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ISLAM a religion of peace

By iraqson
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two hours underworking in photoshop cs4
ISLAM is not means terror
its a religion of peace
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Hi, This is really a nice work.
If I want to use your artwork in my design, what I have to do?
Can you inform me please. Thanks n regards.
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جميل جدا
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شكرااا لكم
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Maşallah, beautiful picture!
Keep going :)
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thanks dear friend
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thanks dear friend
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Yeah Islam is a Religion of peace, just look how much the Sunnis and th Shias love each other.
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yes they love each other :P .. Dont look at Tv Lies ..
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Islam religion of war
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u mean Islam is religion of Peace and love :)
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i think Islam is a dynamite religion
iraqson's avatar
ok dont think like this again'
we are pacefull
Jimmywires's avatar
not all of ya...
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nice job bro
تصميم ولا اروع
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مشكور حبيبي انت الرائع
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Yet another wonderful piece. It's people like you who lift our heads high brother.
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thanks alot my dear brother
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amazing design ...
proud to be muslim for ever :peace: ...

we are religion of peace not religion of cowardliness

NO ONE have the right to bash muslims.

every one in this world before accuse islam better check their own hands with the blood of innocent childs , womans and all civilians who the world is killing by the gun or by the silence and accept the criminal acts :

in Iraq , Afghanistan , Pakistan , Bosnia, Chechnya , china ,and PALASTINE :( ...

there is mass organized slaughtering against Muslims.and they call it "unavoidable civilian casualties " :(
iraqson's avatar
They dont talk about this never..
But believe me ..
One day islam will be stronger
and they will know wt islam means..
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A religion of peace, eh? I guess I was just distracted by all the jihad and honor rape.
iraqson's avatar
Jihad is a means of self-defense
And we are proud of it
Mysterieux936's avatar
Riiight, a group of primitive desert dwellers feels that violent action and the murder of 50 people is a justified retaliation to a cartoon. But that was just self-defense, eh?. Uh huh.
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