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Jaci deceased by illness on 12/26/16…

My first character to the domain. I love Jaci with every ounce in my heart. She was a great character and will be missed- but she did her job and she played her part. Now its time to let the poor Shaman rest. Jaci was one of the first Sisters of Chandor, and one of the oldest remaining memebers. She loved Chandor, they were her family but it was time to go. 

<3 Goodbye my sweet princess <3 


The world was quiet, the breeze was soft, and the aging she-wolf slept against the warmth of one of her pack-mates when Jaci was woken from her sleep. A voice called to her. A eerily familiar voice. Jaci sat up slowly, feeling the fever burning in her head, her breath hot and her body ached with sickness. She knew she was in trouble, knew she was dying, but something about the voice was so, inviting, Jaci couldn't fight it.


Jaci got up from her spot, careful not to sturr the sleeping wolf beside her. She walked out of the den, sniffing the air, her ears perked in surprise. 

"Lyn?!" Jaci cried in a raspy voice. Then another scent. 
"Artemis! Sloan! Amoux?" the blind she-wolf ran into the snow, following the sounds of pawsteps, their feet galloping along side her until she had to stop. The she-wolf coughed and gasped, her body falling to the snowy earth. She could feel the warmth of her friends beside her when she suddenly realized Kai, he grandmother who had passed so many years ago came up to greet her. 

"You've been very strong my dear Jaci" Jaci struggled, tears welling up in her grey eyes. 
"I tried so hard to protect them Grandma.... I'm sorry... I couldn't save you..." 
"You have made me so proud. There was nothing you could do." Jaci whimpered and smiled as she swore she felt the kiss of her grandmother before she turned her attention to Lyn, her former Alpha. "Lyn... I- I'm so sorry... I tried to keep them safe... I wanted to teach them more..." 
"You taught us more than anyone would have imagined. You were a great healer and a great friend. You earned your place there. Lyn's words made Jaci's heart sore. She didn't want to leave them... but she knew she was ready. 
"Are you ready to go my Moon?" Jaci nodded and laid her head on her paws, her eyes blinking away the snow before she drifted off into a slumber. The wolf laid in the snow, as she was slowly swallowed up. The aging Sister passed away in her dreams, surrounded by those she loved leaving behind her knowledge and kindness. Chandor would miss her dearly. 

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this is so sad omg