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Huge Mac style icon collection

There is nothing Bad with the zip file try Using 7zip for windows[x86 [link] and x64 [link] ] and for Mac Use this [link]

~~~©~~First of all I want to make you sure that these icons are not my work. They are been collected from some beautiful Linux distribution. That’s why these icons are Open-source and you are completely permitted to modify/use and share them. I don’t want to take any credits and please feel free to use or share them. But it takes a very hard time to collect them so it should be great if you give a little thanks to me.~~©~~~

A set of 2316 icons with 772 of each PNG, ICN and icon formats.

[Please note that some windows icons are not display as full thumbnail view after you download, this is because I just made them with 256x256 style and the 'windows Icon viewer' cant show them correctly but this is not a problem, after you use them they just look perfect.]

Please make favorite if you like them......
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Thank you very much!!!

Gracias mis respetos a tu dedicación, muy buen trabajo

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Awesome work! Thank you very much! Greetings!

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Hi. They are awesome, good job !

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Used it on the Linux distro I'm creating:
Thank you!
Hi. Awesome icons. Is there an index.theme file so that we can use these for Linux?
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Hi Ipapun, this is a beautiful collection however both links aren't working anymore. Is there anyway you can provide a new link? It would be much appreciated. Thanks again for all your hard working putting this collection together. Hope to hear from you.
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Your awesome thank you so much! God bless.
Thank you so so much for doing this. You have done a fantastic job. Every one of these icon is slick and looks great. WELL DONE.
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The .zip file opens with help from The Unarchiver application.
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Love it; matches the rest of my pc's display. Good show ol' boy, er... girl..??
Good show
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:P I am a boy and glad you like the icon set.
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truly worthy of praise
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Ahhh, may bad lad.
no problem :D
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Great oH Yea says the macman
Dear sir
ˉCould help what is the second ion(application icon
"Western-style clothes tie" What,is the application name
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thank you for share, have great day
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Thank you! Awesome!
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I ask is that you can use their free web icons on Nossiter?
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awesome! huge thanks! :highfive:
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