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 J O S E L I N E 

3 years | Rider | Riverfell
30” | 83 lbs | Female | Single

But even when the moon looks like it's waning... it's actually never changing shape. Don't ever forget that. 

- Ai Yazawa, Nana


New Personality section has FINALLY been updated to reflect her growth after joining Riverfell <3 [5/5/22] 


First Impressions
- Always seems to be on the side-lines and is the only adult you’ll see frolicking around like a child.

Notable Physical Features
- Rounded face shape with incredibly soft, fluffy cheek fur. Almost always cheerful with a smile on her face.

Posture & Gait
- Skips around and can’t stand still, almost always waddling side to side.

Habits & Pastimes
- Talks to herself and loves wandering around.


Name: Joseline
Age: young adult
Gender: female
Height: 30" 
Weight: 83 lbs
Build: Kinda squishy with some muscle (somewhat compactly built)

Territory: Riverfell
Rank: Rider Captain

Familiar: Denki

Family: Adam (father/deceased/NPC), Iris (mother/missing/NPC), Nicolas (brother/missing/NPC), Alice (sister/missing/NPC), Gustave (brother/missing/PC - retired), Lucille (sister/missing/NPC), Astrid (sister/missing/NPC - for now)


Over the years, Joseline has gained an immense sense of self-worth and confidence. In Riverfell, she found a task which suited her talents, and her success in this task showed her that she does in fact have many things she is good at, despite what she had been told by her own father in the past. Her confidence practically radiates off of her, but her incredibly charming nature and genuine kindness make her humble. Joseline believes in her own worth but does not see herself as above anyone else. She believes everyone has their own unique talents that make them special, and she is no more "special" than others. She does not brag about herself and accepts any praise she is given gratefully and without even the slightest hint of arrogance.

Her kind nature and discomfort with confrontation make Joseline a wolf relatively easy to take advantage of. Anyone from adults to elders to pups can potentially push the poor girl around and get away with many things that most would not allow. Joseline is especially susceptible to being "pushed around" and taken advantage of by pups because of her distaste for any form of discipline (given her upbringing). She has an especially difficult time telling others "no" and will allow herself to be overworked if implored to by a superior. However, there are some things that Joseline will not allow, specifically when it comes to her duties as a Rider. Trades are about the only time Joseline takes a firm stand on anything, not allowing herself to be swindled or tricked out of a fair bargain.

[gallant & protective]
When it comes to protecting her loved ones and packmates, Joseline is recklessly brave. She will put herself in harm's way without question and without hesitation. She endured a great deal in her childhood, and it was years before she developed the thick-skin she has now. Joseline is not without fear (really, she has a great deal), but she has the ability to get past it and do whatever needs to be done to protect others.

[loving & empathetic]
To practically anyone, even wolves she does not know personally, Joseline is incredibly compassionate and caring. She loves everyone, so long as they do no harm to anyone else. In her interest and love for others, Joseline takes great care in learning about them and listening to whatever they have to say. She can listen to another's troubles with careful and genuine attention and is incredibly understanding of their struggles, thoughts, and feelings. Though she may not see eye-to-eye with everyone, she strives to at least try and understand their motivations and feelings.

[gullible & trusting]
Trust, while something Joseline does not give away completely freely, is pretty easy to win from her. In those that she believes to be kind and honest, Joseline will give her trust. All one would have to do to win her over is treat her kindly, and she will readily let down her walls. Her trust is rather easy to gain, and she gives so much that it is easy to take advantage of. She's extremely easy to trick if you hide your intentions with a veil of friendliness.

For better or worse, Joseline is not much of a secret keeper when it comes to her own thoughts, feelings, and affairs. She will willingly divulge whatever is on her mind if asked by one of her packmates.

Joseline flies almost entirely by the seat of her pants. She's extremely emotion-driven and does most things on a whim. Careful planning is practically a mystery to her, and the only sort of real planning she does relates almost solely to her Rider duties.

Remarkably, given her childhood and the current state of affairs in the Domain, Joseline has an incredibly cheerful disposition. Often, she can be seen smiling or laughing or enjoying a packmate's company looking utterly content. She's endlessly optimistic (though, during the Hive Wars, this optimism has definitely diminished) and can almost always see the light at the end of the tunnel. In tense situations, she can lighten the mood without difficulty when the situation calls for it.

[responsible & hard-working]*
As a youth, Joseline was allergic to any kind of hard work, but her time in Riverfell has transformed her. No longer the lazy youth she once was, Joseline's newfound confidence and place within a pack that truly feels like home has given her a huge boost in drive and motivation. She strives to do her best work and do what she can to keep her packmates provided for. As she has ascended in the ranks and become more skilled as a Rider, Joseline has gained maturity that she had not had before. She does her duties with great care and attention and makes sure to always stay on-top of everything that she needs to do. On occassion, she even goes the extra mile, bringing back a little extra gift from a trade for a packmate if Riverfell has the resources to spare.

Pre-Group History:  

[birth - 6 months]

From the moment she laid eyes on her runt daughter, Iris knew that the poor child was destined for a miserable childhood. The pup’s father, Adam, prided himself in the rearing of a strong and capable brood, and so far he had (for the most part) managed to do just that. His eldest children epitomized the “ideal wolf,” one with cunning and seemingly supernatural brawn. He’d been absent for the birth of his third litter, and when he finally arrived at the family’s densite to look at them, he scowled at the sight of the runt. The pup’s size was made to look far more minuscule than it already was in comparison to the size of her littermate who had been born with an unnatural plumpness. Contrary to what Iris had expected from him, Adam merely remarked that he would turn his runt daughter into a fine young lady. He said nothing more of his two youngest daughters for the remainder of their puphood.

The runt, Joseline, and her elder sister, Astrid, spent much of their puphood playing under the watchful eye of their mother. Occasionally, one of her elder siblings from the other litters would come into the family den to play with her and Astrid, and that was how Joseline came to know some of her other siblings. Gustave, her brother from Iris’ second litter, bided his time in the den and only left when Iris took a break every so often to stretch her legs. The small pup had always wondered why Gustave spent most of his time in the den while the other pups were out training in the forest with Adam. Despite her curiosity, she never asked him about it, especially since he gave the impression that he didn’t particularly like talking.

[6 months - 1 year]

Around the time that Astrid and Joseline turned 6 months of age, their eldest siblings, Alice and Nicolas, left the family in order to make a life for themselves. Their absence went almost completely unnoticed by the two youngest pups, mainly due to the fact that Nicolas came around only every now and then to play with them and Alice never paid them any mind.

It might’ve been the absence of his two prodiges that prompted Adam to start Astrid and Joseline’s training early. They were not opposed to it initially as none of their elder siblings had expressed any dislike for it. If anything, the two pups were excited. The training started off simple with easy to remember routines and hardly any exercise that was particularly strenuous. Even with such a simple training regimen, Joseline’s abilities were just barely lesser than that of her sister. When the training quickly grew in rigor, it became more obvious that Joseline simply was not the kind of wolf that could keep up with it. She couldn’t stay focused on tasks, had trouble keeping balance, and stopped constantly to catch her breath. After a month or so of Joseline’s obvious ineptitude, Adam took matters into his own hands.

Whenever Joseline disappointed him, he resorted to violence in the hopes that maybe punishment was the only way his incompetent daughter would learn. In reality, his harsh treatment of his youngest daughter only made her more fearful, far weaker, and less confident in her own abilities. Joseline knew what her father was doing was wrong, as did her siblings, but none spoke of it out of fear of the consequences mentioning it would bring. What would Adam do to them should Iris find out? For a while, Iris knew nothing of what happened beyond the family densite. Though Joseline returned home with injuries that Adam had inflicted on her, it was impossible for her mother to see them beneath her coat.

Hunts and training quickly became a miserable affair for all of the children, especially Joseline. No matter what she did, or how many little successes she had as she slowly progressed were good enough for Adam. While her siblings praised her for her improvement to keep up her spirits, Adam only tore her down. The days passed by at a snail’s pace, and their monotony began to eat away at what little happiness remained from her early puphood. Before long, Joseline knew she had to get away however she could.

Alive or dead.

[1 year - 1.5 years]

As the months went by, Joseline grew stronger, and she remained determined to get out of her situation, with or without the help of her siblings. She knew it’d be a difficult journey. Nobody in her family had traveled outside of the forest they resided in, so they could only imagine the dangers that lay beyond.

Eventually the perfect day came. The forest had been gripped by a thick fog that concealed almost everything from sight. Adam had had the sense not to have his children hunt that day, so the rest of the family remained at the densite while he went off on his own to hunt. Joseline took the opportunity to gather her siblings outside and tell them of her plans to leave that very night. Though they did have some concerns, they all knew there was no way to stop her from leaving. In her mind, it was all she could do.

Nightfall came and Joseline set out on her own. She’d gone only a few feet away from the densite before her brother, Gustave, stopped her. Like her, he’d been a disappointment to Adam, but he’d somehow been spared from their father’s abuse. At first, she’d thought he’d followed her to tell her he wanted to join her. However, Gustave really wanted the opposite. He told her she should stay. Adam was a problem, sure, but one they were familiar with. Familiar or not, she just had to get away. Joseline refused to stay and bid her brother farewell.

She ran southward for as long as she could and soon, the place she’d grown up was barely a spec in the distance.

Group History: [go to tracker for full details!]

Other: [go to full application for much more in-depth info!]

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