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The Dragonfly and the Warlock



The Girl Who Loved Machines
Dragonfly Youkai
Lorno Dartflicker
Ability: Ability to control machines.
Threat level: Low
Human Friendship level: High

A Dragonfly demon who has a hobby of building small flying machines and collecting Outside World objects.

Obsessed with the outside world and intends to break the boundary to get there. She has no clue how to do this, but will attempt anything, even rumors. (she is a tad gullible.)

Lorno relies on her machinegun and fleet of flying machines to attack and defend herself. Most of her machines were either objects that were forgotten about, or aircraft lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

Lorno never lands, and her wings are always beating. Lorno has a strong dislike for fairies. She attacks other insect youkai for food, and will hide from other youkai.

Not very good at aiming, but very cocky. She will believe she can defeat anything she doesn't know about.
Has lots of different rifles. most of them outdated.

She will ignore all negative comments about her in conversations.

The Warlock of Madness
Clark Thulu
Ability: Manipulation of Youkai
Threat level: Average
Human Friendship level: Medium

An exiled human magician who excels in dominating the minds of demons. He was imprisoned by his master years ago for using forbidden magic. This magic is Eldritch in nature, and cost him the life of one of his friends. He's been trapped in stasis for 500 years.

His ability has the potential to turn him into a Youkai with extended use. (Which is why his hair has turned pink.) It enables him to control up to 3 youkai and use their abilities as if they were his own. While they are under his control, he starts to think like them. If he controls more, he loses semblance of his personality, as well as a bit of his humanity.

He would love to leave Gensokyo and return to the outside world. For that he needs the Hakurei boundary broken. However, after he is defeated, he is content to be free of the tower.

He uses his wristwatch for most of his magic, and is especially fond of using purple fireballs and eldritch chains. He also conducts elaborate forbidden rituals, and a side effect of these causes nightmares in youkai.

Lorno serves him willingly, and her desire to break the barrier coincides with Clark's.

It is easy to mistake him for a girl.
(He hates being mistaken for a girl.)

He is trapped in Helyr Spire, a skyscraper-like building that is hidden from sight by magic that floats above the Magic Forest. The spire was once a training center for magicians, and contains a large library of arcane tomes (Clark has only studied the ones on demonology and forbidden magic.) It also has the means to scry on the area around the tower, allowing Clark to watch the occupants of Gensoyoko.
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Ahahaha, I like it! I've also drawn my characters on multiple occasions, of course, seeing as they came BEFORE Walfas. (Well, before I discovered it)