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Dualize With Me


You heard the Nightmaren!
this is a once in a life time oppertunity! even thou i don't know what he has in stored for you >D

* jumps at him and dualizes with him in a heart beat*

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man i have got to get me some of these plushies
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xD! well if you ever want any you can always message me i take commissions and i would be more than happy to make what ever it may be you have in mind ^-^
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Can you sell to me this toy? :love:
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oooh, that one is mine but i can make another one or you :3 ill try to make him look just liek this one :3

but he will be a bit pricey.. ill send you a note
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lol yes :3 i did make him * hugs her giant reala plushie* took me a day or less to make :3
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how much would you charge to make a custom plushie? or...would you help me make one?
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well i there the small plushies liek the chibi ones you seen on my pae thing there 50 dollars 7.95 shipping but i its for the big reala 200 - 300 dollars
cause those take time to make

and i woudelnt really know how to explain how to make them.
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:faint: you have a youtube account? if you do and have a camera, you can make a new plushie then make a tutorial at the same time. =3
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i does have a youtube account and a camera but i wouldent do a tutorial im way to lazy Lol XD and i woudelnt do one of nights thought either cause i made those partterns my self and it took me a long time to get it like that D: but tehre are some tutprials on there on youtube and some here on da :3 one of my friends Ash Fantasitc she has some stuff on here that may help you out
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*makes grabby hands at reala plushie*

ok...but i have to make a wizeman plushie first... =3
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aaaaw * lets her play with the plushie for a little longer* alright there you go * sits beside you as she hel jackle an made him do a little dance* xP
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Reala: Dualize with me.
Me: Okay Reala!:D
NiGHTS:NO! Dualize with me! Reala eats peoples faces!
Reala: What? Moi?
Me: uhhhh... I choose...... REALA!*Hugs him*.
IrashiRyuu's avatar

* she sat tehre in amusement watching NiGHTS arguing not to dualize with him*

Awww is NiGHTS eeling a little jealous >D * joins in the fun after crysta dualized with reala*
DON"T FEEL BAD NIGHTS * she spoke through Jackle*

Jackle: Yea NiGHTS you will get your turn eventualyl when another little visitor comes walkign though those gates!

NiGHTS : OH damnit to hell you too?! * loosk all grumpy and pouts* I seriously hate you guys

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Me: *still refuses to dualize with nights*
Nights: oh come on,please?
Me: no*hugs reala again*
Reala: wat'd i do?
Jackle: i think she likes you.
Reala:... thats nothing new.
Nights: hmph! i hate you all!
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mmmmmm... Reala... ...
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Reala: *he felt the presence of another as he got the chills down his spine causing him to shiver*he then turned his head to where the person was and arched hsi brow where if he hand one would be XD * stalking me now are we?! * he dived over towards teh visitor and grinned staring eye to eye* Well instead of just standing there why not do something about it * he slid his index claw softly under the visitors chin in a taunting manner*
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I want to Dualize with Ree Ree! May I?
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go for it XD if it would be plasent i wouldent know but have fun! xP!
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Me: YAY! *Dualizes with Reala and flies around you in circles!*
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:3...Dunno about dualizing but i'd like to get into his nonexistant pants. XD
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Reala: * he levitated in circles around the visitor* What am i no good for you to dualize with me?! I am no Nights but surely i can make things fun! Tchu how dare you look down at me! * he placed his hands between his legs* Stop eyeing me there! >o<!

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