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LoL: Foxfire Ahri

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This isn't new >< I had this around all of last year but never got around to posting things up!
Hey guys :3 How are you all? I realise I haven't been all that active on DA lately save for the spammy updates about my streaming. 

A lot of my activity is starting to diverge away from here and onto all other social medias that I've so stubbornly tried to avoid in the past. Even so, this was my original base, and I really just can't forget it entirely so yeaaa :'D

Anyway Foxfire ahriiii~ I still love her so much (Ahri I mean, I'm only just okay about foxfire =P ) though still not as much as Ashe recent times jinx =P GLOBAL ULTS FTW!!!
She'll be going up on the print store as well as soon as I gather my wits to update everything else there Orz

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Still my favorite firefoxy fanart
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Wonderful!! It's simply beautiful... I want to share this amazing image of you in my gallery (with your username in the name of the picture and the respective link, of course). Can I do it, please?? Independent of your answer, nice work!! 
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One of the best for Ahri
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wow this is actually really good! great job ippus! ^^ 
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beautiful job *O*
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i remember buying this from anime rev! beautiful job!
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oh- thank you ;A;!!!
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no thank you for being so goddamn talented 
this artwork is absolutely ridiculous! like, the good ridiculous...ippus OP, haha. all of your drawings are just fantastic...definitely rivals the splash art for these champs! i was just wondering what software you use to colour these and/or the process...? some info would be great. thanks, and keep on making awesome art!
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I think its paint tool sai for coloring, then photoshop for effects and lighting.
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absolutely love it!
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You're GODLIKE!!! :O
This is my fav skin of her :3
This is an absolutely incredible piece of artwork, wow... is it okay if I download it and use it as lock screen on my ipod? :O
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Wow, impressive! :D Ahri looks so great! Nice work!
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this looks so awesome! Love the flames!
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ifgsgd0oh my god this is so awesome ;-; veeery great job you did there!
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