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Round 2 of the PSCC Symmetry obsession

This time with a drawing I wanted to do years back and only got back to it recently.

I actually have a bit of a history with this song and honestly it was hard not to think about it when I was working on this the last week or so.


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Very beautiful work! :heart: 
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Hi Ippus!

I've been a long time fan, but I haven't been very active in keeping up with Deviantart (or any social media things tbh). I just wanted to say that it is always nice and encouraging to see that you are still working and updating with new(or old, doesn't really matter) artworks. It's always a nice surprise and delight to my busy days. Sorry for getting a bit sentimental or whatever. I'm actually not usually one to comment and I'm only one person out of your many fans, but I've always wanted to say that I hope you keep enjoying creating art because it's a very big part of my life and it's always wonderful to see someone's passion creating such beauty.

And as always, this piece is just as beautiful as all of your other works. Technically these are many of my favorite things together all in one nice artwork. (Vocaloid dork here.) I wish I was more of an active voice/supporter, but I fall into that terrible category of silent fan who appreciates everything but never finds the energy or time to comment/like. I'll do my best to keep on checking your updates periodically, but again, please just keep doing what you enjoy and I will support you through and through. ^ w ^ (Also, this is honestly the most embarrassing and cringe-worthy thing since I am a complete stranger, but you really do deserve all the love and support! I figured I owed you something at least once rather than being a creepy stalker forever.)
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She's a cutie ^^

Who is she? Where is she from?
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Woaa, your style is so gorgeous! I love the colouring and her expression is just... wow! :aww: :heart:
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Very magnificent!
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Beautiful wedding drawing
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Stunning art!
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This is.. Amazing.. Keep drawing *Clap Clap* THIS IS GORGEOUS!
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Your art is so gorgeous and amazing!
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