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July 25, 2016
LoL: Arcades by ippus is wonderfully bright and colorful.
Featured by TsaoShin
Suggested by DragonflyAndromeda
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LoL: Arcades



Oh- OH LOOK IT'S A DD 8DD It's been a while. Thanks a bunch guys <3
Esp DragonflyAndromeda for the suggestion + TsaoShin for putting it through <3!!!


Another Upload? What??? I must be going crazy!

Actually this is probably not as surprising since I tend to update Facebook & Twitter much faster than I do Deviantart.  Iunno, things just aren't as casual and I've pretty much marked this place as the "finished images" dump. Even so, given how long I've been on this site, I always feel the obligation to update it anyway (Though to be honest I'm not entirely sure if anyone really cares Haha;;; I mean given how much I neglect this page it's not that surprising?)

This was a piece I started up way back last year when I decided it was high time I retire the Arcade Sona & Arcade MF prints from my convention circuit. Things were getting heavy and the single character art pieces were becoming really one note. I've only recently found the gall the finish it.  

As it always is with long projects...there are parts of it that really wore out their welcome, but on the whole I'm pretty happy with how this piece progressed. I've learned a lot through this and I think, I've started working on the more recent-ish pieces with more confidence because of working on this. There's been a lot of wins =P

Anyway, I thought I'd change my uploading template up a bit because the previous was so cluttered and a lot of my dialogue gets lost in it. 

If you enjoy this, PLEASE have a look at my Patreon!
YES I HAVE A PATREON NOW! Like everybody else...ever...


It's really new but my first bundle for the month of July will focus on this piece in particular. From WIP compilations, full res JPGs and low res PSD files with all the layers in tact! Also all Patrons joining right now in what remains of May will also get a special bundle based on my LULU piece: 

LoL: Lulu Set by ippus


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Amazing art and composition! =D