PhotoFriday - Edition #2 - The Color Blue

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 This past weeks topic was The Color Blue Here are the submissions :eager:

The flower of midnight by Nikonfinest

When the whole world comes crashing down by Nikonfinest

Photo friday - Blue - Shades of blue by Belgerathone

PhotoFriday - The Color Blue by Stariva

Blue Sky by brianhallpictures

Blue-Lollipops #Photofriday by Myrine86

BlueJeans by VBmonkey26

*** by Liguanna

PhotoFriday- The Color Blue by Pancakesisagirl2001

  This weeks topic is ......

:pinkBummyPhotographer: by MenInASuitcase :pinkBummyPhotographer: by MenInASuitcase :pinkBummyPhotographer: by MenInASuitcase :pinkBummyPhotographer: by MenInASuitcase


:pinkBummyPhotographer: by MenInASuitcase :pinkBummyPhotographer: by MenInASuitcase :pinkBummyPhotographer: by MenInASuitcase :pinkBummyPhotographer: by MenInASuitcase

PhotoFriday Rules

:bulletpink: Every Friday you will be given a theme. You will have 1 week to take a photo (must be taken AFTER the theme is given). The themes could range from Portraits,nature, macro, animals and could also be a more precise theme like "The color pink" or "Something Circle shaped" etc.

:bulletpink: When you are done you will send your photo to AshleyxBrooke via a note labeled PhotoFriday - Theme. Also please be sure to add in your photos description "Taken for iPhotograph's PhotoFriday, with a link to our rules journal found here…

:bulletpink: The photos will then be added to our "PhotoFriday" blog each Friday at the same time you are given a new topic for the next week.

Eventually we would like to make this a chat event. So everyone would meet on Friday to share their photos in the chat, but right now we are working on getting volunteers to help with the events :aww: We'll keep you posted though!

If you have any questions, please comment below or send us a note! OR ask AshleyxBrooke :love:

- AshleyxBrooke :gummybear:


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Wow this week had some great submissions!