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This DA is pretty much used for my commissions and adoptables. The odd personal drawing is done now and then when I find time.

Thank you for any favs/watches/etc<33

Note: All Adoptable sales will have their comments turned off once all are sold.

Commissions: Closed
Art Trades: Closed
Requests: Closed
StreetLight Customs: Unavailable

Commission Work List
✔ Paid ✘ Unpaid ? No Ref
● Sketching
●● Lining
●●● Colouring
The-Beautiful-Sin ✔ ●●●/●●●/●●●/●/● [waist up group]
UFOkitten ✔ ●●● [gijinka design]
Twistyropes ✔ ●●● [gijinka design]
flyingwaysofducks ✔ ●●● [derpy chibi]
flyingwaysofducks ✔ ●●● [derpy chibi]
Thalea ✔ ●●● [derpy chibi]
Iraedra ✔ ●●● [derpy chibi]
ar-ciela ✔ ●●● [derpy chibi]
ar-ciela ✔ ●●● [waist up]
FruitCrepe ✔ ●●● [derpy chibi]
Ithiltari ✔ ●●● [derpy chibi]
Ithiltari ✔ ●●● [derpy chibi couple]
My parents need help paying something, so I'm opening 2 gijinka slots, and then closing again. Please note me if you're interested. o/


$55 is if you have an outfit, but you just want me to add to it/alter it.
$75 is if you want me to make a new outfit for the character.
*No weapons.

  • Elnin/Other Species Ref:
  • Skin Tone:
  • Gender:
  • Hairstyle:
  • Outfit: (refs or what you want me to make. If it's already designed, just link me the reference.)
  • Personality: Sum it up in 3 or less words.
  • Paypal: (please list your paypal here)

  • Type: (Fullbody/Halfbody/Semi Chibi/Derpy Chibi)
  • Coloured or Lines?:
  • Single or Couple?: (Derpy Chibis can have up to 5 characters in one picture)
  • Weapon: Y/N (does not apply to derpy chibis)
  • Character Refs: (You MUST have at least one full colour ref.)
  • Personality: Sum it up in 3 or less words.
  • Paypal: (please list your paypal here)

Paypal Only! No eChecks!
* For Line examples, check my gallery.
If you would like to order, please send me a note with the form.


- No refunds unless I say, or am unable to finish the commission.
- Not always first come first serve. I will pick and choose what to draw, but I will try my best to accommodate those I can. There are no guarantees, however, for slots.
- I choose the pose. Sorry, but I work better and faster when I decide on a pose.
- Keep it simple. No walls of text, and don't link me to your character's profile/gallery. (I have a short attention span and will likely overlook details OTL)
- Original Characters only (i.e no npc characters from games ect or rl people)
- No Nude/Porn, Satanic (horns and tails are fine), Furry, mecha
- I have the right to refuse your commission.
- Unless stated otherwise, I will not hold a slot longer than 24 hours. If you haven't sent me your information by then, you will be removed from the list.
- Pay once you're accepted. If you haven't paid within 24 hours, you will be removed from the list, and your slot will be forfeited.
- If you don't like these rules, then you don't have to order.


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LederHozen Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I knew I should have gone for the stitches adopt when I had the chance xD oh well~
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PsychedelicBeatjam Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2018
May I ask what happened to your old personal art?
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SARAIJMcM Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Keep up the good work <3
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Freckled-Jellyfish Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
your art looks so cool and beautiful >w<
(1 Reply)
dreameroftheblue Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
will you happen to be open for chibis again in the future? I have another beb I'd like to throw at you when you're free, ehehe ˵>u>˵
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