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6/8/15 I updated that god awful art <3 This is a little better <3
8/8/14 Changed Jaci's task to Healer! <3 
7/15/14 I was accepted today! <3

Name: Jaci (Jah-see)

Meaning: Moon in Tupi Native American

Age: Full Adult (4 Years to be exact)

Gender: Female

Rank: Omega- Healer//Sister


Orientation: Heterosexual

Mate: N/A

(Past and Current) Crushes:

+ Sloan???
+ Amoux??

Family: (Chandor is a very Family oriented pack, Jaci feels many members of the pack are like real family to her. She is not related to any of these wolves)

Aethelynda: (Not Biological) Sister/Alpha/Leader/Respected

Boone(Not Biological) Nephew/Friend

Tamarack(Not Biological) Niece/Child/Student/Friend


Dotw Parent Paring Meme :Jaci: by ipann  Jaci Heart Chart by ipann Jaci Gender Swap Meme by ipann   Jacis Secret Crush Meme by ipann  Jaci April MSE by ipann 

:bulletwhite: Better That Way
:bulletwhite: To Teach Is To Learn
:bulletwhite: Te echo de menos

Role Plays: 

:bulletwhite: DoTW: Thinking Out Loud

:bulletwhite: A Second Chance

:bulletwhite: DotW RP: Story Time

:bulletwhite: A Spoonful of Yarrow

:bulletwhite: A Mother And Her Child

:bulletwhite: DotW RP: Amoux and Jaci

:bulletwhite: Secrets in the Grotto

:bulletwhite: DotW: The Miracle Of Life

:bulletwhite: DOTW A Visit With The Sister


Height: 32’ inches

Weight: 76 lbs

Build: Scrawny, small, weak.

Scent: Herbs and milk

Eyes: Blind milk blue/grey

Fur: Long and soft


Personality: (Timid) (Prideful) (Mature) (Clingy) (Calm) (Other)

Timid: Jaci is a very nervous and cautious wolf. Her nature is one of a birds, quick and afraid and yet there is a sense of playfulness and beauty to her. She isn’t one to come over and start a conversation. With her lack of eyesight, she will always sniff new wolves in an attempt to learn them by name and scent but she is always very nervous about new acquaintances.

Prideful: Despite being a huge coward, Jaci is prideful. How? Because of how little help Jaci is with hunting and fighting, she tries her hardest to do things on her own to show she has a purpose. Being blind causes most others to see her as a weak and useless and that only fuels the fire in the she-wolf. Jaci want’s to be respected and appreciated, seen for her use. Knowing herbs and being as caring as she is, Jaci hopes that her new pack will see her for what use she could be.

Mature: Having been raised by the previous Alpha female of her previous pack, Jaci was told to have dignity and grace despite being seen as weak. She was forced to grow up fast since she was born weaker and blind. To make up for her physical weakness, she tries to make up for it by being intellectually strong. Her mature nature keeps her from enjoying the play of others. She was never really greeted with kindness so she may not understand friendship at first.

Clingy: She would never admit it outloud, but once Jaci has made a friend- you are stuck being her friend. She is very co-dependent despite her pride. She relies on others to help her travel and of course without a pack, the blind she-wolf would of course die. Jaci does not enjoy leaving the safety of her pack and is rather glued to it instinctively. She doesn’t trust other packs, but is always open to make a new friend. Her clingy nature is also very physical. She loves to keep those she cares for within a whiskers distance. She shows her affection and mood through physical interaction. Most dislike that about her, a few others find it cute.

Calm: Being a coward means shes always on the defense, but she stays very calm about things. Most describe her as wise for her age since she tends to act very whimsical. She is very soft spoken and sees life and nature as a living breathing thing that is to be valued, just like herself.

Other: When is comes to attraction, Jaci isn’t very good at flirting. She often just tries to avoid talking about how she can’t see. She loves to ask questions and being so physical, most enjoy that about her. Jaci loves puppies but doesn’t see herself having any in the future. She would rather grow old and be a old story teller in the future. Despite being a coward, Jaci will fight if she must, but violence is not of her nature, it would be out of pure instinct that she would ever attack another life.


Pre-Group History:

Chu’si was the Alpha’s daughter and second in line to be Alpha in a pack far away from the lands that Chandor thrives in. Since Chu’si was the eldest and strongest female of her litter, she had the position to be Alpha of her parent’s pack in the palm of her paws. Dolac had been a loner and was accepted into the pack when he was very young, meeting Chu’si when the two were young adults. Instantly the two had a strong rivalry. Both sought out the position to be Alpha of the pack, and constantly fought. Many of the pack though their rivalry was something worth worrying about, most others saw past the angry daily arguments and figured that Dolac and Chu’si would end up together in the end anyway. In the end, Dolac and Chu’si decided that becoming mates was the only solution for their rivalry and to allow both to be Alpha of their pack. Chu’si’s mother, Kai, gave up Alpha position to join her sister as the Shaman’s of the pack once her mate died, leaving Chu’si and Dolac to rule the pack for the next generation, but under one condition. That Dolac and Chu’si would keep the bloodlines of their pack going and attempt at having their first litter that season. The two were a little taken back at first and very flustered but both wanted to lead the pack enough to agree to the old alpha female’s request.

Not long after taking their place as alpha’s, Chu’si and Dolac had their first litter. There were more complications than expected and out of the five pups that were born, only two survived the first week of life. The first born male, Hakan (Fire- after his amber fur) and the last born runt, which the two figured would die any day. The new parents instinctively knew that caring for the pup that had the most chance at life was the most important thing to do. In this case, it was Hakan. It was Kai, Chu’si’s mother and the previous alpha female that offered to care of the runt. Dolac and Chu’si argued, attempting to tell Kai that the little female would die soon and even if she survived to adulthood, how would she offer the pack anything other than being just another mouth to feed?

Kai disagreed and told the two parents to focus on Haken and leave their nameless blind pup to her. Chu’si and Dolac figured they couldn’t argue with the stubborn female and agreed to giving up their daughter to the previous alpha female. Kai named the blind she-wolf, Jaci. In native american, Jaci meant moon, which reminded Kai of of the little runt’s beautiful blind eyes.

Because of her blindness and being the runt of her litter, gaining food and protecting herself was a challenge throughout her life. Jaci is not only the size and weight that she is now because she was the last born but also because her blindness showed weakness and that caused the other pups of the pack to pick on Jaci. They often teamed up on the blind she-wolf, giving her a few of the scars she has today. Kai of course babied the blind she-wolf but all the teasing and rough treatment was actually very good for her, in the sense it gave her a reason to leave. The fowl treatment from the other members of her pack caused her to dream of somewhere better, somewhere where she would be respected and life would be as valued as Jaci saw it as.

Kai knew that Jaci didn’t belong in the pack and offered to take her somewhere safe, but only if she promised Kai that she would learn all the healing she could from the Shaman and learn to hunt.

Jaci agreed, and started taking lessons on herbs from the Shaman of her pack. Although being blind caused her to be physically weaker than other wolves, she was mentally stronger than most. Her hearing and scent skills were superb and she could recognize a single wolf out of a crown with just a wiff of the air. Herbs came naturally! Jaci hated the idea of picking plants and forcing others to eat it or rub it on wounds or infections, not to mention the smell of wolf blood always made Jaci want to vomit, theres no way she could be a shaman. When she tried hunting, Jaci was very disappointed. She often ran into objects she couldn’t smell individually, such as trees and thickets. How would she ever get away from this hell hole!? Jaci was helping the Shaman’s when her brother Hakan returned from a hunt, wounded by the jab of a buck’s antlers. He would survive but his blood boiled. Jaci was trying to heal the male, but during that process, the herbs caused a sting in Hakan’s wounds and the wounded male attacked the blind she-wolf.

Yelping and screaming, the large male snapped at Jaci’s muzzle causing her, her most recent scarring on her muzzle and ear. Finally escaping from her brothers grasp, the weak and injured wolf ran off into the forest, fear in her heart. It was more of an instinctive reaction, but her fear overpowered her and she did not return home that night. Kai found Jaci taking shelter from the rain in the forest. The elderly female adored her adoptive daughter and told her it was time to leave. Jaci told Kai that she did not wish to see Hakan again, but Kai was not talking of returning to their pack, no no no. Kai told Jaci that she had friends in a pack not too far away that might be willing to care for the two.

And so- the two set out to find the Chandor Pack. But after three days of travel, the elderly Kai began to cough louder and louder and rested on the third night only to not wake the next morning. Jaci was alone, with a broken heart, she left her grandmother’s side to find the Chandor Pack. Jaci was half starved when she ran into the pack, more importantly Aethelynda, who allowed her to join the Chandor Pack, most likely out of guilt of Jaci being blind and almost dead. Jaci almost thought of just allowing herself to die but she knew very well that Kai would have been angry at her for giving up on their journey and joined the Chandor Pack, deciding to live for both herself and Kai.

Jaci was thankful of the Alpha’s kindness and has much respect for her new Alpha. Although her blindness keeps her from being able to be a successful hunter. Her sense of smell beats all in the pack and hopes that one day her alpha will take pride in the thought of allowing a blind she-wolf to be a worthy member of the Chandor Pack.  


Group History:

- Joined Chandor (+2 Bones)
Thinking Outloud *SloanxJaci* (+1 Bones) (Cashed)

__TOTAL__ = (3 Bones)

Parent Pairing Meme (+2 Bones) (Cashed)

- Task Change (-3)

-A Second Chance *LynXJaci* (+1 Bones) (Cashed)

__TOTAL__ = ( 3 Bones)

-DotW RP: Story Time *BooneXJaci* (+1 Bones) (Cashed)

__TOTAL__ = ( 4 Bones)

-To Teach Is To Learn (+1 Bones) (Cashed)
-A Spoonful of Yarrow (+1 Bones) ( NOT Cashed)

__TOTAL__ = ( 5 Bones)

-Better That Way (+1 Bones) (Cashed)
-A Mother And Her Child (+1 Bones) (Cashed)
-Jaci Gender Swap Meme (+2 Bones) (Cashed)

__TOTAL__ = ( 9 Bones)

-DotW RP: Amoux and Jaci (+1 Bones) (Cashed)

__TOTAL__ = ( 10 Bones)

-To leave what's left (JacixWestin) (+1 Bones) ( NOT Cashed)
-" Jacis Secret Crush Meme by ipann" Jaci Secret Crush Meme (+1 Bones) ( NOT Cashed)
-Secrets in the Grotto (+1 Bones) ( NOT Cashed)

__TOTAL__ = ( 13 Bones)


- (-10 Bones)

__TOTAL__ = ( 3 Bones)


-Te echo de menos 
(+1 Bones) (Cashed)

__TOTAL__ = ( 4 Bones)


Jaci April MSE (+2 Bones) (Cashed)

__TOTAL__ = ( 6 Bones)


DotW: The Miracle Of Life (+1 Bones) (Cashed)

__TOTAL__ = (7 Bones)


DOTW A Visit With The Sister (+1 Bones) (Cashed)

__TOTAL__ = (8 Bones)


DotW | The second Sister (+1 Bones) (Cashed)

__TOTAL__ = (9 Bones)


-<da:thumb id="567628026">  "DOTW Jaci October MSE" (+2 Bones) (Cashed)


__TOTAL__ = (4 Bones)


-<da:thumb id="573205651"> (+2 bones)

__TOTAL__ = (6 Bones)


DOTW| Seeing Isnt Always Believing | JaciXNach RP (+1)

__TOTAL__ = (7 Bones)


-DOTW| No Grave | NachXJaci RP Part One (+1)
-DOTW | That We Exist (+1)
-DOTW Jaci Jan MSE (+2 )
__TOTAL__ = (11 Bones)

-DotW RP: No Grave pt 2 (+1)

__TOTAL__ = (12 Bones)

DOTW| Jaci April MSE (+2)
__TOTAL__ = (14 Bones)


DOTW | The World Keeps Spinning Without You (+1 Bones)
__TOTAL__ = (15 Bones)


DOTW | Jaci Sibling Meme (+2 Bones)
- Sponsoring (-5 Bones)

__TOTAL__ = (12 Bones)


-DOTW| Im Grateful For The Second Chance (+2 Bones)
__TOTAL__ = (14 Bones)

-DOTW | Gone With Winters Grasp (+1 Bones )

+TOTAL: 15

Other Info:

- Jaci has Congenital cataract

- If she was born without Cataract, Jaci’s eyes would have been a creamy yellow

- Voice Actress: Susan Egan (Rose Quartz From Steven Universe)…




Art and Jaci (c) Me
DotW (c) Rightful owners
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Hello! A group of wolves from Heylguard are coming to Chandor searching for a cure to the sickness plaguing their lands, and I wanted to have my wolf, Asterion, talk to some of the healers, like Jaci! Would you care to do an RP? And, if so, would you like me to send a starter note?