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original windows 95 icons

By ipapun
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These are the original windows 95 icons. I just add this deviant for fun. Hope you like guys.

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woah good job! Kirby Jamming

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Oh thank you so much. One of my friends on Discord sent me here.

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Oh Hello There XDD
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Great job ! But how do I set them ?

I could only set recycle bin, my computer and the network neighbourhood with the personalization of the destkop.

(I'm on windows 7)

you have to download customizergod so you can change all icons

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classic relic Amazed Lamp - DHMIS Icon 
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How to set them as default

download customizergod

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I won't but thanks.

What does your nickname mean?

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Oooooh I could kiss you.
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These icons look like the whole set from shell32.dll. Apart from those you should look into all the CPL files and Explorer.exe too to get the most commonly seen Windows icons.

I am currently using an XP SP1 system with classic, sharp icons obtained from 98/Me/2000. I found that later systems added too much new technology like wireless modems, which didn't have an icon in older systems, and therefore couldn't be skinned. A lot of icons in XP also reside in sysetup.dll, netshell.dll, newdev.dll, wiadefui.dll, and so on. To make icons show, these files have to edited with a "resource hacker". I'm not sure how useful this set is, since the icon numbers don't correspond to anything in later operating systems.

I could never tell what the "frame with diagonal corners" as the Desktop icon in Windows 98 represented. The old one did look like a desk. There were 2 icons of the desktop, one with the "sheet of paper" aligned with the "frame", and another one with the sheet put at an angle.

Overall, I'd like the 256-color Win98 icons better. You can still see most of the old ones by switching to a low bit depth mode or safe mode. The maxium size of 48*48 px in Windows 98/2000 was the best size that an icon should be. The resource usage of larger icons is unacceptable.

Here I've collected most of the Win 4.x/5.0 icons. Only icons, no modified DLLs. Maybe someone's interested to take a look.…
Awesome icons, my windows 7 looks EXACTLY like 95 (except there is a show desktop button in my taskbar).
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how to actually apply each icon to all the right programs and folders?
thanks so much ^^
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Thank you so much! I've been modifying the classic theme in Win7 to look more like 95, and this is so helpful!
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Thanks so much!  I've been looking for Icon 35 forever!  The old Desktop icon is so much better than the one that superseded it in Windows 98!
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