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I know this probably isn't what you want to see from me after my long absence, but someone from my friend's server needs a bit of help paying for her medical bills. I spent the majority of my money moving to a different country, and am still trying to build up my funds again, but if you're able, could you please donate? She is a very nice girl, and doesn't deserve to be in this situation. Donate here: https://gofund.me/3d840519 If you're unable to spare any money, then could you please spread the word? I promise, I'll come back on better terms. I'm just trying to help a friend in need while also getting my own feet back under me.
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3 min read
People are confused about my previous journal entree, so I'm going into more detail without revealing too much. I'm moving so that I give some people a chance to get their life back together, and also myself. Not saying names, but some people have been using me to do their responsibilities instead of doing them themselves. I helped them at first because they needed time to recover, but the fact is that they aren't recovering because they're used to me doing everything for them. Me moving away will hopefully get them to realize that they need to step up and take responsibility. Please don't say anything bad about the people. They are good people, but they're making bad choices right now. Hopefully this action helps them heal. This also gives me a chance to step into fresh air. Find myself and grown, you know? My life was stagnated at home, and this is me taking steps forward. The only reason I'm not saying where I'm going or what new job I have is because (believe it or not) some fans
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2 things

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1. I'm moving. Not to a different site, but to a different country. Not going into detail, but everything is fine. It's scary, but I think I can do it. Luckily I have a friend helping me. And before you ask, no. I'm not telling you where I'm going. That will defeat the purpose of me moving. 2. I gave away the rights to Machine Valet. I'll still post the pages because I wrote the story and got permission from the new owner, but the style will be different. Don't worry, the story is the same, so it'll be great. That is all.
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Miraculous ladybug: the moonlight hunter (teaser)

I just wanted to say thank you for creating thrill of the hunt. It got me through a dark period in my life and I wanted to say thank you I wanted show my appreciation by paying homage to thrill of the hunt and your character of Elias gray. thank you for everything

You speak my heart man

I see that you haven't made any posts for a couple of years now, so I just hope you are doing well, whenever you see this.

Hey, I just got to know, are you going to continue the Shadow's Tale or Thrill of the Hunt stories that you stopped for a all all time?

Glad I found about your art and story. I've been a fan even before I got an account....if you're there then all I want to say is....... it's an honor.

The Furry and Buggy Situation comics reminds me of when Spider-Man turned into the Man-Spider from the 90’s series.

I liked your miraculous comics