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LoL: Ezreal the Prodigal Explorer 2

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Anime Expo 2013 >> TABLE D56~!
Lots of League prints and more! Please come visit :3!



Trust me to do stupid things like this at crunch time. This was meant to be...MINIMAL levels + colours edit for printing and then I started editing other things...

...And editing...

........and editing >_>;;

I think at this point it's enough changes to actually just submit as a whole print and act like the old one never happened Orz

IamsucharetardIknow Q_Q;;;;;
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Ezreal !! *o*
I love it !! :3
TheAnonyMouseGamer's avatar
OMG this is beautiful :)
foxgirlrao's avatar
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Hello I used your art to make a custom wallpaper for personal use, I gave you the credit. Thank you for beautiful art! You can check it out here:…
Tizbi's avatar
OMG ezreal >.<
my fav adc to duo with
shiranui1295's avatar
beautiful o . o i love the coloring in this. plus, you made him attractive XD which is always nice, lol
loveyoumuchos's avatar
When does the day come that I can draw like this, beautiful!
LittleDragonKid's avatar
The Face look a little bit to Female, but the rest is cool.
KeyFrost's avatar
He's adorable! Nicely done! c:
RuizBr's avatar
For a moment I thought it was Link and Navi... o.O
Estderp's avatar
I'm really digging the glowy feel he has to him~
skyblue000's avatar
Oh my, this looks amazing~ :wow: I love the colors you used here! :D Incredible work~ :love:
Shrooblord's avatar
Holy bejeezus this is amazing! :D
LadyShotaCon's avatar
meep..too good ;A;!
Blizzmaster's avatar
Very cool. Love your style.
RayneLasira's avatar
RedWingsDragon's avatar
Awesome work here
beamiranda's avatar
CrAzYatHeartt's avatar
ermergershhh I love ittt :D
Applime's avatar
Lovely! :D I love the soft coloring.
YoungUSK's avatar
COOOOOOOOOOOL! really love it :D
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