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LoL: Ashe the Frost Archer

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There was so much complaints I edited it slightly >_>
I still disagree and do believe the pose can totally be done, so I refuse to completely change over the entire pose of this picture just because some people aren't flexible enough to pull it off. (Yes I have tried it, I can do it, and frankly this was never meant to BE practical)

That being said I do think my shading may have mislead the viewers into feeling that way on some aspects so I changed those. And the hand, because it was far too difficult trying to balance out the rest of the picture in the previous version.

This is the last edit before Anime Expo.


As I've said countless of times....I love Ashe.
She's my main of all mains, and I will love her forever ;^;

One of my prints for the upcoming Anime Expo.

Trying out some new brushes- though on the whole I have some rather mixed feelings about it.

Also...I really don't care if she's drawing the bow wrong. She's already drawing 5 arrows that have no tails while "flashing" away (LOLOLOLOL*SHOT*) I realize she's been updated to 7 for a volley but it was already dumb looking as is with 5 :'D

Teemo and Kayle coming up next- followed by hopefully an updated Bloodmoon akali, a Talon and Soraka? Along with other commission stuff I am polishing up now ;A;

Please feel free to suggest some more~! =Ka-ho and I are trying to see just how many we can cover just between the two of us LOLOLOLOL aukshfduashdkfhvbdkv

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Wonderful art! =D
Oh shit very nice Ashe!!!
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Woah!!!! I love her smile
ippus's avatar
omggg that icon
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Wow, I really like this piece. :)
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She's so beautifullllll!!! ♥♥♥♥♥!
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I love her confident expression!
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I love Ashe too! and I really love your Ashe *AAAAAAAAAA*
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Volibear, you can?
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ashe was my first main so she always has a special place in my champion pool. It probably also has to do with the fact that i've always had this thing for archers
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People complained that the back couldn't bend like that?

Please hold on while I move to another planet.
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better yet... hold on while Ashe prepares her ULTI !!
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It looks so damn amazing! (I can't handle her for playing), but I love this! ♥
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