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(these rules are no long entirely valid, please see link for most current rules!)
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LucaBlok Digital Artist
I have read you rules, and I am so placed to follow them.
So right, so sense.
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I have read your rules and was wanting to use your photo for a tutorial and not commerce
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your belly is beautiful
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I'm using this for a high school student newspaper. 
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I have read your rules and was wanting to use your photo for a tutorial? I am just starting out and am a hobbyist.
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kingnothing991Student Traditional Artist
Mind if I use this as a reference?
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SoulcolorsArtHobbyist Digital Artist
I used your beautiful photo here:

Thanks a lot. I did make him pointy ears, hope you don't mind.
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IQuitCountingStockProfessional Photographer
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Image used here for mushrooms! Thank you!

Let me know if it works
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IQuitCountingStockProfessional Photographer
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SuspendedSmilesStudent General Artist
I'm just curious if i can use one of you images as a reference for a digital art piece for one of my classes (it will be a mix of illustrator vectors and Photoshop painting) it wont be sold or anything like that and i'll be posting it on here once its finished. Would this be ok?
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IQuitCountingStockProfessional Photographer
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wangyoungStudent Digital Artist
Hello I’m young eun. I’m student in university. I want send email but I didn’t found your e-mail address. Sorry I don’t speak English very well.
So please understand If I used not right word or rude word or grammar mistake, please do not feel angry and understand me.
The reason I writing here.
I get permission that I used one picture.
I used that my university class homework.

The class has 58 students.
We have a project that make a story book “the little prince” for we portfolio.
We did one of each page their personalities.
And I gather each page and edit for make a book because I’m class president.
It may be print 1000 books. And will be sell in bookstore.

professor choice my page for cover image and there is one your image in my poster.
The purpose is our student portfolio not money. But anyway it sells other people. So I think must have get your permission. If you don’t want be used your picture .you tell me I didn't offend.

Oh. Used Picture is a blond boy.
He hands is on his face like cry.
He wear gray shirt print headphone.
The cameras cut him off at the waist

Thank you read my letter.
And you want send answer my e-mail.

I request for favorable arrangements.
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AmberrantHobbyist General Artist
Just curious, but as a stock provider (can I say that?) what are your views on people using stock as anatomy practice (e.g. sketches and the like)? Is that alright? Because I want to do that for self-improvement, but if I feel like sharing my progress, does it matter that the image was not digitally manipulated or anything. I don't want to step on any toes!
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IQuitCountingStockProfessional Photographer
Using my stock as reference is perfectly fine :) I get a lot of people that use my work simply for that. I can't speak for others, although I would guess that most don't mind.
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AmberrantHobbyist General Artist
Alright, thanks. I just wanted to here someone's take, but I'll ask someone else also.
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I uh didn't see we had to ask permission first, but I used your stock as a reference for [link] , so I guess I'll ask permission now? If I don't have it, I'll take it down!
But if I do get it, thank you! It was just what I was looking for!
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IQuitCountingStockProfessional Photographer
Nope, you don't have to ask first :) You're fine.
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Missvirginia Digital Artist
I wanted to use one of your stocks has reference for a character that I will be making for someone as a point commission. Do I need your permission before I receive payment for it, or do I simply credit you in the comments and send you a link of the finished work?
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IQuitCountingStockProfessional Photographer
No need for the payment permission :)
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punklaceStudent Artisan Crafter
Hi! i would love to use your photo White Wig III and edit slightly for my blog for a post about fashion wigs. is that ok?

my blog: [link]

Thank you!
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IQuitCountingStockProfessional Photographer
Yup, sounds fine :)
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punklaceStudent Artisan Crafter
thank you
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linderelHobbyist General Artist
Hello! How do you feel about posting manipulations using your stock on sites other than dA? I always like to show my work at this little community called Elftown if at all possible. :)
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