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Felt Mountain Wallpaper Pack

Felt Mountain Wallpaper. See it in action here: [link]

Sizes: 1920x1200 | 1600x1200
© 2007 - 2021 ipholio
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Are you this guy? If not someone uploaded your wallpaper and has not gave credit to you. [link]
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Well it looks like that submission was deleted on there. I do have a customize account under my same name there so if it was under the ipholio name, then yep it's me. Thanks for the heads up though!
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Great photo!!! Amazing work!!!+fav
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Thanks a ton, this is one of my favorite shots I've ever taken.
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Nice, thank you for that
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thats awesome man! Its on my desktop right now and its really awesome :D
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Wonderful! *_*
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looks awesome :) the see it in action screeny has changed though :)
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are you fast or what :|
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this is one nice wallpaper..i like it..just might use it:D
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Really beautiful wp, awesome color scheme :clap:
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Its an entry, but you wernt invited to the release, so you shouldnt really use the name if its nothing to do with it, apart from the same concept ;p
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I know, I'm going to update it and remove that name. ;)
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this is very good, would you mind sharing the stock picture?
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This isn't stock...the original photo is one I took myself.
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Nice colors!
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awesome colors :D
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download link doesn't work :(
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nvm that, it's working
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very nice. I love the way you worked it and the effects.
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