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Hey everyone! Happy new year! and a huge welcome to ALL of the new members we have :D

So we've got a few new things coming up in the new year. Critique nights, PhotoFriday, Interviews, Photoclasses and more!!

This journal will explain what each event is and when we will be running it :aww: I do hope you guys will participate in one or even all the events :la: Some are weekly and some we will do once in awhile :eager: If you have any questions feel free to comment on this journal. And also if you have any idea for future events/contests please send us a note! We'd love to get your idea into the group :heart:

We are looking for volunteers! Interested in helping out in the group? Please leave a comment on this journal entry and you will be contacted soon! :new:

:bulletpink: Critique Nights :bulletpink:

During these events you will join the #iPhotograph chatroom with a photo you'd like to get a critique on.

:w00t: Rules :w00t:
:bulletpink: When one of the mods start Critique Night they will ask you to press 1 if you are interested in joining. The order that the 1's are in is the order you guys will post for critiques.
:bulletpink: You must post a photograph ( duh ) :giggle:
:bulletpink: When you press 1 you are not only signing up for a critique but you also have to participate in critiquing others that will be posting as well. If you don't your turn will be skipped.
:bulletpink: When Critique Night starts please refrain from posting thumbs unless you are the one up for a critique.

Pretty simple eh?

When will these take place? - To Be Announced

:bulletpink: PhotoFriday :bulletpink:

:bulletpink: Every Friday you will be given a theme. You will have 1 week to take a photo (must be taken AFTER the theme is given). The themes could range from Portraits,nature, macro, animals and could also be a more precise theme like "The color pink" or "Something Circle shaped" etc.

:bulletpink: When you are done please note your submissions to  AshleyxBrooke :) Also please add "Taken for  iPhotograph's PhotoFriday" in your photos description :love:

:bulletpink: The photos will then be added to our "PhotoFriday" blog each Friday at the same time you are given a new topic for the next week.

When will this start up? - Coming Soon --->  iphotograph.deviantart.com/jou…

:bulletpink: Monthly Interviews :bulletpink:
We'll be talking to other photographers and seeing how they got into photography, what kind of gear they use, who inspires them ETC ! Know someone we should interview? Shoot us a note :D

:bulletpink: Photohunt :bulletpink:

This game is run in our sister chat photohunt

1. A game will begin when there are 4 players!
2. There must be 3 entries at the end of the game or there is no winner.
3. Winners must keep there images on DA since it will be added to the photohunt group gallery.( most players make a "Photohunt" Folder)
4. Wait until the end of the game to post your image.
5. Must be only 1 shot and not a collage
6. If you drop out you WILL be penalized. This means you will lose a win. If you have no wins it will just be a negitive.
7.Image needs to be clean!
8. Picture needs to be taken AFTER the topic has been posted
9. Please make sure the  exif data and the clocks on your camera are set correctly!
10. Text is allowed in images only if it is in the form of a watermark.
11. Please be sure to title your photo whatever the topic of the hunt is!

For more info on this game check out photohunt or the rules blog here photohunt.deviantart.com/journ…

:bulletpink: PhotoClass :bulletpink:

More info will be added soon :heart:

Want to help us out?

We would love it if you could share this journal in YOUR journal or even a poll so other will know about the upcoming photography shenanigans that they can get involved in :eager: If you've made it through this journal (YOU rock!) leave a little :camera: emote in the comments :aww:

Also come hang out with us in the #iPhotograph chatroom!

Enjoy! :camera:



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Looks like fun, can't wait :la: