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DOTW| Im Grateful For The Second Chance




Jaci's MSE <3
Gosh I miss Lyn everyday. </333
Jaci is grateful for the second chance Aethelynda gave her when they met. Lyn gave Jaci a purpose and a place she calls home. A pack she is so loyal to that she would sacrifice anything to protect it and the wolves in it.  
The blind she-wolf had nearly given up hope when Lyn offered her a place in Chandor, not treating Jaci as a weak and disabiled loner but with open arms and kindness she would show any starving wolf. 

This art is bad- ignore it. I needed to make something for Jaci though, and I was going to redo this but I had to make thanksgiving early and I dont have time over the next week or two to redo this. WHATEVER AT LEAST THE BG ISNT THAT BAD

The quote and the rp is from this!

A Second ChanceHushed whistling.
The wind sang through the forest trees.
The earth was hard and cool, damp with morning dew.
There was a dryness to the air, summer's hot grasp would soon suck the moisture from the earth when mid day arrived.

Cold dead eyes stared aimlessly into the distance.
And yet the body the eyes rested in was not dead, not yet.
The wolf stumbled, tripping over roots. Her breath came in pants. She was very tired and hunger ebbed at the she-wolf's stomach, but hunting wasn't an option. Her cold, dead fish eyes stayed expressionless, but the physical looks of the odd wolf showed that starvation and exhaustion were starting to take their toll. A rock lay on the wolf's path. Any creature would have easily stepped over it, but the pale wolf tripped despite it's obviousness. Jaci lay on the hard earth after having tripped over the rock, exhausted from the endless days of panic and travel. Without her grandmother, the wolf was shriveling up- her death was nipping at her ears and

DotW Aethelynda *DECEASED* by MatrixPotato (c) MatrixPotato 
Jaci and art (c) me
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-looks at shattered heart- thats ok i didnt need it anyway

gosh i luv this so much ;w; <3 precious puppers