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an amazing awesome stamp made by the talented :iconskatefreak14:

Please check out the original here! [link]

and show him some love too!
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Same! XD it is an awesome hat
jayfeatherlover4's avatar that All Levels At Once, the famous youtuber?  :D
sparklyAxolotl's avatar
I was thinking that too O: (sorry I'm responding to such an old comment D: )
Cougar200's avatar
every time i see this i pose for a picture XD
KlarthSan's avatar
Haha, funny and well-made.
DubstepDawg's avatar
It's funny because I have that exact same exact hat on right now o.o
marygoesrawr's avatar
i love his face right after he takes the camera away XDDDD
Mayuri98's avatar
oh my god, I have that hat! :D
I named it Hooter. :XD: Not referring to the restaurant, of course. ;P
inconfutabile's avatar
dbzfangurl47's avatar
Haha! That's awesome!
Shani-has-a-dethwish's avatar
hahahaha i loooove this :)
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dork...NOT TO BE MEAN! but in the vidio he looks funny :iconilikeitplz:
Darkiller45's avatar
HAHAHAH!!!! clever!! looks awesome
mind-focus's avatar

haha, that's awesome! :D
mi-l-ka's avatar
this is to show some love
to your stamp.
great, watching it over and over again, very entertaining ;)
don't get this wrong but you seem just the right kind of -a-little-bit-funny. i like that!
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Nice idea! I really like how you put it together.
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This is brilliant. :+fav:
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OMG this stamp is so cute!!! :la:
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My cousin has that exact same hat! That's so wierd! :lol: haha nice stamp!
goldenflames66's avatar
Don't know what that means but okay! :lol:
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It means flash, silly XP
goldenflames66's avatar
=P Sorry! I'm just silly!
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