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Here Cometh The Hero :tale:

By Ipnorospo
But it seems he can't save himself :D

around 80 frames and 30 layers, 2 hours total

For :iconlivius: contest :aww:
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That's really good!!! :D I'm going to watch you now! (That sounded a little  creepy)  sad
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small but nice :thumbsup: congratulation:iconflowerheartplz:            
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thanks for the DD :D I really didn't expect it! and thanks for all the comments and the favs, really appreciated ^^... sorry for the long absence... really busy @ work for almost an year !
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Oh, I get it! How cute! :iconmega-la-plz:
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Amazing colours :D
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That's SO cute! :aww:
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:tale: oh please work I like this emote... prays when she clicks send....
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damn DA needs to make this an official emote, or I am going to be sad.... :(
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This piece is very nice. :nod:
Congrats for the DD!
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THIS is how Shakespeare is to me!
This is awesome and I love it!

Congrats on the DD!
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OOoooh that is amazing! it really caught my eye and makes me stare at it forev- well, a long period of time :aww:
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Very nice. And yes, the hero isn't supposed to save himself. There's a book that shows the basic pattern of heroes in myths and legends. Unusual birth, heroic deeds, rise to glory and power, fall from grace, and the last step: the extraordinary hilltop death (this is just a condensed version). In this case, your hero falls to death on a hill.
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:tale: ? How does one use the code for this little beauty?
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I dont get it. :?:crazy:
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See, it's a princess up in the top corner, it's supposed to be like she's in a tower. She's waving her little hankerchief so someone can save her. Then the nigfht comes out of the other corner, climbs up, and saves her by tossing her to the other end. :aww:
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uggg, i hate how ppl are just commenitng saying "cool" ITS NOT COOL OKAY! ITS FREEKING AMAZING! lol they have no idea how hard it is to make something like this, and to have it come out as good as it did. This my good sir/madame? lol deserves a a favorite!
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This is really nice : ) !
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