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Happy HOWLoween by Ipku Happy HOWLoween :iconipku:Ipku 94 20
3PISODE5 Soundtrack FULL
:star: = Completed, but yet to be linked
3PISODE5 Soundtrack FULL = Linked
1 - Morning Broadcast
2 - Oops Trouble
3 - Classroom
4 - Save the Frogs
5 - Cell Chimes 
6 - Street Folk
7 - Beddie Byes NO!
8 - Night Lights
9 - M0N5T3R5 :star:
10 - Jason
11 - Strange Little Bot Lady
12 - Broken News
13 - Static Dimension
14 - The Trees are Watching :star:
15 - Quaint Little Odd Town
16 - Rigged Jeopardy
17 - My
:iconipku:Ipku 7 5
MHA: Ray Gold by Ipku MHA: Ray Gold :iconipku:Ipku 60 14
ToTH: The Monster Hunter
I've been called many things in my lifetime. There's no label I haven't encountered that an individual has so frivolously tossed at me.
As ignorant and abrupt as their accusations may be, I know the truth, and do not apologize for my actions.
My father was killed by a Bloodwolf, more commonly known as the mythological Lycan/Vampire hybrid. Because of his sacrifice, he took my place as the prey while I fled.
At the time, I was young, and I was the only witness, so the attack was ruled out as nothing more than an animal mauling.
My mother blamed me for his death, and in her unyielding madness, disowned me and left me to fend for myself.
I didn't mind. She would have gotten in my way anyway.
Although I'd already dismantled a few beasts before my deeds were noticed, I hastily accepted the offer to become a certified monster hunter.
It is an organization observed by the government, and although it isn't secret, we don't go out of our way to make ourselves public.
Not that I care. I just wan
:iconipku:Ipku 30 17
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~Welcome to My Page!~

Mon Jul 11, 2016, 10:30 PM
If you have a question, please read this before asking me anything.
I find it hard to keep repeating myself to repetitive questions,
so I may not answer certain questions that are asked.
Answers to your QuestionsIpku, when will you post the next page(s) to your comic?
When I feel like it :) There is NO specific schedule for when the pages will be posted, so they will be posted at random times.
I know you're excited, but please try not to rush me, as pages take time to do, and I also have a life outside the screen to worry about ;p

Ipku, can I repost your content?
Check here for details:

Ipku, do you do requests?
No. I do not. Nor do I do art trades, or commissions. I only do collaborations with really close friends, and I only draw gifts when I feel like it. I take ideas into consideration, but don't be disappointed if I do not use/draw them.
Reason behind this is because there are so many people who are looking for free requests, and if I choose to do requests for everyone, I'll drown in them ^^;

Ipku, are you a boy, or a girl?
I'm bigender. Sometimes I'm a girl, sometimes I'm a boy. Thoug

_____MAIN PAGE:_____
Here is where I am most of the time.
If you want to talk to me, this is where you do so.

_____STREAM PAGE:_____
American Time (roughly): 12pm-4pm, 9pm-4am
European Time (roughly): 9pm-1am, 5am-11am


IppyKu on skype (I never use it. I hate skyping.)
Instagram (I never use this profile either):

Profiles my content is allowed on - IpkuProfiles my content is allowed on - Ipku
These people have my absolute, and full permission! I trust them immensely, so they need not ask to use my comics or art ^^
- Absie002:
- Anim-Nee-Chan:
- Ipku (ME DUH!)):
- ipkunoir (ME DUH!)):
- Ippy Ku (ME (DUH!)):
- Jay Noir:
- JeremyNoir Productions:
- NatalieGuest:


Miraculous © Zagtoon


15 days left to submit your animations for the TotH chapter 3 trailer!
I'm willing to extend if it's needed, but I would like to post the trailer within November :thanks:
3PISODE5 is reaching some finalizations.
However, my pixel artist had to step down due to depression, and I didn't want to push her.

So that leaves me a few more tasks to do, which will delay 3PISODE5 production.

- sprites
- remaining songs for the soundtrack
- character sound effects

Character bios are on my work computer (I would have posted yesterday, but I forgot to email them to myself ^^;), so as soon as I get to the computer, I'll post them.

See you then!
I was experimenting with beats and instruments to use for the 3PISODE5 soundtrack, and here's what I mashed together:…


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RottenRibcage Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Check your notes bud
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leomoon15 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
What happened to a Buggy Situation? I really wanted to finish reading it.
(1 Reply)
Bowser14456 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
You have to watch this Miraculous video, it reminds me of that webtoon you made awhile ago: ML: Crack Video
RottenRibcage Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
a little bird told me to give you this:…
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tpt12345 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2018
Hi ipku im a huge fan and i really love your art and your ideas.So im watching your art since 2016 and as i already said im a really big fan of yours a very shy person and my english are horrible but anyway i read about what you said for that guy from youtube and i was angry af with him so i tried to report him or something (but i didnt know how to do that sooo.......)..and then you said that you will post pages that are incomplete and only the MMC crew can have them..... i did not understand what the MMC crew is??? Ive searched it but i didnt understand anything at all basically my question is how can i read the complete pages ???
(2 Replies)
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