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Fantasy Earth Zero

So like...a whole month of my life is now gone because of this game. I've done literally nothing but eat, sleep and play this game while drawing on the sides after really bad n00b rushes or frekkin maintenance.

This is is my first time entering a DA art contest @_@ I don't really like art contests >_< They kind of cause me too much stress and so I try to avoid this as much as I can but.......

The mage set sleeves were too cute to resist ;_;' It's so Squeenix-FFT-ish. It makes me happy ;A;'

I just stuck with what I wanted my character to look like in-game. I went for a more European design with a matching staff (MAGES NEED MORE CUTER STAVES >< STOP DOTING ON THOSE DAMN BOW SCOUTS ALREADY TAT GIVE US CUTE WEAPOOONNNSSS). I know mages don't get leg armor but...they fall over so much that I think they really should. Scraped knees are bad for a young girl;;;

...And if you haven't already noticed already this game has caused me to emote. A lot. It creeps me out too but I really can't stop it anymore.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My character is a spoilt, Cesedrian, war-mongering brat. Despite the constant broadcasts of peace from their Elven queen, she considers everyone in the world beneath her and wants to own it all. She likes cute, competent people and thinks anyone that doesn't fit that criteria should just go ahead and be PS'd to death. (No she's not very nice at all ]D She can be the cute and/or competent people. Or even the people who just turn over and do her bidding. She'll look over your disabilities if you just do as she says ufufufufu.)

She hates Scouts. Dagger Scouts for always being sneaky over powered bastards that always come up behind her (causes her skin to crawl every time DX) and bow scouts for being idiotic teammates that like to break all her successful ROOTING with their puny failtastic attacks.

:iconerina: :iconorenji-kun: :iconaurvandil: :iconriftgarret:
(Rekail/Reidan where art thou ;A;? )

Annnddddd to the other people of ces:
Panda102 (my first ever corp leader *A*), Xbella (first girl i met ingame :'D), Zalark (*pokesyoureyeout*), Fenrir_ (oh-great-narcissistic-leader-of-victories-we-heart-u-veri-much :heart: ), Sylv, Love, and many others from PAX (:heart:), Amamiya (PERV DX), Hrunting (OH GALACTIC FAERIE WHERE ARE YOU ;___; ), Envy, _mayuko_, Cronamus, Dot Dot, Julianne, Woodwall...

annnddd from the other side:
Mrknight, Uni_corn (HORNY GAY PONY~!) and Nexi (sorry sorry I always end up hitting you ;_;'''')

...there are more but you probably didn't leave an impression ]D................*SHOT*

Actually I just don't have you on friendlist so figuring out who I missed is kinda hard XD (feel free to shout at me in-game anytime ]D;;; )

Thank you all for making the game what it is for me ]D

The uber and awesome and FAR MORE PERFECT THAN FENRIR_ IN EVRY WAY Erina finally after much tragedy posted her entry too ;A; Love her some love:

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i still look at this even after the years i first saw this 

; 7;
Poki-art's avatar
AAMAAAZIING!!!!!!!!!!!! those lines, and colour, and folds..... great job!
Blodbad's avatar
NoviceArtist487's avatar
Nice, soft colors! I like her pose and the overall design of her gear, especially that lantern :la:
paulkohndiaz's avatar
I love the design of the boots.... its awesome!
Naetendo's avatar
This is genius.
riwokan's avatar
i like the colors of this pic! *faved*
Sushi-Ice-Cream's avatar
Ahhh! I love your coloring style~
So pretty!
Broodboy45's avatar
This is amazing, how do you get your art to look so smooth. In my art I always end up with defined black edges because when I go to color it just looks wierd w/o them.
Tammaki's avatar
Awesomeeeeee You're a great artist clothes are very nice
TwistedAlyx's avatar
Great clothing details. :nod:
FrogHime's avatar

This is so cool... O_O The design is lurv~ :+favlove:
Tsubasachi's avatar
odde-hinata's avatar

I used your artwork to make this one... :D I hope it's okay with you ;a;
cornROLL's avatar
The outfit, picture, person, hair, face, is all amazing.
And everything I left out :D
Too bad FEZ closed down though.. I'll miss it ; - ;
you have an uber awesome gift
TsundereChocolate's avatar
luv it, would be better with a back ground, but the girl is perfect
BFFG's avatar
I love this, the outfit's really cute and the boots and staff are awesome ^_^
phoenixleo's avatar
Your work was suggested by *evermorefire and featured in the news article, The F Word #8!
Hope you take a look around the other deviations featured as well as some information and contests around dA that you might be interested in! :)

Thank you and take care!

reinerelvenstar's avatar
She have a really awesome chain boots or shoes, and colour contrast with her costume, and cool designed lamp staff. ;)
Milo-MichaeLis's avatar
so lovely pink girl with classic colored dress i like your fantastic work
i will add it as fav if you don't mind ^^
Chibikitty09's avatar
it's looks so'd be in the official guit or something!
Chibikitty09's avatar
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