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:bulletpink: Every Friday you will be given a theme. You will have 1 week to take a photo (must be taken AFTER the theme is given). The themes could range from Portraits,nature, macro, animals and could also be a more precise theme like "The color pink" or "Something Circle shaped" etc.

:bulletpink: When you are done please note your submissions to  AshleyxBrooke :) Also please add "Taken for  iPhotograph's PhotoFriday" in your photos description :love:

:bulletpink: Please label notes as "PhotoFriday"

:bulletpink: The photos will then be added to our "PhotoFriday" blog each Friday at the same time you are given a new topic for the next week.

Eventually we would like to make this a chat event. So everyone would meet on Friday to share their photos in the chat, but right now we are working on getting volunteers to help with the events :aww: We'll keep you posted though!

Previous Themes

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PhotoFriday - Edition #2 -The Color Blue
PhotoFriday - Edition #3 - Summer
PhotoFriday - Edition #4 - Portraits
PhotoFriday - Edition #5 - Birthday
PhotoFriday - Edition #6 - Orange
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PhotoFriday - Edition #9 - Hobby
PhotoFriday - Edition #10 (sorry late)
PhotoFriday - Edition #11 - New
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PhotoFriday - Edition #13 - Black And White
PhotoFriday - Edition #14 - Purple
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PhotoFriday - Edition #17 - Summer
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PhotoFriday - Edition #21 - Halloween
PhotoFriday - Edition #22 - Love
PhotoFriday - Edition #23 - The Color Green
PhotoFriday - Edition #23 - The Color Green
PhotoFriday - Edition #24 - In The Kitchen
PhotoFriday - Edition #25 - Food
:bulletpink: This weeks topic "Purple" Due September 21st  :bulletpink:

If you have any questions, feel free to send AshleyxBrooke a note or comment here :)



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floatingnemophilist's avatar
so this isn't current?
3Y3TOY's avatar
no more PhotoFriday????
Aponi06's avatar
What happened to PhotoFriday?
Kodi-Away17's avatar
Thank you so much for inviting me! I'm excited to be apart of this group! I love it and this sounds so fun :D
FabulaPhoto's avatar
Is this not a thing anymore?
JulliLynge's avatar
Thank you for inviting me :-)
I will participate when I can :-)
calciumblue's avatar
Wow! sounds fun!
Fredkaluppke's avatar
thks AshleyxBrooke for inviting me ! this group is of great interest, see ya around here :-)
calciumblue's avatar
Just took a photo and edited it! Uploading right now! This is such a cool group! Glad I found this! Too fun!
FTSArts's avatar
The photohunt was seriously addictive, I'll be brainstorming for a nice B&W shot, I've never really intentionally went for one, this should be interesting.
setiawanNR's avatar
how to send the photographs in this show . ?
AshleyxBrooke's avatar
You note me AshleyxBrooke with the topic of "PhotoFriday" :)
RaventheClaw's avatar
can you send more than 1?
AshleyxBrooke's avatar
One submission only :)
OrlandoZeta's avatar
Ashley, I'm sorry, but in this weeks i've been really busy, so I couldn't take any pictures.
Tomorrow, on July 8, will be given a final theme, or will end that day the contest?

ps I'm really sorry, I've never partecipated one of these contest.. :(
AshleyxBrooke's avatar
No worries! Tomorrow this weeks theme will be due and a new one will be given :aww:
kristinakachalkina's avatar
Fireaquila's avatar
I'd love to play, too :)
Djinay's avatar
De Why there isn't new themes since October 2015 ?
Is the project "off" ?
TheMethodOfMad's avatar
Soulpics's avatar
Sounds cool!!!:nod:
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