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kaomoji set 2 57/67:// Alright I have a lot to say about this~ READY TO RANT~
One of my absolute favorite anime series is the PreCure!~ and it makes me really
sad that they're not very popular among older audiences; I guess is due to their
super kid friendly themes and the repetitive plot throughout the series...
"Normal girls are summoned by alien fairies from a different universe
to become "PreCure" and protect the earth."
I've been watching several precure series, though my main focus has been "Happiness
Charge Precure" I haven't watched far enough through the others to have a strong
opinion as I have on this one but I can definitely tell is really different from the others
as it's obvious it takes a different approach with the art style but one of the things
that called my attention the most was the love triangle there is in between
four of the main characters, which I guess you could say is the subplot of the series
and BOY DO I LOVE IT! Is something I haven't seen in other precure series *^*! there's
also focus on all the four precure girls throughout the series instead of focusing
on just one from time to time like the others (The Blue PreCure though, Hime can get
awfully annoying (she stills my favorite though)
.. overall is a great series that I find really
sad never really got much attention...
Guess I'll be able to compare it more to other precure series ~
Currently watching, Futariwa Precure, Smile Precure, and Mahou Girls PreCure

Now onto the picture...
I have always wanted to draw something like this  ;v ;
and if you have watched the series you'll know Megumi
has a crush on Blue *^* and while I'm halfway through with the series I can already
tell they won't end up being together///sobs// so only in my fan girl dreams~ Bunny Emoji-73 (Tears) [V4]

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