A Mother And Her Child

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The leaves fell from the trees, at least what was left of them. Winter was coming closer and closer with every passing day, leaving the lands cold and scarce. Food was harder to catch, and the herbs used by the Chandor Pack's healer, Jaci, were fading as fast as the leaves fell from the bare branches of the surrounding trees.

With how calm Jaci usually was, she couldn't help but stress about the coming winter and how it would affect her pack and family. I just hope I have enough stocked up... No one had ever died under Jaci's watch before, but she didn't want to break that record yet.

The pale blind-she wolf stared aimlessly at the distance, feeling the suns raise beginning to die as night climbed up the horizon. Although she couldn't see it, Jaci could feel the warm the sun was coming from, feeling it on her face as it disappeared over the mountain tops. Her dead fish like eyes blinked suddenly and Jaci let out a sigh; there was little she could do tonight, but she still felt restless. Perhaps she would go on a small walk? Either way, she was lonely and yearned for some company.


The sky was bright blue light the eyes of Artemis, the newly crowned juvenile was finally aloud to freely explore the bright fall land of Chandor. Exploring it was great, the hollow tree beside her den was huge as its golden leaves were dropping down in front of her eyes. Opening through the den she could smell the dry yet beautiful leaves topping over her head.

But all hopes have failed as she first confronted some den mates. Two brothers, grey-brown had been cat calling her saying she was a Havir-wannabe and savage. Another wolf directly said, "Once a havir, always a Havir" remembering the day she was dropped down to Jaci out of no where. As much as she wanted to, Artemis couldn't control her feelings and headed straight to her mother.

"Mother," she whispered, cold air bristling out her mouth. She slowly aloud her body to enter the healer's den and stepped slowly beside Jaci. And out of the blue, Artemis let her entire ego explode right onto the healer's body making loud crying noises.


Jaci had been enjoying the sunset until a familiar voice came to her. It was Artemis, a juvenile that had come not long ago, but in a way found comfort in Jaci, even taking the step to adopt her as a mother figure in her life. Jaci at first was too flustered to accept it, but Artemis was a Havir wolf before joining Chandor. Her father had dropped her off at the Chandor Pack's feet, begging them to take her for her mother was dying and Havir was in such suffrage, her life wouldn't last the year, but being from Havir came another suffering. Most of Chandor thought of Havir as brutes, even Jaci disliked their behavior, but she could never think ill of a pup who never chose such a fate. In the end, Jaci adopted Artemis as her own, she was like a daughter to her, and she enjoyed it that way.

"Artemis? Whats wrong dear?" the she-wolf asked as the creamy pretty juvenile walked towards her, leaning into her soft fluffy pelt.  Once the pretty she-wolf began to cry, Jaci frowned and turned to her adopted daughter, sniffing her about, checking for injury. Her nose pressed into Artemis's flank and her neck, but she was fine physically. "My dear, do not cry, what is the matter?" Jaci began to lick the younger she-wolf over the forehead affectionately, attempting to calm her from her heartfelt sobs.


Artemis could shortly recall the days she spent with her father as they were journeying to Chandor with her other three siblings. It was tough traveling through snowy weather and tiny packages of food but father Westin dropped the four right in front of Jaci without notice. Giving no awareness that they were orphans and now part of Chandor, and due to the arguments Havir and Chandor made, she and her two brother and sister were almost set aside out to starve or get eaten.

The female juvenile kept breathing roughly as she was more heartbroken than ever. Her front paws were padded straight over Jaci's back to let her tears soak into her mother's fluffy fur. Even with the tough interior she was granted as a pup, she couldn't control her emotions and felt more pathetic. Sniffing her nose she cried and shook of the lick. Finally she spat, "THOSE BOYS!" She began to drench her nose into Jaci's fur crying more and more.


Jaci remember that cold day that Artemis's father left his pups at Jaci's feet. She tried to stop him, but she realized the pups would die of cold if she did not convince Lyn to take in the pups to Chandor. Lyn of course, a warm hearted Alpha allowed them to join with no thoughts on their heritage, but the rest of Chandor seemed to have a bit of an issue with it.
Growing up being born from Havir couldn't have been easy, but Jaci was sure to never allow it to go without punishment.

Artemis pressed deeper into her fur, and Jaci could only lick the youngster in comfort. She began to hum softly, her voice low and quiet, but was pretty to listen to. "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are gray, you'll never know dear how much I love you, please don't take my sunshine away." Jaci could almost feel the tears in her own eyes wanting to spill. Her grandmother whom died on the way to deliver Jaci to Chandor used to sing that lullaby for her. But Jaci held them back and licked Artemis.
"What did those boys do dear?" Jaci asked, nuzzling the sweet creamy she-wolf.


Artemis slowly let out her ears, her eyes opened as she heard her mother sing her favorite song in her ears, softly brushing her fur. It was a common song sung by mothers in Chandor whenever their puppies were upset, some loners even whistle to the song. And surprisingly, Artemis enjoyed it despite her bitter distaste in melody.

She let go of her tears and started speaking darker, "They just keep on making fun of me, over and over. Once of them threatened to slaughter me just because my family Havir blood." Artemis continued to sniff her nose letting off the snot she made and making sure it wouldn't touch her mother. "What am I going to do?"


Jaci smiled once she realized Artemis had lift her head. Her sobs subsided for the moment, and instead there was just the sound of Jaci's song.
At least it was enough for the moment, and enough to stop the poor she-wolf's trembling sobs. But once Artemis went on about how some of the pack members had threatened her, she frowned harshly and closed her pale moon like eyes.

"Come with me... Lets go for a walk." Jaci suggested, sitting up from her spot, her tail wagging and her ears perked in Artemis's direction, waiting for her to stand beside her. The pale she-wolf stretched and lead the way into the night, the stars above twinkled with such velocity, Jaci could only wish to see what it could look like.
The older Sister and Shaman of Chandor lead the way through the thickly wooded forest, getting further and further away from Chandor's main den.
Soon they came to a little area, one that was very familiar for Jaci. This is where she met Artemis's father, where he left his pups. Jaci sat down, staring into the abyss, eyes large and white like full moons in a black sky.

"Have I ever told you the story about Vincent the wolf of Fall?" Jaci asked Artemis, getting herself ready to tell a story that would hopefully help little Artemis and her troubles.


Artemis said nothing at her mother's request, just nodded and aloud her body to open up freely. Even if it was out of the blue, the young juvenile still followed the footsteps of the blind she-wolf the forest long ways from camp. She lifted her body off the ground and stretched, straightening her tail to make it stick out.

The forest was beautiful, especially during the evening. The sunset's ray burned brightly down upon the pine trees and the two wolves pale-cream pelt. Artemis almost felt bad for Jaci being blind. Once Artemis stopped at an old abyss, she could start growing flashbacks of her puppydays. "This is where I was dropped off."


Jaci let out a deep sigh, knowing that Artemis already knew where they were. The blind she-wolf lift her head to the breeze, and listened to the forest around them.
"There once was a wolf in the ancient days name Vincent." Jaci began, her eyes blinking, not that they were useful. It was actually surprising how elegant Jaci had become over the years. She was sort of like a bat, she didn't rely on sight, but instead on sound and smell. Certain objects bounced sound off that let Jaci know if she was going to bump into something. It was a trick another blind wolf once taught her.
Jaci opened her mouth and continued her story, "He was not strong like the guardians, nor fast like the hunters, nor patient enough to learn the craft of healing."

"Vincent was an omega, he was different than other wolves. He left his home and searched for many sun rises to find a place he was accepted."

The blind wolf had been told this story many times as a pup, it was easy to remember why. It's tale was once to teach a lesson, the lesson of what it was to be different.

"Vincent was seen as only trouble, turned away by every pack he stumbled upon. He had climbed to the top of a cliff only to let himself fall off into the darkness.
When he woke, he was met by a great and divine voice, the voice said, 'You're here."
Jaci smiled softly, still staring off into the distance.

"Where? Vincent asked, only to be told that he was not just an omega, no he was a great shepherd, a shepherd of the seasons.


"You see Artemis, even the most lowest and forgotten of wolves have a place in this world. Perhaps you are from Havir... but you will always belong here with me."

Jaci turned to Artemis, licking the younger wolf's forehead.


Artemis sniffed her nose a little more and laid down letting her mother speak. This Vincent character amused the juvenile seeing they were both hardly excepted and treated fairly amongst the other pack. She continued to listen to her soft calm voice, her favorite thing about Jaci.

She continued listening to her mother's story as the small havir wolf let her body to rest staring straight at the abyss. It was a small one, falling into it probably wouldn't leave a scratch and looked easy to get out. Once her mother finished her speech, Artemis turned to her and let out a small inquiry.

"W-what happened after, did he have a mate or children? Or friends? Was he alone?" The curious yet sweat Artemis whimpered a little as she knocked off the tear flooding in her right eye. "Don't tell me I'm gonna end up like him."


After taking a few moments to ensure how Artemis was doing, Jaci listened carefully to the little she-wolf.
She hoped the little she-wolf would grow to understand when she was older.
Once the she-wolf exlaimed about how she didn’t want to end up like Vincent, Jaci chuckled softly and said in a hushed tone, ”Artemis… it isn’t about that. The story is about every single living has a purpose. You have a reason and a destiny that you will fulfill.” Nibbling Artemis’s ear, Jaci added, ”Some wolves you meet may not like you, and thats alright. All you can do is kill them with your kindness.” Jaci nuzzled Artemis.


Artemis slapped herself in her head thinking how she could possibly be that stupid. But her mother had a point, I'm a Chandor wolf no matter what my blood is, I have no loyalty towards Havir and my evil selfish biological father. The young juvenile started growing dark towards her father and how he just dropped her off in the cold like that.

Artemis let go of Jaci's mouth, chuckling and pulling up her tears. Finally she felt happy for herself and how she has her own family right here in Chandor, Jaci, Tamarack, Lynda, and her three siblings. "I'm an idiot." She laughed, "you know Jaci...." She cut herself off quietly.


Jaci smiled towards Artemis, although her eyes were looking beyond the creamy wolf, since her moon-like eyes never focus on any object. ”You are not stupid”
Jaci frowned, remembering her own childhood. Being blind meant she was a nobody, a useless mouth to feed… she felt like an outcast. It was when her grandmother got her into healing and the work of a shaman that she felt like she actually served some sort of purpose, but even in her old pack, she wasn’t looked at as useful, in Chandor, Lyn saw past her blindness. She saw a worth that no one else did, and Jaci knew that was her destiny.
”You are no fool dear. You are young.” the smile returned to her face but now confusion flashed over her. ”What is it Artemis?” noticing the little she-wolf had stopped mid sentence.


This was a topic Artemis has been dreaming for moons but could spit it out. She never knew the right time to say it nor the right person to talk to about. Licking her face, Artemis pressed her paws into the ground and made a large breath. Syncing herself with the air.

She looked face to face with her mother, baring her eyes to the blind wolf's white ones. She sighed and broke out calmly, "Do you ever think I'll find love? Someone who would actually care for me? Everyone in the pack hates me or have mixed feelings about my origins. Me and my siblings." Artemis had three siblings, that were all oppressed by the sights of bigoted young ones. But she was the one most threatened. "I just hope one day this madness will stop."


"Do you ever think I'll find love?”

Jaci’s face which had been a smile wide as the horizon turned to an embarrassed twist of emotions. Jaci had never felt romantic love before. It wasn’t something she had ever gotten to experience. After all, she was far too busy to fall in love… right?
But after a heartbeat, there was only one name that came to mind. The only wolf Jaci had ever felt anything that might be more than friendship was a loner she met months ago named Sloan. Of course, the two hardly knew one another, and Jaci couldn’t say if she liked him or not, after all, they were hardly acquaintances, but she felt a warmth in her belly that seemed to climb all the way to her ears, flushing beneath her long fur.
”I think that with time, you will meet the one you wish to have a romance with.” Oh gosh! Jaci had never had to give… romantic advice before, it just sounded strange to explain something she had never felt.
”Although you are a little young for such petty adult things don’t you think.” Jaci chuckled now and got up from her spot. She nudged the creamy she-wolf beside her, ”Lets head back. I promise, when you're older, you’ll understand.”
Jaci lead the way twards Chandor’s main den, her thoughts yearning to think of what it would be like for her to be in a relationship. Those sorts of things were for the birds, not for busy shamans like her… right? After all… who could fall for a blind useless she-wolf. Shaking the thoughts away, Jaci forced a smile as she listened for Artemis to follow.


Artemis was a bit unstable about a relationship of coarse she was two young and too immature to find a man. She could only wonder what Jaci liked, and how she has never had a mate in her lifetime.  The skeptical little mind of Artemis couldn't see a mate for Jaci from her blindness. Artemis sighed, maybe one day she'll find that one wolf, have pups and make a family. And enjoy time time together, it was only a matter of time for her to meet that certain someone.

Artemis lest herself back to the juvenile den going separate ways,, saying goodbye to her mother. "It's only time for me to go to sleep, we should separate." For a moment Artemis silently left her mother in the dust.


Jaci watched as Artemis went her separate way, ”Goodnight Artemis. Sleep well.” The female sighed as the scent of Artemis disappeared from her senses and the pale she-wolf was left alone. With thoughts of her past, thoughts of flattery, and the stress of winters relentless coming. It’s going to be a rough year. Jaci smiled slightly and walked to her own den, laying herself on the soft earth. She seemed to struggle sleeping, lost in thought.
It might be a rough year but its going to be an even longer night.

A bonding time for Jaci and Artemis, since we wanted for them to have a close Mother/Daughter relationship. Jaci ends up telling the story of Vincent- the shepherd of Fall and they even talk about boys. Haha It was kinda random and silly, but it was really nice and fun. 

Jaci (c) Me
Artemis (c) Koiko-Destol
Sloan (c) Pilgrimme dear <3 
Vincent and the story of Vincent (c) Tazihound <3

Characters (c) rightful owners 
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