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Aurora Deep Flow

Click On Download to see actual Size........

An Beautiful Aurora effect with a Dark Background. Made on PS4. Looks Great on Wide screen Desktop.

Hope You like it.....

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>Made on PS4
>Greentexting on deviantart
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This is one of my favourite smooth wallpapers since I came across it randomly on a search, I love it! I was wondering would it be possible to have a PNG version as there is colour banding in the JPG which I think is a result of the compression process? Either that or my cheap monitor! Thanks for this anyway.
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Yeah, a PNG version would be much appreciated ... the compression process is, unfortunately, pretty obvious in this picture. Otherwise a stunning wallpaper.
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It's my wallpaper now. Also, indicated it in my "Devious Info" ;}
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Thank you so much. It's really beautiful.
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I would like to publish this wallpaper on if you're agree.

On the site will be just a preview.
For download users will be redirected to your deviant art page.
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Excellent style! :)
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Hey Great job! it looks beautifull! I found this at and I was surprised to see they add the source now
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That`s great!! :+fav:
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beautiful, my heart cried tries of joy
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Beautiful. My new wallpaper and inspiration.
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Very cool. Thanks for the great wall!
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Glorious! I remember I found this somewhere long ago, and always wanted to know who the artist might be.
Very special, but also Vista'ish. Great work there!
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This is great. I really like how subdued this looks compared to other images/wallpapers that use that effect.
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I dig it Heaps!
Using it now.
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Very, very cool
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