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one * indicates first phase rules two ** indicates added or altered ones  *** are phase three rules!  No big changes for anyone who has already used my stock!

*My stock images are to be used for non-profit use only. If you would like to use an image for a piece you plan to sell or offer as a print you MUST contact me for approval; if I like your work I may possibly allow it, but I promise nothing. The more work you put in (in other words not just adding a few filters in PS) the more likely I'll grant permission.

*Give credit where credit is due and please post a link in a comment under an image you've used. I like to see what other people use my images to create, it's the whole point of my stock :) Please note that I may re-post your image on personal sites (i.e. FB) for my friends and family to view, but I will always credit you and the images will always be web sized only.

*No image may be used in a work of the pornographic nature. Stock images featuring children/infants may not be used in renderings depicting violence to said child (if that makes sense).

*No image may be used in a racially offensive manner.  If you don't know what that means, then you shouldn't be using my images at all.

**No image may be used for an image of the "enlarging" variety, for lack of a better term.  Let me explain: if you want to use an image just to enlarge breasts, butt, belly, etc., to make them enormously large DON'T.  To each his own, but I don't find any artistic appeal in those types of images and would prefer you did not use my stock for them.  Same goes for "Giants" images.  Nope, don't care for it.

***No image may be used in a "Giants" image.  If you're not sure what I'm talking about you likely don't need to worry about this rule.  If you are a Land of the Giants artist, you know exactly what I'm referring to so this pertains to you.  I don't care of the Giants thing so please do not use my stock for those works.

*Rules are subject to change and revision so please check them every time you use a piece of stock! Whatever rules are posted at the time of use are what will be honored but it is your responsibility to double check. I don't foresee them changing much, but I am new to this and may not think of something until it comes into question. I will post a NEW journal entry for any major changes!

*None of my photography present on my other DA (IQuitCounting) site may be used unless it's posted to this one as well. The two sites are separate in order to keep the line clear and unquestionable. However, if you spot something on my other DA that you'd like to use, please contact me, I may approve of posting as stock as well!

**I use to take requests, and I still do, but now that I'm a student I don't have nearly as much time on my hands as I use to so my time for stock has dwindled, at least during the school season... please feel free to send them, just don't expect an quick response.

Thanks for reading and following these restrictions! I can't wait to see the art we create together!!!

-Tiffany Jill
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