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DOTW Roleplay

No Grave

Featuring: Nobody Jaci and Nobody Nach


So cold.
The winter was much harsher this year, much harsher than Jaci had anticipated. She struggled in the deep snow; her senses all blinded from the whistling wind, the cold, and the snow that beat down from the sky. Jaci couldn’t feel her feet anymore, her eyes nose was clogged and she couldn’t hear anything. She was more blind now than she had ever been, and that frightened her.

The blind Sister pushed through the cold until she blindly walked into a tree trunk. She let out a whimper and curled up at it’s base, curling her face into her paws. This was it. She had gone too far this time. She had no student to take over for her when she passed away and there were no herbs in Chandor anyway. They would die if anyone was injured or sick this winter and it was her fault because she wasn’t careful enough. Jaci let out a howl into the wind, knowing no one would probably hear her. After a few howls, she gave up and curled her face into her tail in an attempt to stay warm. Perhaps if she could sleep off the storm she would be able to head back home tomorrow, hopefully.


The wind was very intense, and the snow was falling hard. Nach was doing one last patrol before going back to the main den again. The layer of snow was very thick, and it was above his ankles. Nach patrolled outside the border, in the land between Fellfang and Chandor. It seemed to be quiet, especially with this weather. Nach was about to turn around to get home, but then a noise caught his attention. It was a howl, and from a familiar voice as well. It sounded like Jaci."What is she doing around here?" Nach began to race over to the location of the howl, and the more he heard the howl, the less strong it was. Nach was beginning to worry, because something had to be wrong.

Nach soon caught her scent, and then began to look for her."Jaci?! JACI?! Where are you?!" Nach tried to shout about the strong winds, and it was tough. Nach was beginning to lose hope, but then her heard a small whimper. He turned, to see Jaci all curled up next to a tree. Nach raced over to her, and tried to get some of the snow off of her. Her fur was cold, and Nach knew that she wouldn't move by herself."It's okay Jaci, it's me. It's Nach" Nach looked around. He knew where he was, and he knew that there was a small emergency den near the border towards the Black Oak of Fellfang. Nach looked down, and he knew that he would have to carry her to get there quick enough.

He dug himself underneath Jaci, and put her on his back. Nach then made sure that her head was on his neck, and tried to comfort her."I'll get you to safety Jaci." He then trotted as fast as he could, to get Jaci to the den for warmth and safety. Jaci's weight was easy for him, and Nach was not affected by the wolf on his back. The deep snow and wind however, was a problem, and Nach tried to fight it to still know where he was going."We're almost there Jaci. Stay with me." Nach continued to say that as he carried her, he wasn't going to lose her like this.


So cold… she wasn’t sure she felt this cold before.
”Do you remember what you use to help swollen wounds Jaci?”

“Of course I do! It’s Elm!”

“Good job- see you can do it.”


Jaci’s consciousness began to come back. A voice called out to her, someone familiar but only one wolf came to mind.
”When you need to take my hand…come into my arms…I keep you safe from harm.”

His song. He sang that song to her when they met. At the time, it meant little other than some comfort, but now, she wanted to sing it to the moon. Jaci cracked a small smile. Thoughts of the brown wolf and the winter days they spent together, the rehabilitation, the nice chats, the sleepless nights that followed after he left. Jaci couldn’t seem to let them go. She never has, and after two years, she wasn’t sure she ever would. The cold seemed to take her again, just in time for her to feel the brush against her cheek of a wolf.

”Sl...oan…” she worded, breathlessly.

When Jaci could feel herself being lifted up, but she was too tired to try to move herself. They seemed to carry her effortlessly. The wind in her fur and the snow on her face. She felt like she was flying for a second. By the time they had reached the little den Nach had known about, Jaci was out cold again. She got pushed in and seemed to struggle awake.

”Wh..where…?” she couldn’t quite get a clear grasp on anything and curled up in the corner of the den. She was so disoriented and tired, she wasn’t sure she knew her own name at the moment.


Nach quickly made it to the den, and placed Jaci inside. He noticed that she immediately curled up and tried to keep herself warm. Nach could hear her faintly talk, and she looked dazed. Nach knew that he had to keep her warm, and he did so. Nach's body was so much bigger compared to Jaci's, and he figured out how to keep her warm. He wrapped his body around Jaci's, and placed his head next to hers. His muzzle was softly touching hers, making sure that she was comfortable. His forearms wrapped around hers, to bring her closer to him. His body heat was the only source of warmth for Jaci now.

This reminded Nach of when he comforted Sionn when they were younger, and once in a while, he would hum or sing a song for Sionn to fall asleep. He figured that he would do so for Jaci as well. He kept his head close to hers, and then started to sing.

"The wind was blowing, through the treetops and vines,
The stars were shining, as bright as the divine,
I'll keep you safe here, if it's the last thing I do,
Nothing to fear now, for I will care for you"

He sung the song for a while keeping her warm and comfortable. Nach couldn't lie, he did care and think about her ever since they met, and he was scared to hear her in the snowstorm. He may not have been a Witch-Doctor, but he knew how to help a cold wolf. He stayed by her side the whole time.


”The wind was blowing, through the treetops and vines,”

Who was singing? Could she get no rest? Jaci’s eyelids flickered, trying to stay asleep despite her mind trying to wake her up.

”The stars were shining, as bright as the divine,”

The stars… Boone.. the young wolf she met when she first came to Chandor. He was a Kausen wolf, a pup at the time. Surely he was a young adult now.

”I’ll keep you safe here, if it’s the last thing I do,”

Her grandmother. So soft and comforting. She made her feel strong, like she could do anything. When Jaci met Lyn, she was sure the young alpha would discard her, after all she was just another mouth to feed. But Lyn didn’t. The bigger she-wolf made her feel needed, wanted, useful. She made her strong.

”Nothing to fear now, for I will care for you.”

All of Chandor… all those wolves, they needed her. She needed to get up. She had to get up. Jaci’s eyes flashed open, feeling a warm figure beside her.
She jolted up, ”Who!?-” she barked in panic though after a couple breaths she remembered the scent.
”Nach… wha- what happened? How did you find me- where am I?” Jaci asked, pressing a paw to her head which pounded from swinging her head up too fast. She was still weak, she needed to relax. Jaci took it down a few notches, knowing that the best way to heal herself in this situation was to stay calm and rest until she gained back some strength.


Nach sang the song a couple of times, and then noticed Jaci starting to move. He could see her eyes flickering open, and she tried to get up fast."Easy, easy Jaci. You've been through a lot apparently." Nach nuzzled her, trying to comfort her to calm down."Well, I did want to see you again, but I never thought like this." Nach chuckled, hoping that is would make Jaci feel more comfortable. His whole body was still close to hers, still keeping her warm from the snowstorm outside.
"Are you feeling okay Jaci?"


Jaci felt Nach’s gentle touch and flicked her tail, thankful for the young wolf’s presence though her mind seemed elsewhere. ”I’m alright, I think.” she smirked, resting her head on her paws. ”Thank you Nach, I surely would have froze out there if you had not found me.” she sighed, grateful for the brown Fellfang wolf’s kindness. ”What brings you so far from Fellfang? You should be home in such poor weather.” she mentioned. Her shivering body seemed to quiet down for now. Nach’s large figure warmed her and so did the closeness of the den. She was relieved to be here but she was still very disoriented.

”We should stay here until the storm passes.” she advised, blinking softly, not that it did any good. Her mind still seemed lost in her dreaming. Such a strange dream… in a way she wished she could dream it again.


Nach was glad to know that Jaci was doing alright."Well I was on a short patrol, and then I heard your howl. A better question would be, what were you doing out in this storm?" Nach knew that Jaci shouldn't have been in the storm as well, it was a fierce storm for anyone to be out.

Nach just looked at Jaci, and he was glad that both of them were alright."Jaci, I'm just glad that you're safe. You scared me when I heard your howls for help." Nach continued to comfort Jaci, softly nuzzling her, and keeping her close to his warm body.


Jaci supposed it was a smart move to try and call for help when she did. No one would have found her at least not until the storm passed.
”Chandor doesn’t have enough herbs growing in the territory. I usually have to search out of the border in the winter for more. I thought some grew around here, but then my nose got plugged up and I couldn’t hear anything over the wind, so I got lost.” Jaci laughed lightly, ”I should be able to go back when the storm passes..” Surely it would pass in the morning. Jaci’s mind returned back to her responsibilities. As Chandor’s one and only Sister, Jaci was the only one in her pack with herb knowledge. She needed to stock up on what she could. Winter was here and every year it was the same. Wake up, go find herbs, come home, eat, work, sleep, repeat. That was her routine during the winter, at least for the most part. Jaci was beyond loyal to Chandor, nothing could stop her to protect her pack. Not even a snow storm.

The male wolf was curled around her, warming her cold pelt. It was nice not being alone out here. ”I’m tough, I’m alright.” Jaci reassured, flicking her ear feeling Nach nuzzle her. ”I’m alright I promise.” she chuckled softly. She was, though Jaci couldn’t shake her dreaming, nor could she hide the fact that she was exhausted.


Nach thought about what Jaci said, about being the only healer in her pack. He had seen what the Witch-Doctors do in Fellfang, and with so many wolves there, it was a good thing that there were more than one of them. Jaci's pack might have the same amount of wolves, and she was the only one."I'm sorry Jaci, that you have to work so hard for you pack." A small gust of cold air came into the den. Nach kept Jaci warm as best as he could."Well, the storm's pretty bad, but I'll help you get to Chandor when it's over." Nach looked at Jaci, and could tell that she was tired. Nach nuzzled her, begging her to rest."Jaci, you need to rest. You'll feel better." Nach hoped that she would listen.


The cold breeze that drifted into the den caused Jaci to flinch, pressing her face into her paws. The more the male beside her reassured her, the more she wanted to drift into a slumber again. ”It’s okay. I love Chandor, they saved me, I owe them my life. I don’t mind working hard for them.” a small smile crept along her face. ”I owe them everything.” Jaci added, her voice getting softer. She was tired, she was drifting now.

Everything got warm and fuzzy, lost and yet she had no energy to regain any stability. Though, in the current situation, Jaci didn’t mind. ”Okay... “ she didn’t argue with Nach about resting. It sounded very ideal at the moment.

”Get some sleep too, okay?” she mumbled, though falling asleep before she could hear his answer. Her dreams were warm and soft, like the mossy bed in her den, inviting like the warm summer days. And within minutes, Jaci let out soft snores and deep slow breathes very much asleep.


Nach watched as Jaci fell asleep, and at a quick rate at that. He looked outside, at the snowstorm that was still brewing. It was a strong storm, and one that obviously was going to last for a while. Nach then laid his head down, next to Jaci's. Nach would be lying if he said he wasn't tired. It had been a long day for him, and he needed the rest. He felt Jaci becoming warm again, and a faint smile grew on Nach's face, as he fell asleep.

RP Between Jaci and Nach 

Summary: Jaci has to travel further and further out of Chandor territory to find herbs but ends up lost in a snow storm! Right when things started to look really bad, Nach comes to the rescue! 

Honorable Mentions:
- Sloan
- Aethlynda
- Winterlynn
- Jaci's Grandma
- Let me know we mentioned you!

Jaci (c) Me
Nach (c) Baseballfan2414
© 2016 - 2022 ipann
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That's so cute! Good thing Nach heard her howl!! eager to see what part two has in store!

[just a footnote, you have Alexis' name in the description instead of Jaci's]