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March 21, 2015:
Because this group has largely become inactive, and in the interest of bringing high quality art groups together for easier management, I am shutting this group down. It will remain active to redirect people to the main group, as well as serve as a historical landmark, but no new submissions for art or membership will be accepted or processed. Thank you very much everyone for these wonderful few years.



Fifth Element

About iPonies and what we are here for:

As most of us know, there are tons of deviantART groups out there, and today, finding them (creating them) isn't very hard, and is free. Most of the time, whenever a group is born, their mission seems to usually fall under the "well, let's see how many members we can get and go from there" or "let's accept all deviations to provide fairness and respect to all members" kind of category. To be honest, we have no problem with that and we completely understand why a lot of groups run that way. However, this is not one of those groups at all.

You see, one of the main things about most groups out there is that they prefer quantity over quality, meaning that they don't really care about how good the art is that they accept. They only care about accepting each and every deviation that is put through their usually automatically-accepted submission system. Because of this, a lot of deviants tend to leave those type of groups in order to stop the spam of simple doodles and sketches, much less low-quality art. Here, we focus purely on the quality that talented artists pour into their works, and display them here at iPonies.

Also, membership for this group is also not automatically accepted here. There are two ways in which you can become a member:

1. You can send us an application and provide us with at least one link to one of your MLP deviations so that we may better review you. Please keep in mind that sending us a blank application may result in an auto-decline.

2. You simply receive an invitation from us.

Those are the only two ways in which you can achieve membership here. Either way, if you don't want to apply, but simply wish to see the deviations that we accept, you can always just add the group to your deviantWATCH.:+devwatch:

With all of that said, we hope that you enjoy your visitations here at this group, and we most certainly hope that you enjoy the quality work that pops into your inbox.


Group Rules:

:bulletblack: For members that contribute deviations, please be sure that you contribute into the correct folders, as your deviations will be declined if they are submitted into the wrong ones.

:bulletblack: The current submission limit is 5 deviations per week, no matter the folder. This limit is subject to change at any time, so keep an eye on that.

:bulletblack: We do not accept works in progress (WIPs). Only finished pieces are allowed into this group.

:bulletblack: Each deviation will be put through our submission process, in which our admin(s) will vote upon using strict quality control. Also, please keep in mind that even if you happen to receive an invite to our group, that it does not mean that your deviations will automatically be accepted. All deviations will be put through our voting process.

:bulletblack: Our group does not welcome any original characters (OCs). We are solely focused on the canon characters of the G4 show only. Our group also does not accept or focus on photos, no matter the quality. We are a group that concentrates on digital, traditional, and actual hand-drawn, 2-dimensional art. Crossovers, however, are still allowed.

:bulletblack: Yes, we accept humanizations of ponies, and each of the main character gallery folders have their own sub-folder dedicated to them specifically. To see this sub-folder, simply click on any of the main character folders, and it will be shown on your left. Our group also does welcome shipping, so long as it isn't too strong or suggestive. Simple hugs and/or kisses are fine, but nothing too sexual is permitted.


Q: When if the deviation that I want to submit has a main character and a minor or background character? Would I submit that into the "2+ Characters" folder or the "Minor or Background Characters" folder?

A: If the deviation has more than one main character in it, even with minor characters, it is to be submitted into the "2+ Characters" folder. The "Minor or Background Characters" folder is strictly for minor characters only.

Q: My deviation was declined from being accepted into the group. May I ask why?

A: If you wish to have us answer this question, then we ask that you please do not post it in our comments section. Instead, please ask it in the actual submission process of your deviation that was declined. The same goes for all application requests.

Before commenting below:

:bulletblack: Please, no comments or complaints about our art policy or about how "unfair" we are.

:bulletblack: No spam or self-advertisements. Those comments will be hidden.







Affiliating with us is also extremely concentrated. We will not just affiliate with any group. We will only affiliate with pony groups that are prestigious in a significant way.



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Gallery Folders

By The Stream by aJVL
rose by Holivi
Lunar Serenity by viwrastupr
Season 4: My Dear Friends by Esuka
2+ Characters
What About Discord? by mysticalpha
Lost in Time, Lost in Space by Huussii
Full Stop by Tsitra360
Warmth by Tsitra360
Twilight Sparkle
Eastern Princess by Asimos
Midnight Sketch by sherwoodwhisper
Transcend by vest
Twi Button by Bobdude0
Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Bard by JaDeDJynX
Encourage by vest
Do I really have to eat them ? by Imalou
Pinkie's New Island by Tsitra360
AJ Portrait 2 by Tsitra360
AJ in the woods _ Collab by Tsitra360
Applejack iPad Portrait by Tsitra360
By The Field by aJVL
Rainbow Dash
Siesta by My-Magic-Dream
Rainbow Splash by Tsitra360
Love Ya by Miltvain
The Pride of Loyalty. by viwrastupr
On A Search For A New Land by aJVL
Emanate by vest
Nightmares are fabulous by Ruhje
Fobia by Mechagen
Sustain by vest
A little comfort for Fluttershy. by viwrastupr
Loving A Kind Soul by My-Magic-Dream
Cute as a Button by Bobdude0
Solid Class by The-Wizard-of-Art
'Come and Get Me Ya Big Goons!' by vest
She Doesn't Love Me Anymore by KP-ShadowSquirrel
Princess Celestia
White Swan by Yulyeen
Children of the Sun by AssasinMonkey
Princess Celestia by WhitePhox
Princess Luna or Nightmare Moon
Restless Nights by Huussii
Princess Cadence
Altare Secretum: Cadenza by Cigitia
Sunset Shimmer
Shining Armor
Shining Armor by harwicks-art
King Sombra
The Cruel King, Sombra by 1Jaz
Queen Chrysalis
Fools Love by Tsitra360
happy happy Discord by Ssalbug
Cutie Mark Crusaders
Hearts and Marshmallows by Bobdude0
The Wonderbolts
Fleetfoot by harwicks-art
Minor or Background Characters
Rose by DearMary
LyBon by Tsitra360
Into dreams of mares by AssasinMonkey
Luck Is Also A Skill by Pony-Berserker
Ode To The Shy by Sparva
Deviation of the Day
Just passing through by aJVL
Humanized Ponies
Things May Come and Things May Go by aJVL


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