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Chandor had an influx of wolves recently, one was found by one of the wolves in Chandor and brought to Jaci, the remaining sister and healer of the pack. The blind she-wolf had been busy as ever since Lynn had her litter of pups, though she loved sitting for Lynn, and her children were lovely, she was constantly exhausted. Now that new wolves and injuries occur, Jack couldn't seem to catch a break. The she-wolf let out a relieved sigh when she laid in her nest. Comfortable, lovely, warm nest. She could finally just rest now. Jack soon slipped into a light slumber.


Cold, blue-grey eyes scanned the den-site. Several wolves were in the camp, either talking amongst themselves, or hurrying about to tend to whatever tasks they had been appointed. Winterlynn blinked. These last few days had been very rough on her, and her senses still seemed to be disheveled. The sudden intake of new wolves all at the same time certainly didn't help either.

She had been resting on a shaded patch of shortly-grown grass, trying to escape the heat- as her darkly colored pelt attracted an uncomfortable amount of heat- and distantly observing the goings-on of her new home. Deep down she felt unsettled, and anxious to get to work on something- anything that would prove her helpfulness to the pack that had apparently saved her life. However, she had unfortunately been encouraged by her pack mates to rest after her unknown ordeal.

Slowly, with eyes only fleetingly leaving the campsite, she stood up. She grunted, stretching out her foreleg anxiously. She stopped watching the pack, eyes instead looking around for the only healer's den. As it had so happened (another event that Winterlynn considered unpleasant), she had also been told to have her wounds checked out every few days. This seemed unnecessary; they were only scratches, after all. But still, at least it gave her reason to be moving about.

The den appeared to be located- from what she'd heard, just a ways outside of the main campsite. Silently she made her way across the den site, aware of the onlookers who were curious about this new wolf with no memory.
Now outside the Camp, she found her way to the healer's den quite easily. By the time she'd gotten there, only a few minutes had passed.

Winterlynn was unsure of whether the she-wolf, apparently called Jaci, was there. There was no sign of her in the entrance of the cozy-looking den, and Winterlynn thought it rude to go in further without asking. "Ahem." She cleared her throat, with no response coming from inside the cave. "Excuse me? Jaci?" She tried again, her voice giving off a distant and cold affect.


So much on her mind, at least Jaci was able to put it all aside for a few moments. Sloan’s leave, Lynn and Rowan’s pups, Artemis’s disappearance, and Jaci being the only healer in Chandor, it was all just so much on the frail she-wolf. The stress had caused many sleepless nights. With Sloan leaving in early Spring, she hadn’t seen or heard from him since. It was summer now, and Jaci couldn’t help but feel worry. The blind Sister didn’t want to admit it but she was rather fond of the loner and prayed for his safety whether he thought the same of her or not. Artemis was Jaci’s adoptive daughter and best friend. During the harsh winter Artemis was reported missing and presumed to be dead. Such news brought Jaci to mourning and caused everyday to be a real struggle. By spring, she felt better but Sloan left Chandor lands and that caused another heartache. Jaci wasn’t sure any of the recent events in her life were going to slow down. Like they say, when it rains it pours she supposed.
Lynn’s first litter were very fun though. The pups were very sweet and fun, and Jaci was always happy to offer her beloved Alpha a break if she could. Though, the four trouble makers were awfully bad when it came to listening and were known for trying to sneak off without the blind healer knowing. Though the blind she-wolf had excellent hearing, able to hear farther than any of the other wolves since her blindness caused her other senses to surpass average abilities; she was easily able to hear iif the pups were trying to leave. Rowan and Lynn had been so busy with leading the pack, Jaci couldn’t help but offer up babysitting whenever she could.

The world didn’t look any different when she closed her eyes, but her blindness didn’t bother her like it did when she was young. Now she had other abilities that were enhanced and made it seem like she could see. After all, her sense of smell could detect infection or illness, her hearing was superb for those in need or for near by danger, she hardly needed eyes with those two sense on such a high sensitivity.

The sound of paw steps towards the healer’s den woke the healer from her sleep but she stayed down, head on her paws. The Chandor Sister sat waiting for the sound of her name being called before sitting up. Jaci made a small sigh. She couldn’t wait to get some sleep but apparently that wasn’t going to be done now.
Sitting up and shaking some dust from her fur, Jaci approached the entrance nearly bumping noses with Winterlynn. Jaci had no respect for personal bubbles so she didn’t react when she felt the hot breath of the stranger in front of her. ”Hello, are you in need of something-” Jaci almost finished when she remember the scent of the stranger. Thats right, this was that one she-wolf that had been brought to her days before with injuries. ”Winterlynn was is? Please, come in.” Jaci smiled and turned back into her den. She rummaged with some herbs and picked out a few that might help Winterlynn sleep and help the wounds heal properly without infection. Jaci wasn’t sure why this wolf didn’t remember anything, she must have had some head trauma, and not to mention, to ensure the wounds didn’t fester, Jaci wanted the stranger to visit her den daily for a check up and new herbs.


From the entrance of the den, Winterlynn could tell that the resident Healer had been sleeping. Winterlynn planted her behind on the firm ground, taking a moment to survey the area further. It took a few moments for the tired and worn Healer to appear at the entrance. When she did, Winterlynn's eyes shifted to the Jaci, and when she met the Healer's strikingly unique eyes, she finally realized that she was blind. She had been dazed and mostly asleep the last time she met the Healer, which is why she had not realized this before. She nodded curtly, before realizing that Jaci wouldn't be able to see. With her empty voice, she said, "Yes."

Standing up, she moved into the Healer's den, coming to sit behind Jaci, as she rummaged through what must be her herbs and other remedies. Oddly enough, this perked a small bit of interest in her. With a gaze that still held the same expressionless mask, she watched intently what the She-wolf was doing.


It was often that those around her nodded their heads forgetting Jaci couldn’t see them. It was a natural response, Jaci never took offence to it, she was told that others nodded their heads when they meant ‘yes’. The sound of fur ruffling sometimes meant they were nodding, but it was usually hard to tell. Jaci smiled softly as Winterlynn followed after her into the warm healer’s den. Jaci kept the place surprisingly well cept. Her nose was her greatest weapon allowing her to find herbs and tell the difference between them. Jaci yawned and shook out her soft off-white coat. Turning to the dark she-wolf, Jaci smiled, ”How is your wounds? Do they itch?”  Jaci pressed. She wanted to ensure they were healing. It was essential for wounds to itch and scab, it promoted fast healing but if itched could reopen the wound and cause infection. Jaci could tell this she-wolf was strong, so she should heal up perfectly. What really got Jaci stumped was Winterlynn’s lack of memory. Jaci was an expert in her field of work, but she didn’t know too much about head trauma. This was definitely the first time she had a patient with amnesia, or so she assumed it was that. She didn’t want to spark a headache or an episode, since there was stories of wolves with head trauma having awful headache episodes if you press them to remember what their brains have locked away. Winterlynn’s memory may never return, or it may return but it would be in it’s own time Jaci was sure.


Miraculously, aside from the obvious head trauma and memory loss, the only other wounds she had sustained were mere cuts and scratches. They likely wouldn't even scar. One about an inch long- hardly even a knick- laid flat across her muzzle, while three that were quite a bit longer- though equally shallow, were stretched uniformly down her back. These were believed to be the knick of a cougar's claws, likely.

At the Healer's question, Winterlynn nearly nodded again, before catching herself and replying, "Occasionally, yes. Oddly enough, Winterlynn knew why Jaci might ask this question.
The warm, slightly musty air smelled good inside the cave. When she inhaled, the sweet scent of various herbs filled her nose. Not that she cared about that stuff, though. She watched intently as Jaci turned back to her herbs, clearly searching for one that'd help.


The blind healer turned to the new Chandor she-wolf and sniffed carefully at her wounds. They were luckily shallow, but Jaci really kept the wolf coming back to check for memory improvements which seemed to remain in the same predicament. ”Be sure not to itch them. They will scar if you do, or worse, get infected and then you will have to hang out with me even more.” Jaci prodded jokingly. She swiftly turned to her herbs and began sniffing around for a few specific ones that could help Winterlynn’s sleeping patterns and promote healing. ”So Winterlynn, how are you finding Chandor?” the off white she-wolf asked. Her eyes stared into the void, unable to focus on anything. Jaci’s named was given to her when she was born for her eyes. Aparently, Jaci meant moon, named that for her milky grey eyes that resembled the moon that hung high in the sky. It was a shame that Jaci didn’t even know what the moon looked like.
”Have you slept well?” Jaci asked. When she was working, it was common for her to give a list of questions, some relating to her work others just to spark conversation. She was sniffing at her linden stock, wondering if giving this to the new member might help her sleep and become accustomed to Chandor pack life. Perhaps she was stronger than she appeared and was doing well. Jaci didn’t want to waste herbs if that was the case.


Winterlynn waited with unwavering patience as  the undoubtedly skilled healer inspected her now crusting wounds. At first she held a far-off gaze at one of the cave walls, but after she had deemed it perfectly boring and unchanging, she shifted her attention back to Jaci, who was now examining the larger of her side scratches. And once again she felt that unusual interest-pang that kept her eyes focused intently on how the blind Healer inspected each knick and scratch on her.

When Jaci instructed her to avoid scratching and itching at the cuts, so as not to agitate them further, she merely nodded and said, "I'll make sure not to." seemingly ignoring Jaci's tease. As the off-white female turned gracefully back to her well-stocked supply of herbs and ailments, the darker she-wolf ushered her thoughts back to her interest in the herbs. Why was she so interested in them? Everything that she had come to learn over the past few days were all so unfamiliar, and she cared not to admit that it was all hard to sink in at once. Why, then, as she watched Jaci tend to her injuries, did everything she did feel so familiar-- like she already knew the ways and techniques of a healer? Winterlynn's brows furrowed in concentration as she struggled to bring back something like a clue to treasure lost long ago.

Immense pain shot through her mind and skull all at once. And though her outward expression hardly changed a bit, she was cringing inside. It felt as though she had been temporarily blinded. She shook off the last bit of pain with a physical head shake, as the cream-colored Healer asked a question.
"Oh, Uhh. It has been fine enough," She said, before continuing. "Admittedly it has been rough and confusing, But it's no problem." She spoke as blankly as ever. He thoughts tempted to turn back once more to the herbs, but were drawn back by Jaci's next question. "I have slept fine, thus far." Winterlynn answered simply.


Jaci smiled softly as the she-wolf responded obediently. A year ago when Jaci first arrived and quickly established a healer role, some of the pack had a hard time respecting her. Perhaps it was because she was new, or because she was blind, either way, it took Jaci a while to get where she was. High enough to be asked for specifically to help Kausen during harsh times, it was rather flattering. The blind brown wolf was listening carefully to Winterlynn, she seemed to flinch was one point. Though she made no sound or even recognition that she did it, Jaci shook off the flinch and continued fumbling with her herbs until she listened to Winterlynn tell her that her sleeping was fine. ”Oh great! You should be fine then.” Jaci decided to do a small check up on Winterlynn before letting her leave. ”So tell me, what rank are you going to aim for? I know a few that prefer omega but, I think it’s important to contribute as much as you can in a pack, at least, thats my mado” Jaci smiled softly. She sniffed Winterlynn deeply, looking for any problems externally or internally. One would be amazed by how kene Jaci’s sense of smell was. She could sent disease, infection, internal bleeding, or even pregnancy by smelling a patient thoroughly.

Though there was nothing physically wrong with Winterlynn, besides her cuts and bruises. Mentally though, Jaci was stumped. She knew some mental health things, but hardly a thing on amnesia. What if Winterlynn had a life that was important, perhaps she had those that were relying on her to come home, but now she didn’t know who she was or even where home was. That thought made Jaci feel rather sad for her. Winterlynn seemed like a good souled wolf, though quiet for the most part.


The Healer had apparently decided that a checkup was needed, as she had begun her sniff 'n poke method again. Silently, Winterlynn submitted to the inspection, watching her intently. She had been sitting around for some time now, and she was getting very anxious to start moving again. This anxiety had revealed itself over the past few days, ever since she had woken up in this new land, and she had felt a constant urge to be doing something- anything that would get her moving. Laying around certainly wasn't her cup of tea.
Thankfully, the blind healer seemed to keep up an ongoing stream of conversation, and this helped distracted Winterlynn from her slight anxiety, even if she wasn't the one to talk or reply a lot. She considered the Healer's question for a few moments, before replying with a solemn tone of voice. "I will do what I can, and do it to it's fullest." She was clearly very serious on the matter. And why wouldn't she be? As far as she's concerned, Winterlynn believes that Chandor saved her life from certain death, and that it was her duty to serve them back. On such an important matter, why wouldn't she serve until she physically could not?


Jaci finished sniffing about and checking on vitals and other areas of Winterlynn. She was perfectly healthy despite her injuries from the lion and her head turama. Jaci sat down and took a long breath. She was so tired, too many days of little sleep but some had began to egg at her mind. The personality of this, ‘Winterlynn’. She was rather cold in honesty. Perhaps Jaci should try harder to get a laugh or some sort of positive response from her.
”Have you thought about what rank you want? There are tons to choose from. You could be an Aunt, they are hunters, you are rather slim, very well built for hunting. You could be an Uncle, they are strong and protect us, we have very few of them. You could be a cousin, or a brother.” Jaci’s eyes flickered, turning to the distant walls. They could not focus but they sometimes looked like they could.
”You could be a sister.” Jaci shrugged, her head dipping to her chest, giving it a few licks.

”As a sister, you would help with the pups. You also would be with me, learning to heal the sick and injured.” Jaci’s head lifts slowly, wondering what the purplish wolf would say.


The minute that Jaci finished up inspecting the dark she-wolf, Winterlynn jumped up. She stretched and a not-so-graceful bow, then stood up straight again. She inhaled deeply, held her breath for a moment, before letting out an equally deep exhale. He eyes flickered over to Jaci, as the solo Healer asked another question.

A really tough question, too.

Winterlynn knew very little about Chandor, having only arrived there a few days ago. Since then, she had been told to stay put, and to not risk further aggravation of her wounds. That meant that she had plenty of time to devote to thought, but of course she had not thought about her task. Heck, she didn't even know what tasks there were until now. All she knew from day one, was that she would serve faithfully; completely skipping over the finer details.

She listened intently as Jaci went down the list of possible ranks and tasks. She paused, before  half-heartedly suggesting the Sister rank. Sister? What was that? These wolves seemed to have very odd terms for their pack mates. Winterlynn waited for her to explain further- and a few moments later she did. This left the purplish she-wolf stumped. What would she choose? She didn't know.

After a silent moment of contemplation, Winterlynn spoke up. "I am unsure of what rank I will choose. What if the most needed?"


”Well there is only one sister in Chandor, and that’s me. I could always use some help.” the blind she-wolf hinted. She had Tamarack before the young female left Chandor. Tama was her apprentice in a sense for a while. She picked up on herbs so quickly and was so was intelligent, she would do great things. It was upsetting to find that the young wolf left to join Vale, a new pack far far away from here. All that teaching and then leaving Jaci to be the only healer once again meant the blind shaman had her work cut out for her.

It would be nice to have an apprentice again, someone who could ensure that Chandor would continue to be in good health even when Jaci died in the future. ”I suppose it depends on what you want though, Winterlynn.” the blind healer shrugged. Winterlynn was so cold, perhaps she was far different before she was injured. Jaci couldn’t help but wonder if the time the two could spend together if they shared the same rank would allow Jaci to study her condition and perhaps help her get her memory back.

A sigh left Jaci’s throat. She was so exhausted. ”Well I suppose there's not much left for me to do on you. Feel free to leave now dear. Oh-” Jaci turned to face Winterlynn once more, ”Do think about what I said though, okay?” the blind Sister added.


It was fairly obvious, even to someone as new as the dark She-wolf, that Jaci was the only... 'Sister,' as they called it- to be in Chandor. Even if Winterlynn hadn't been surprisingly interested in it, she would have certainly thought it unwise- and even a bit dangerous- for there only to be Jaci as Sister. Still, Winterlynn made no indication that she was interested at all in the rank. Even as the blind Sister seemed to remind herself that it was Winterlynn's choice, the distanced wolf only said, "I suppose it is."

At Jaci's permission, Winterlynn turned immediately to leave, flicking an ear back at Jaci, as she bid her to think about the important decision. She did not need this reminder, of course, as she was already weighing the matter with great importance and commitment.

The she-wolf's dark coat glistened in the freckled light that seeped through the patchwork canopy of leaves. Taking in the yet-unfamiliar scent of her new home, she glanced back at the mouth of the Sisters' cave, oddly missing the familiar scent that it held. It was certainly weird, but she did not dwell on the matter.

Walking with a great purpose -though still slumped forward in an unimpressive posture-  she marched silently back into the main camp. With eyes not looking at any of the surrounding wolves, she plopped back down in the same shade of the tree in which she had laid in earlier. And in the exact moment that her dark fur came in contact with the cool soil, she had made her choice.

In this rp, Winterlynn is visiting Jaci for her recent wounds. Jaci is rather tired but does a good check up on the she-wolf before asking her some questions including, what rank she wanted to aim for here in Chandor. The blind she-wolf seems to get Winterlynn thinking about what she wants to do to help repay Chandor, which leads to her conclusion. 

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