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Storybook watercolor 2

Part of a series of watercolors I've been working on for a storybook written by a friend of mine. This time with a dragon and an empty throne, all covered with ancient roots...
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I love this one especially. As soon as I saw it it reminded me of the forest around the farm where I grew up. I'm curious to see what this story is like when it's finished. :)
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Glad you like it! Meow :3 Actually, it represents some kind of throne room below a giant tree, but the author wanted me to make it look like surrounded by a thick forest of roots and moss (I should've put more moss on it though ^^U). I hope we can manage to get this story published!
By the way, growing up near a forest... that sounds like fun!! haha
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Growing up with that many trees around was beautiful. I miss the country sometimes, but at least the city I live in now is probably about 60% forest itself. :)

I hope you can get it published, too! That's such a lovely interpretation of what the author wanted. I hope I get to read the story someday and see the rest of the art for it. Fantastic stuff. :)
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Wish I lived in a place like that! haha

Thanks!! Let's hope so, I keep my fingers crossed! :D (Big Grin)