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July 14, 2010
Steampunk Stamp FTW by ~Ipnorospo - Awesome pixel, and I just love steampunk.

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Steampunk Stamp FTW :3

By Ipnorospo
If you like steampunk :B put it in your journalplz :B
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© 2007 - 2021 Ipnorospo
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MostIrrational's avatar

If Eclipse allowed me to use stamps I'd grab this one in a heartbeat. :(

flaminqobones's avatar
Oh, I love the motion :D (Big Grin) 
Tsunarmy2's avatar…

The best Steampunk Band ever Abney Park

If you like Steampunk, Airships and Pirates, Abney Park is the band for you.
memeyedgelord's avatar
Love me steam punk  >~<
Pugishka's avatar
I'm using it !
XigLux's avatar
:iconlikeasirplz: :iconsaysplz: Indeed. *Sips tea*
purplepolkadots59's avatar
someone just really needs to make an awesome steampunk game soon. steampunk is so beautiful, yet fully other
SteampunkStation's avatar
I make steampunk and I would Proudly put this in my journal :3
ArtworkAngel's avatar

sweet job on this

:3 favorited

Kenatha's avatar
just <3 it *.*
xandoor7's avatar
Damn engine in my way! Now how am i going to get downstairs to the coffee hour, what with the robots all raking up the powered lifts?

Steampunk stamp is punked out of steam.
ezradeacon's avatar
Steampunk stamp is awesome :#1:
Midnigth-Wolf's avatar
Yay! I love steampunk *¬* and i love this stamp! x3
NeonMonsterBytes's avatar
Ooh I love this <3 I'll put it on my page!
R603's avatar
This is one badass stamp!
wolfking190's avatar
ye are a greate chappe, to make this wonderful steampunk stamp. i have only one question. how do i use it? ^^;
LetsStareAtClouds's avatar
If you are a non-premium number, you can copy the thumb code of the stamp and paste it in your ID ^^
ZEB31's avatar
Long live the Era of Steam! For we get to ride in blimps!
FoxyElf100's avatar
awesome stamp!!!
ProofrockPilchard's avatar
Steampunk, dear gentlemen and ladies, is rather quite brilliant, I say.
MrVoiceMan's avatar
Stempunk is cool. But, sometimes I need some oil to do the trick. Key word: OIL.
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