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LoL: Arcade Sona

By ippus
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Some major changes to the face when I was editing the file for a small print :'D


Finally posting this after multiple livestreams and conventions. Probably edit it one more time before the next print (It's never anything big....I just have issues from time to time. It's just a matter of motivation...) but all in all this it's how it is.

Next convention is Anime Expo, virtually my only US con of the moment. We don't have table placements yet but when we do I'll shove another journal up 83
Lots of awesome people going this year so it'll be terrible fun~

LoL: Katarina the Sinister Blade by ippus LoL: Ezreal the Prodigal Explorer 2 by ippus LoL: Darkflame Shyvana by ippus LoL: Kayle the Judicator by ippus LoL: Captain Teemo by ippus LoL: Ashe the Frost Archer by ippus
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Can you draw Harley Quinn?!?Harley Quinn Bite Harley Quinn Bat and this is really pretty
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I love Sona <3
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Old version was much better.
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If you want to edit something, better fix Kayle fingers i think :D
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Kayle is a piece I've retired from printing so I honestly don't feel the need to bother. And regardless of whether you preferred the old sona face or not, the fact remains it was wonky as hell so no, it wasn't better :/ 
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I'm so glad you took more time to render the whole atmosphere rather than draw a huge chest Happy Tears She looks so cute and innocent there, omega good job
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I can't agree more with you!!
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Awesome style and color (^_^)
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magnificent drawing
May I use some of your League of Legends fan art for a video? I would of course link to your page!
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I'm still so happy for what you have done for me. Gonna make sure it's away from my bird's cage this time. I am forever grateful for your kindness and understanding T___T Thank youuuuu
Hi ippus!

Your Arcade Sona has been featured here:…

Keep up the good work!!!!
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what was this done in, Sai or Photoshop o.o
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shiiiiiiiet, okie owo
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amazing artwork...
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