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LoL: Soul Stealer

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We will be at AnimeExpo 2014 Table I15-16

So this is what it has all come down to. Life has dragged me away kicking and screaming into the depths of its oblivion leaving me completely at a loss for what is up and what is down. Last couple of months have been an on and off relationship with the notion of having to move out to a new apartment, getting sick, travelling, and generally never being on top of anything.

I need a new way of scheduling- or I just need to move. I need some physical manner of change to put everything in order because as things are now it's growing increasingly more impossible to figure out what I need to do and what I CAN do.

Anyway this is the rare number of things that managed to reach completion- though it was basically a work in progress since the winter season and has debuted once in its less complete form back in Fanime.

We'll be away for AX and Winnipeg's Ai-Kon for the next 2 weeks, after which we'll be packing for a move and settling over in August. Between time I'm going to have to reorganize every worklist I own in hopes of getting somewhere with everything because this is...even for me sort of ridiculous.


Also no, I won't be uploading higher resolution/non-watermarked versions of my print images anymore. Originally I admit...I didn't care too much as I understood that everyone likes using things for wallpapers and such. I don't mind that.

Hell, you'd be surprised how little I care about people tracing/ripping my work (so long as they're not just uploading it up in its raw form and claiming ownership that is) but recently my Arcade Sona's been tossed around like a cheap whore by some wholesaler and it's popping up in all sorts of strange places. 

I don't see much chance in getting rid of them, but at least I can make sure their prints are ugly as hell when they try :/ 
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So she steals her victims soul?
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 nice art!
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love love love it!!! Nice jobI think I've fainted. 
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THIS IS SO GOOD OMG  :iconsopsplz:
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Ahhhhh I didn't get to go to the anime convention last year ; A ; </3

Will you be hosting a panel again this year? Q 7 Q
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I don't host panels but I do get artist alley tables!
Not sure which convention you were referring to though
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very nice!!!! *O*
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Amazing scene! ^7^ I love all the colours and details! It really makes this look so realistic! 
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Just bought this at Animethon 21! Its GORGEOUS!
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thank you ;A;!
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This is so freaking awesome! ;D
Amazing work!
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Such a freakin smexy fox lady *>* lol!
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Damm dude 
This is so fucking awesome i love this one 
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Definitely epic art! The lighting is fantastic, absolutely wonderful :)
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