I'm away for a couple of weeks.

See you soon Hat Kid Dance Emoticon 
September's dream journals Part 1 and 2 are out. Enjoy :) A bit long... But meh... I had to write down all the details. 

Dreams / September 2018 (Part1)2 September 2018 Kai / Raven

I was in my parents’ car. It was a sunny autumn day. My dad was driving me and my mom somewhere down the highway, through the endless pine forest. At some point, he took a narrow side road leading into the depth of that forest. He stopped the car after a while and we all went outside.
We were somewhere… far. I looked around, breathing in the fresh air. Nature around looked untouched. Trees just had started turning yellow, orange, and red. I spotted some late berries and mushrooms in fluffy moss. I could hear birds hidden somewhere in upper branches. And at the bottom all around was buzzing with bees and chirring with grasshoppers. The place was just awesome.
I was convinced that we were there to pick mushrooms, but my parents told me that they just wanted to show me something quick before we could head to a mini-farm somewhere nearby. I went after them into the forest thr
  Dreams / September 2018 (Part2)14 September 2018 Kai / Scavengers

Another odd version of my hometown. Night. I was walking on one of the streets when I suddenly noticed how one of my pockets became heavier. I reached out and there was some unusual metal box in my hand. It was quite small. As fast as I took it out of the pocket the thing unfolded itself, grew in its size and took the form of a way bigger metal bagel.
Oh, boy! I immediately recognized what it was. I’ve seen that device already. But… Oh. OoH! I realized that I was in a dream because I managed to recall some fragments of that old horrible nightmare… a similar bagel had been present there. Also… Damn… I realized that it was the same place around now. The feeling, the environment. Damn it. I was back to that nightmare once more time.
I was alone in the middle of a street lighten up with rare lanterns. It was quite a warm summer

Dreams / September 2018 (Part2)

Mon Oct 1, 2018, 6:13 AM

14 September 2018 Kai / Scavengers

(2/2) Kai / Scavengers (Dream) by Irbisty

Another odd version of my hometown. Night. I was walking on one of the streets when I suddenly noticed how one of my pockets became heavier. I reached out and there was some unusual metal box in my hand. It was quite small. As fast as I took it out of the pocket the thing unfolded itself, grew in its size and took the form of a way bigger metal bagel.


Oh, boy! I immediately recognized what it was. I’ve seen that device already. But… Oh. OoH! I realized that I was in a dream because I managed to recall some fragments of that old horrible nightmare… a similar bagel had been present there. Also… Damn… I realized that it was the same place around now. The feeling, the environment. Damn it. I was back to that nightmare once more time.


I was alone in the middle of a street lighten up with rare lanterns. It was quite a warm summer night. I could smell fresh wet grass and earth. There were chirping of crickets somewhere not that far. I looked around. So far it was a nice dream, but I felt some uneasy anticipation in the air. I wondered what I was doing here earlier and was surprised to remember a pretty long dream, even so, it already got fragmented. Something about preparing and bringing documents to the local school. Wait. Was I out at night because I was going to school? Seriously? Oh. Too bad, I wasn’t going there anymore. I had something way more urgent and important now. I was glad that this scenario ended with the bagel. On the other hand…


This town wasn’t everywhere safe to be. There was a large area on the border with ruins. It would be fair to say that the town was just a hidden oasis in a sea of chaotic… cyberpunk world. Was it even a real town? That world had an interesting odd obsession with holograms and advanced virtual reality, that could be laid on the top of actual surroundings, creating a believable illusion of a ‘good life’. However, that technology was complicated and expensive, so it was rare to see. Hm. I was curious to find out more about this town later if I could. I had questions now.


Anyway. Here I was, standing with the metal bagel in my hands. Right now this device was off, but as fast as I activate it… I would automatically accept a new mission. That thing in my hand was everything. Almost literally. Just name it…. A weapon, a transport, a shield, a scanner, a smartphone… It was a multitool, designed to help to navigate, pursue, and eliminate.  Just one click, a scan of my fingerprints and an adventure guaranteed.

(The last dream had ended up badly. I had been killed, so I was happy to be lucid now.)

To be honest, I was hesitating for a bit. Being lucid meant that I could just send everything to hell and do whatever I wanted. But then… I was curious to see where that dream would go on its own. So, I decided not to interfere as long as I wasn’t in any big trouble. I could wake myself up easily or change everything around if needed. I just focused on keeping in mind that I was dreaming and calmed down my excitement.


I activated the device. It gave a squeak and glowed blue for a few moments. Then lights moved on the opposite sides of the bagel, the transport mode indication. Well, as expected… I held it firmly with both hands and the thing started pulling me up with a force of its own. I don’t know how it would look like from the side, but I felt how a metal construction harshly formed around my body, looking me inside a rapid flying transport with broad triangular wings… A local motorcycle, flying edition.  All of that took a few moments and then I was high above trees and buildings, flying silently over the town to ruins. Well, again, as expected.


 I saw my town below, recognizing buildings and streets, moving fast below me. The dream became so vivid and sharp that it almost hurt. I wanted to close my eyes, but, at the same time, I was scared to fall because I couldn’t control where I was flying. The thing was on autopilot and I didn’t want to interfere. The flight continued for a couple of minutes and then, suddenly, my flying machine went almost vertically down, scaring the sh*t out of me. No idea how I didn’t wake up. At the last moment, it made a swift turn and landed me smoothly on my feet while releasing me out of the metal constriction the same way as it appeared in the first place.

I immediately sit on the ground still shocked after that landing. Oh, my God! I was alive! I was alive and safe… Freaking technology! I would rather walk the next time! My heart was about to get out of my chest, my perceptions were overloaded and sharp, and I wouldn’t be able to walk straight right now, but I had to move on.

I looked around while rubbing my eyes and face like if I had a massive headache. Well, it was too much lucidity. It was painful to look at objects; that how it felt.

I was inside a large room of a destroyed building. It had a massive hole in the ceiling, through which I landed in. The room was full of closets, shelves, tables, boxes, and some scrap. A storage room in the past? Who knew? There were a few entrances, not all of them still had doors. It was quiet, but I could feel the presence of a few people in the area, thanks to the bagel in my hand.

I was finally feeling better and was standing up when, unexpectedly, I saw a woman sneaking inside my room. I harshly hid my bagel below my jacket. She saw me hiding my stuff and she froze for a moment the same surprised as I was. My device hadn’t notified me of her at all.

    -          How?... Um? I haven’t seen you in here earlier. – She slowly started coming closer to me. She had a suspicious smug face.

    -          Mind your own business. – I snarled at her and came to the closest shelf pretending to inspect its contents.

    -          I saw you. What’ve you got from here? – She came to me and tried to touch my jacked. I pushed her away with force.

    -          Touch me again and your brains will decorate the wall! – I hissed at her and put my hand inside the jacket letting her understand that I had a weapon down there.

    -          Huh. Ok, ok… - She grinned and came to another shelf. – You look like one of those slugs. But not so simple, huh? Suit yourself. – she lifted briefly her shirt showing the gun on her belt.

She was a scavenger. I guessed that there was something interesting for her in that building and she saw a competitor in me. That wasn’t good. I didn’t need any obstacles like that right now. People like her were very dangerous, spontaneous. I wouldn’t be surprised if she decides to rob me at the first chance she could get.

In any case, so far, I was lucky that she hadn’t seen my bagel, otherwise, I would be already dead. Oh, yes, scavengers hated people like me from all their hearts. I was a predator. Yes, that how they were calling my profession. In the reality I was just a volunteer, an undercover agent, helping police. My mission right now was to locate and eliminate some criminal, a guy in this building. I knew how he looked like. Ideally, it would be to arrest him, but it was way too risky since there were a few other people around. Most likely his friends. And it was forbidden to kill anyone else in addition even in self-defense.

    -          Any good here? – I nodded at the shelf ignoring her gesture. I knew how to talk with scavengers. The best way to pretend to be one of them. – I need cubes… or round ones.

    -          Should’ve come earlier then. But maybe you will be lucky to find some broken. – She looked at me somehow strangely and started digging into boxes near her and then dropping them to the floor from the shelf.

    -          Quiet! -I hissed at her. – we are not alone!

    -          Oh, really? – She grinned and demonstratively nocked the whole shelf to the floor.

The thing met the floor with a big boom and it echoed through the building. I froze in horror realizing that I was in a trouble now. The next happened fast…

I saw how that woman lifted a metal bar and went on me. Damn it! The weapon! I couldn’t show her my bagel, so I showed nothing back and she assumed that I was bluffing. She, obviously, was sure that we were alone. I threw some scraps at her and tried to whip out the bar from her hands. She wasn’t giving up and we wrestled on the floor for a few moments until I realized that she could easily shoot me many times, but she hadn’t done it yet… Why?

There was no time to think… I pushed her away, stood up while taking my bagel out, and pointed it at her. I saw the thin line of the red laser in the dust that was meeting her face with a red dot.  She stood up and cursed, dropping the bar on the ground.

    -          I’ve told you! – I barked at her.

    -          F*cking preda…. – she didn’t finish.

She was standing a few meters away from me, not that far from one of the doors and it got opened. I could hear noise coming from that other room… and then I saw exactly that guy I came there for. He entered the room and rushed at the woman. Without losing time I harshly switched my target and shot him. The bagel made no sound, but the guy fell dead just a few steps away from the scavenger, who was all in drops of his blood now. She stood completely shocked. She was looking at the opened door.

The next moment there was a gunshot and she fell on the floor.


I had no time, but I had to hide. I silently climbed on the top of the closest shelf and laid down still behind boxes and stuff. Not a good place at all, but it was quite dark, so I hoped to stay unnoticed in that odd place to search for. I could see the whole room easily, though.

A few minutes passed, and I saw a large bold man slowly entering the room. He was looking around cautiously while holding his rifle ready to shoot.  But then he relaxed and came to the corpses.

    -          Bastard. F*cking bastard. Why? – He howled and kicked woman’s corpse with anger.  – Come here fast, they are both dead.

I heard fast footsteps and another man entered. He was slim and tall. He quickly looked around and joined the first guy. As fast as I saw him, I had a painful kick of adrenalin. It was certainly Kai. But he looked so odd. He looked like a way younger version of Valkary. He had normal long black hair instead of feathers, though, but his eyes were distinctively black with yellow.  What the hell?

    -          Oh. Right. That’s a shame. – Kai sounded slightly surprised, but he was calm apart from the other man. – Well. We need to find who did that.

    -          She! She killed him! – The bold man pointed angerly at the scavenger’s body. – I should’ve caught her and torture instead! What the point now? – We moaned in disappointment and shot her in the face a few times. Her skull like exploded.

    -          Wow! Stop with that! Give it to me! – Kai angrily took guy’s rifle away. – Do you mind?! I’ve just put fresh clothes! F*ck you! Ugh! Look what you’ve done!

Kai was wearing all black outfit. He obviously was joking. It looked like he was provoking the other big guy on purpose.

    -          He IS DEAD, you, f*king *sshole! Do you understand what that means?! We ALL will be in sh*t soon! – the bold guy started nervously waking in circles in the room making shelves shake with each of his heavy steps.

    -          Ugh, calm down, like you haven’t seen that coming. The question was ‘when?’ You should’ve thought it through better the last time, you’ve been informed. But sorry for your loss anyway. – Kai rolled his eyes with annoyance while attaching the rifle to his back, then he suddenly came closer to the man’s corpse and looked at its head. – Stop whining and put yourself together. We are still not alone.

    -          What? Someone is hiding? Close or far? – The large bold guy changed in his face and became ready to fight.

    -          Somewhere… indoors. I don’t see who... – Kai rubbed his chin while observing his companion.

    -          Did you lose your nose or what? I need precision. – The other guy opened a closet near him and harshly looked inside.

    -          No, but I need extra. I can give you a number. 400 meters…-ish around. Or give me your access and I’ll tell you exactly where. You to decide. Just don’t think for too long or it may be gone.

    -          FINE! F*cking find it already! – The guy was angry. – Do it! I need to kill something and fast…

Kai was staring with a smirk at his friend who was looking in all corners. Then he walked across and stopped in the middle of the room, I felt that he was scanning surroundings. It took him just a few seconds before he directly looked at me. He was surprised for a brief moment. Then he turned to his large buddy.

    -          Hey, Dylan. I found her, but don’t freak out. -  Kai waved the guy to come. – She is in here.

Oh, for God’s sake! Seriously? I wanted to bang my head on the wall. I was so screwed.

    -          Here? Are you sh*ting me? – Dylan sounded like he was about to lose himself.

    -          Easy, ok? Unfortunately, I must warn you…  she has nothing to do with… that situation. – He carefully studied the other guy’s face while choosing the correct words. – Don’t try to harm her, ok? She is fragile… guest.

    -          Hm. Is she a bright or what? – Dylan was confused. – Where is that thing?

    -          Come out. – Kai looked back at me. – I know that you hear me. Yes, you’re safe. C’mon. Hurry up.

Oh, damn! They both were looking up the shelves now. The large guy still wasn’t sure where to look exactly, though. I moved boxes and climbed down expecting the worst. I was considering to wake up any moment now.

    -          No! Find something else to do. – Kai stopped angry looking Dylan before he approached me first.

    -          Put your claws away! She was hiding there for a reason! Bloody spy! I don’t need spies in here! 

    -          I don’t care. That’s my business, not yours. – Kai was holding the guy’s shoulder until he made a step back. Kai was serious. – Occupy yourself elsewhere.

    -          Do you have a problem with me? Because that’s how you get a problem, pal! – Dylan stood straight in front of unimpressed Kai and started pushing him on his shoulder. – Don’t forget yourself! Everything here is mine! You’re just a f*cking service! Know your place! Oh, yes, I know that look of yours! Whatever offer you came up in your tiny head, shovel it back. I’m taking her.

Dylan was a quite large tall man with ‘no neck’. He looked very strong and threatening just by himself. And something was telling me that his temper accompanied with not so bright head was a very dangerous mix.

    -          She is somewhat beautiful. I won’t touch her face anyway. Can’t promise for the rest. – Dylan turned to look at me with a big smile and I had a cold wave coming through my body.

The big guy stared at Kai, waiting for his reaction, but stayed unimpressed.

    -          No? Don’t you get it yet? Let me make it clear. – Kai sighed loudly and continued slowly. - She belongs to me, you, imbecile. Also, continue talking to her and I will take it is a personal offense. You know what I will do to you then.

    -          What?  You know her? – Dylan changed in his face and looked at me surprised then back at Kai. – You? No! No way! You can’t have THAT following you. She is not our kind! That’s a sh*ttalk! You just want to have all the fun for yourself! F*king changeling, you can't fool me again! – He was very angry, yet, it looked like he feared Kai. He was like a loud annoying dog, barking, but not biting.

    -          You’re not helping yourself. I don’t know how to make it clearer If you keep ignoring MY seal right THERE. – Kai pointed at me. He still was talking patiently and quietly, but his constant half-smile was gone. His face took notes of insanity.

    -           Sure… Prove that it’s your seal and not a trick! – The big guy crossed his hands and smiled widely.

What the hell was going on?  A seal? What freaking seal?!

    -          That’s ok, come over here. - Kai looked at me, rolled his eyes, and nodded to come to him.

I slowly came closer. Was it a good time to wake up already and leave them arguing?

    -          Behold, idiot. – Kai put his hand flat in the middle of my chest just below my neck for a few moments and then smirked at Dylan.

But nothing had happened. I felt nothing, just the touch. Did I miss something? Dylan had two round impressed eyes staring at Kai.

    -          Satisfied? Well, I don’t like your mistrust. You own me if you want my SERVICE. – He looked at Dylan with an evil smile. - I want the content of your back right pocket right now!

    -          F*cking how is this even possible? What the? Fine! Congratulations, *sshole! Deal with your sh*t yourself! You f*cking… Ugh… I didn’t even care that much anyway. – He handled Kai something out of his pocket, turned away, made a gesture with his hand without looking back and left the room.

    -          What a drama queen. Can you believe that guy? And that’s every time like this. – Kai laughed and satisfyingly hid something in his pocket.

The ‘seal’ was still the only thing I could think of. What was it? Why did I feel nothing? Or was it the whole point… to have no effect? Or was it some trick after all? What the hell?

    -          A seal?! – I looked at Kai then at my chest with concern, touched it, but I could see or sense nothing. I noticed that Kai had his tattoos on the same exact spot. I had just bare skin.

    -          You! Shut. You. Mouth. – He said slowly threatening while looking somehow strangely at me. -  You created a big trouble. All that… ugh! - He sighed angrily, rubbed his face for a few moments taking a deep breath and calming down. – At least… Luckily for you, Dylan is not smart enough to make a difference between the gun over there and this birdy…

 Unexpectedly, he took my bagel with one direct movement from below my jacket and looked at it, ignoring my attempt to get it back. But I gave up almost immediately, anyway, letting him inspect my weapon in peace. I just reminded myself that it was still a dream. I didn’t need to care about that bagel.

    -           …It would be a different conversation otherwise. Yes, keep it hidden. And don’t worry, there will be no charges, I am aware of who’s truly responsible.  – He said thoughtfully and gave back my device. – I don’t intend to compromise your identity, relax.

    -          Like it’s matter… go ahead. – I mumbled to myself.

Kai was about to go away but immediately looked at me surprised.

    -          What did you…? Huh? Oh! But what do we have here! – He, suddenly, grabbed my shoulders, looking curiously into my eyes and smiled widely. He looked slightly insane. – Wait! Do you actually see ME? Is that right?

    -          Um… What do… - I’ve got spooked and froze.

    -          You DO see me! – He interrupted. – Unbelievable! How long have you been like that? How interesting! That’s why… Huh, that explains… - He said to himself. – You should’ve told me… or… or given me a sign straight away! Ugh! But wait… Wait! what do you see exactly? How do I look like? – He shook my shoulders. He sounded overly excited and impatient. - Tell me.

    -          Umm…

    -          TELL ME! F*cking SAY IT! SAY IT!

    -          Ok! OK! …Strange? Like… Did you… try to copy Valkary or something? You look quite closely. – I just said in panic what was rolling in my mind.

    -          Oh, hahaha! Seriously? – He stepped away laughing pretty much sincerely. – Yeah, your mind is f*cking twisted! Ahaha! Screw him! Ha! But you are almost right! You’re that close! – He made a gesture. - Unbelievable! How could I miss that? I can’t even take any credit now. Anyway… Oh, I bet you are overwhelmed. Having a million questions right now, yeah? Like, what the f*ck is going on? Am I sleeping or not? What is he talking about? Haha!

I realized that he was acting as if he was lucid himself. Was HE lucid? Was he even real, though? No, no way. That couldn’t be right…  He looked quite happy since he noticed the difference in me.  And he looked friendlier. It made things easier for me. Could I actually try to talk normally to him?

    -          Yes! YES! I do! I’m finally properly lucid! And… This is insane! – I became excited. It felt nice to be able to share the feeling with someone …understanding(?) me.  I looked around and touched his arm showing that I was aware of everything. – I can feel you! This is so awesome! Can you explain me something? Anything? Please? Tell me some stuff! I don’t know. Anything, really!

    -          Oh, dear, you really want this… I was just joking, you know. – He sighed uneasily and made an apologetical smile. – This is such a bad time, thanks to your work over there.

    -          Oh… - I became confused. – But why? It’s just a dream!

    -          Careful with your words. – He gave me a warning look.

    -          But… C’mon. Seriously? – I looked at him suspiciously. I knew that I was dreaming and that I could control anything and anyone around. I decided to force him. – You know what… Forget about whatever you were doing before. It’s not important. There is nothing else except me now. You WANT to answer my questions. So, who are you exactly?

    -          Huh. Sorry, but it won’t work on me. I AM here too, same as you, dear. – He smiled. – Just don’t overreact. …and, oh, please, don’t hyperventilate… I hate that. - He lifted both hands in a gesture and laughed. – But relax, I won’t bite you.

    -          Hmm… And how can you prove that you’re real? You can’t be in my head! - I wasn’t buying his words, even so, my guts were screaming in panic that that creature had conscious of its own.

    -          And you are there too… What is up today?… - He rolled his eyes and sighed. – Remember a few minutes back? I’m not hallucinating, you were right here to see everything. Ugh… Why do you think that fat*ss had to give away his little treasure? Um? He had his answer just in front of him, but what did he do? Completely ignored it. Fools pay. And you wish to do exactly the same right now. - He looked at me pointedly. -  We both know that I’ll be right in the end, so I advise to simply trust me. Otherwise, what can you offer me, dear? But go ahead if you wish to. No problems to prove. I. Am. Here.

    -          Umm… Oh… - I became uncomfortable. I wasn’t expecting him to answer this way. Something was wrong. I became scared to actually ask him for a prove. My intuition was cursing me for ignoring all signs right now.  – I’m fine. So… can you tell me something fast?

    -          No, I don’t want to waste my time on that.

    -          Ugh! But it’s so rare when I understand where I am. Can’t you just give me something? It’s easy for you, isn’t it? Just one question! Please! I so don’t want to wake up with regret again. Or you don’t want me to ask you anything at all? Are you trying to avoid any questions? Why can’t I call it a d…?

Suddenly, he closed my mouth with his hand and pushed me to himself with annoyance before I could finish the last word. He looked quite scary.

    -          Stop chirping! Slow down! Chill, ok? Chill. Breathe. Control yourself. – He was serious but spoke like to a small kid. –  You made it so far. Yes, you made a progress today, congrats, but it’s still not enough. Not yet. I can’t afford any prolong interruptions as long as I’m not certain. I can’t just drop everything and entertain you, ok? Look, we don’t hide anything from you. You will have your chance. We’ve told you that not once already. Hey, look at me! *Sigh* There are reasons! And there is much to explain! – He removed his hand and waited for my reaction. He looked somehow strangely at me. -  Anyway, I wouldn’t even know where to start right now. I need to prepare first; can you understand that? Huh? I’m not sitting and waiting for you to show up and then dance for you like a puppet. If you could notice, I was preoccupied with something else.

    -          But…

    -          No, stop! It doesn’t work this way. It just doesn’t! You have to accept it! Don’t act as I own you. There are time and place for everything, ok? 

    -          But we are already talking. – I said offendedly in a small voice. – I meant just this…

    -          Huh, I’m afraid, not. – He smiled. – But forget about it, there is something way better. Look at that… I’m very happy that you see and hear me clearly right now. That’s something. Hey, look up. Look at me! – He grabbed my chin and forced to look at him. He was staring into my eyes with a big smile.  – Hello there! Nice to finally meet YOU in person! Huh! You know what…? We’ve never been introduced. Here. - He released me and gave his hand for a handshake. – Kai. Remember that at least, ok? And I’m truly happy to SEE you.

    -          Me too. – I felt uncomfortable looking back into black eyes. He looked crazy. – Irina. Nice to meet you too.

I shook his hand.

    -          Great! I hope you will understand the value of that gesture. …because now it’s official.  Also… Welcome to here and now, Irina! – He smiled widely. – Oh, that feels good. I kinda was hoping to say something like that one day, ha! – He caressed his chest. - A bit rushed, a bit too soon, but, yeah...

    -          Huh. Thanks. – I smiled confusedly. – Umm… so, what is here and now?

    -          Ahaha, gotcha! I knew that you’d ask that. *Sigh* See all of that? THIS! It is this. – Kai gestured at all around and walked across the room chuckling. - Take a deep breath. Amazing, right? But if seriously… I still remember how it was for me in the beginning. But everything fades away too fast. – Kai lifted some rock from the ground and threw it to me. He was talking with some bitterness, but he looked excited. – Even a piece of dirt looks amazing, don’t you find? Tell me about your feelings. They are contagious. I want more.

    -          Huh! Ok… Umm… I am quite excited to realize that it’s a d… um… a different reality…– I met Kai’s tensed look, but he seemed to be satisfied with a new definition. -  …for so long!  yeah…. Lost too… well, you are right… And, I guess, you are nice to me after all.  So, I feel quite stupid now… and… I’m… I’m wondering how you see everything… And… I dunno what to say, I… I… have many questions.  I just was hoping to get at least some answers. I just can’t believe that you’re real! I mean I see you right there, but… Sorry, but it all looks different when I’m awake. I need proves. And… yeah, sorry for being annoying.

    -          One day you will look back and laugh at yourself. Guaranteed. I’ll wait. – He said with a smirk.

    -          And I still can’t believe that I finally caught you while being lucid. I mean… like this… here. Um. This is so cool!  – I smiled.

    -          Someone is happy to see me. That’s new. Huh! But caught me while being lucid? Huh! – He pronounced that mockingly and then came closer, looking at my face with a hint of surprise. – Is that something you say often? You know how insane that sounds? Your language is a pain. – He chuckled. – But I can’t blame you, you have enough limits over there, in your terrarium. Huh! I know how confusing it can get when going back and forth. I’ve been there, trust me. – He rolled his eyes.

    -          To Earth?! – I looked at him astonished.

    -          To where…? No, no… Umm… but a similar place. I just know the feeling. Yeah, well… It’s annoying. Ok! Enough…  Let me fix something fast if you don’t mind. Nah, not what you wanted, but at least it will be useful.

I nodded, and he stood in front of me, took my face in his hands, checking my eyes. Then he started giving instructions.

 – Look at me. Focus on my left eye. *Sigh* The other left… Ok, close your eyes. Open. My right eye. Good… Close. Turn your head away. Anywhere… That’s enough. Open. Look at me. Stay straight. Ok…– He moved closer carefully studying one of my eyes, then another. – Yeah… looks… fine now. It should work for a while. How is it now?

He released me. I looked around. It didn’t feel as sharp and vivid as before. I still was lucid, but the dream felt very normal and stable suddenly.

    -          Oh, I get it! Thanks. – I was surprised. I’ve never experienced that mix of lucidity and ordinary dream environment at once.

    -          It will give you enough time. You will learn how to do it yourself later. – He said seriously and then his expression changed. - So… A predator, huh? That’s an interesting position you have. I bet, a lot of fun. – he said it with a smile and suddenly turned to look cautiously somewhere at the wall. – Well, I hope you’ve learned your lesson. Sorry for breaking your expectations, but, as much as I hate it right now, I must continue my part. – He headed to the opened door. – You know what… - He stopped, lifted his index in a gesture and turned to me. – IF! If you manage to find me on your own and see me as today, I’ll own you, make an exception… perhaps? Ok? Think about it. It won’t be easy, though, but try at least. What if you can repeat your progress soon enough?

    -          Umm. Oh. Ok. – I nodded while being unsure... why did he suddenly came up with so generous offer?

    -          Good. I’ll let you try. But I must inform you that Valkary doesn’t agree on that arrangement. He believes that you’re not ready to handle me yet. Well, I hope to prove him wrong. So, that’s on me. And since you’re interested, I’ll tell you how it goes… If you succeed, you’ll also have to fulfill my wishes, regardless. More you ask, longer you’ll be under my control. That’s the fair price for the early introduction. But you’ll be free to have any information. So, you better be sure of what you want to know. Will you dare? - He nodded briefly and left the room.           

Oh… Always a downside. Nope. That didn’t sound good at all. I better pass.

I looked around thinking what to do next. Well… why not continue my part as well? I didn’t like to stay in that place anyway. I didn’t feel safe here. I took my bagel out and came to the guy’s corpse to scan it. Then it indicated ‘transport mode’. The mission was over. As in the beginning, I took the device in two hands and it turned into a flying vehicle that delivered me back to the same street in my hometown. As fast as I landed, the device folded itself into a small cube and suddenly disappeared on my palm.

I found myself in a different dream after.


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