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Countdown to #PhotoFriday - Purple

Countdown ended
Friday, September 21st @ 11:00am

This weeks theme has ended. Stay tuned for a new theme!

Want to be a part of one of the biggest photography groups on Deviant Art?

ribbit by wolf-minori

Do you feel pretty knowledgeable about photography or just looking to learn more and help out?

What we are looking for

:bulletpink: Someone to come up with a list of tips and tricks about photography
:bulletpink: People who want to write tutorials on different techniques (Bokeh, Night shooting, Sports, Etc)
:bulletpink: Photography history
:bulletpink: Weekly critiquers - These people will critique the photos that have been submitted to the "Critique Me" Folder
:bulletpink: Promoters (people who will promote the group and it's articles)
:bulletpink: Daily Voters- People who can vote on images that come into our group
:bulletpink: Hosts for critique hour in the #iPhotograph chatroom. (would love to do these on weekends)

We are also working on a Questions/Answers blog. People can send in photography questions and we'll have them compiled into one big blog :heart:

See something you think you could help out with? Leave a comment on this journal! Also if you know of anyone that may want to help out, tag them in a comment so they read this blog :camera:

iPhotograph Team

More Journal Entries

#iPhotograph Chatroom


This is where the magic happens We hold all kinds of fun stuff in the #iPhotograph chatroom. Critique nights, PhotoFridays, Events, Etc. Wanna show off your new photos and get some pointers? Or just looking to meet up with fellow photographers? Find us here :D






Group Mods




:camera: Who are YOU? Tell us a bit about yourself :) :camera: 

17 deviants said How long have you been doing photography?
15 deviants said Got instagram? Share it!
7 deviants said Share your favorite shot :)
5 deviants said How old are you?
4 deviants said What goals do you have in regard to your photography?
4 deviants said Fun Facts about you


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Submission Rules

How Do I submit?

The gallery of iPhotograph has different themed folders on the left side. Choose the one that fits you picture the best and and click it. On the upper right side you should see a button named "+ submit to this folder". Choose "Submit a New Deviation" if you still need to upload it or "Contribute an Existing Deviation" if the photo is in your gallery already, then "submit"

Submission rules:

:bulletpink: Submissions are open to ALL members

:bulletpink: We want to showcase only your most creative photos

:bulletpink: Only one photo per week.

:bulletpink: Make sure the watermark doesn't disturb your photo too much

:bulletpink: Always double check the folder you're submitting to

:bulletpink: The Featured Folder is for mods - they will select pieces they feel should be in there! :heart:

:bulletpink: A new folder for photo manipulation. Everything that is manipulated goes there (selective colour reduction/changing, adding objects/effects to the photo)
(Folder will follow soon)

:bulletpink: No collages.

Our motivation:

:bulletpink:We want to expose creative and talented photographers

:bulletpink:We want to inspire and help develop your perspective

:bulletpink:We want to connect fellow photographers

:bulletpink:We are helping you grow:

If your submission got denied you are free to ask for critique. We'll try to help you improve your skills and knowledge, motivate you to go further and bring out the best in you.

Members Please Read

What does it take to have your work featured by iPhotograph?

:camera: :pinkBummyPhotographer: by MenInASuitcase:camera: :pinkBummyPhotographer: by MenInASuitcase:camera: :pinkBummyPhotographer: by MenInASuitcase:camera: :pinkBummyPhotographer: by MenInASuitcase

The iPhotograph group receives alot of submissions. If every one of these were accepted then it would flood the inboxes of everyone who watches the group and so people would not pay attention. The iPhotograph galleries aim to showcase some of the best talent that deviantART has to offer, providing entertainment and inspiration to photographers around the world.

Each submission is stringently reviewed and voted on by a team of mods. It takes 5 votes before a decision is reached. This is the process for all shots, including if a group moderator wants to submit a shot in the gallery. Nothing is guaranteed and only the best will be accepted. With the exception of no photo-manipulations, there are no hard and fast rules about what will or will not be accepted to the iPhotograph group. For example on a wildlife shot soft focus and over exposure may not be fitting, however on portraiture these may be desirable qualities. Each submission is assessed on its own merit.

If anyone wants to know why their photo was declined they only have to ask, and one (or more) of the iPhotograph mod team will write a critique. Depending on the shot its self, a useful critique can take anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes to write and it may take a couple of days for a reply. Remember that groups are run by people motivated enough by their respective hobbies to give up some free time and keep a group running. Groups are not paid employment and everyone has their own life outside of deviantART.

Why don’t iPhotograph write a one sentence review of each shot? Simple, that doesn’t help anyone. A critique will give you a lot to work on, it will highlight your weaknesses so that you know what to target in your future shots. A good critique will also show you strengths as well as your weaknesses. You can understand fully want you want to do again in your future work and what you want to change. It can sometimes be hard to have your work pulled apart, but in the end you will be better for it and have to look to the future and the shots you will be able to produce.

Not only does iPhotograph want to showcase the best and the brightest of the deviantART photographic community, but also the iPhotograph team want help people grow and develop their skills as a photographer. That is why every person who asks for a critique on a declined submission, or accepted submission for that matter, will receive one. After all, if someone is not going to ask for critique and ways to better their shot what is the point in taking the time to explain why their shot didn’t get accepted?

If someone just wants every submission they post to a group to be accepted then iPhotograph is certainly not for them. However, if they want to belong a group which will deliver the finest quality photographs to their deviantWATCH list and will also try and help every member grow and reach their potential, then iPhotograph is certainly the group to join.

:camera: :pinkBummyPhotographer: by MenInASuitcase:camera: :pinkBummyPhotographer: by MenInASuitcase:camera: :pinkBummyPhotographer: by MenInASuitcase:camera: :pinkBummyPhotographer: by MenInASuitcase

Useful Links

:bulletblue:B&H, your one stop shop for buying photo gear:

:bulletgreen:Dpreview, camera related news and equipment reviews:, forums with answers to almost anything:

:bulletgreen:Camerapedia, camera based wiki:

:bulletblue:Wanna learn the basics? Go to photo class!

:bulletgreen:Film Development Chart, for you analog users out there:…

:bulletblue:Photography Dictionary:…



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