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Snow Leopard on my AMD PC

By ipapun
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At last i was able to load Snow Leopard on my AMD Pc today morning [For leopard screenshots see my Gallery]. Stunning Speed, Amazing futures and run flawlessly. No driver fail or not a little crash. Just work Amazing. Update to 10.6.1. Thanks to insanely Mac forum.

My system Spec:
AMD Anthlon x2 6000 Dual Core ~3.0 GhZ [Recognize as Unknown 3.0ghZ]
Asus M2N68-AM Motherboard [Sound and Ethernet Works]
160GB Sata HDD
Two [Sony and LG] IDE DVD-RWs
Nvidia 9400 GT XFX Graphics Card
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I have tried everything on my compaq laptop.. Specs: AMD Semphron M120 processor. 1.75 gb. of RAM. Wunning windows 7. I have tried EVERYTHING!!!! but nothing has worked. Could someone tell me what to do or provide a link that WORKS. Please help. THanks!
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Can you show us how to install it on AMD Processors?
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howd you do it?
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Looks amazing.
Are you install this iso or dmg ?
I think dmg don't work for windows.
Can you maybe tell me where you get snow leopard ?
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i have

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.20Ghz processors
HP Motherboard
Realtek HD Audio Soundcard
NVIDIA GeForce 8500GT
Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller network adapter

but everytime i burn and try to install leopard it crashes! it gets to "Starting Darwin" or "Loading Darwin x86" then just reboots everytime! why?
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Try to boot with single prcssor
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Hi I have the same specs as your amd how do i install snow leopard on my amd any help would be appreciated thank

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If u never install Mac OSX on your PC.......then u need a very hard research....and be in mind that installing MAC on PC is required a good amount of time and patient...You have to install MAC more than five times to get the correct driver support.....and telling how to install MAC in PCs is a very long way.......So see through the Replies and search on Google.......u must find a way :)
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Nice! :)

To get the correct processor info, use osx86 tools. :D It works great. But, I'm not sure if its compatible with snow. :P
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Yep....That work......but who care about the processor info!....and thanks for tip.
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And no problem! :D
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i have been using pc,s for almost 11 years now.
i have installed XP, vista ,7 ubuntu, kubuntu, xubuntu, linux and iatkos on my old pc.
seems like a problem with DDR3 or i7
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i never used DDR3 RAM and i love AMD more than INTEL
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dont need it anymore.
i hate pc,s. on mac you just use bootcamp and install windows like normalbut mac on pc is ******* hard to do.
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i dont think so.......May be it a bit of hard for beginners but when you get a little idea, Its become very easy to play with Mac......as for the PC....My AMD pc gives high performance than 2008 year iMac.........
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when i gets to the circle in setup, the system restarts with no error. Dell Studio XPS 435T.
guess its Dell fault, i cant even overclock anything with Dell
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i can be help if you give me your system config......
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If you used iDeneb for your system, how did you install SnowLeopard with no problems?
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from the ideneb system.......see here [link]
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Your PC does not have a problem when entering sleep or hibernate when you send her to?
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I dont get a single problem.........Please See here [link] for more detail
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Thank you very much for your response and hope that I apologize for the questioner but for your team which version you used for your team changed my good friend and as soon as you spent to assemble your PC?
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i cant understand the question you ask? please re-write....
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Excuse my English is not very good!

For the PC version you have which you used iATKOS, iDeneb, ... and how much money you spent to equip your PC?

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